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Nothing to say
Not anymore
Inside screaming
Innards raw
No one knows
And no one cares
They only see the face she wears
Smiles sweet
But it’s all a lie
Charm personified
When deep inside
All she truly wants to do
Is simply curl up and die
She always claims
What you see is what you get
But she knows the truth
Hiding behind
A veil
A screen
A mesh

copyright 2006 ann raven


Firstly I apologise that the pics of the gullible Guy (sorry Jill no pic), gorgeous Gavin, enigmatic Elton, clerical Casey, murderous Mr Blue, the philandering Philip, delectable Doc, mean Max, even meaner Moriarty, haughty Hathaway and one of my ab fab favs, the brilliant Bob E Howard did not materialise, and others I may have not mentioned… thank you blogger… NOT!

However, these blogger did oblige…. thank you said grudgingly

For Axe… her beloved cruel Carl

I’m sure thunderthighs Thor does it for some ~ how old, or rather, young was he here?
For jojo… beautiful Billy
For Finn… acerbic Ashton
… and the wonderful Whitney
for Tess… the arresting and arrested Abbie
for all of us I think… compelling Cholo … swoon
Deb loves Valentino… mmmm me too

Bobby’s Harem… Jen, Kate et moi… ooooh

and of course the original… our uber-hero

To kickstart the New Year, I thought I would pose a question for my dear fellow Vincent Vixens, or D’Onofrio Dames and the Bobby Harem. There is no doubting that each of us in our own unique way loves, adores, worships this awesome man and the fantastic characters he has created.

Personally for me it is Bobby Bobby; Vincent has made this man his own… I don’t believe any other actor would have pulled it off so brilliantly…. erm…. probably why he got the job… doh!

His acuity, aptitude, astuteness, incisiveness, intuition, brain, I shall repeat it, yes I love his brain, does it for me. Not a single word meaningless, not a single gesture worthless… his stance, his presence, his whole being has captivated me.

I confess, I do have a little penchant for wicked fantasies with Cholo, the Professor and Mr Blue now and again, and in more gentle mode Valentino and Whitney have been known to make an appearance…sometimes with Ashton, oh my!

As for *the man* himself, Vincent, Vincent, Vincent….. uh uh….. NO! On the rare occasion he has entered my dreamworld, I have awoken shaken and upset. He does not belong there. I have set him up on a higher pedestal. I do not know him; I imagine a sweet soul, a loving nature a great sense of humour and a temper…. he is a man.

Last night whilst extolling to a friend the ecstatic and almost orgasmic pleasure I had just experienced making oral love with a piece of Tesco’s Finest Espresso Chocolate (thanks Wendy, it is the best), the friend I was talking to suddenly asked me if I could have Bobby or chocolate, which would it be. Was he joking? I answered instantly Bobby Bobby, but hastily and sadly added that Bobby is not real (which is probably why I eat so much chocolate ~my only pleasure) and that if it was Vincent, as much as a dreamer as I am, a part of me is a realist to know it could and would never be. Sure I would love to meet the man and engage in a real conversation, but no no no no….. not the other. I am not saying I would refuse, I just so know he wouldn’t be propositioning me anything. So back to the question……..

What is your fantasy, what do you dream, who do you dream, when do you dream, morning, noon or night, or all day… is it HIM or one of his characters that does it for you, turns you on, makes you squirm, makes you wriggle in your seat, finger to your mouth, blood boiling, pulse racing, juices flowing?

So please join in on this flight of fancy, fantasy and fun…. you can comment anonymously of course. Fantasies are meant to be secret. Note… I haven’t revealed my fantasies yet, just the fantasy man. Just one little itsy bitsy request… if you can refrain from using… r-u-d-e words, please. There are euphemisms for almost everything I am sure. I would love this to be fun and funny but not offensive… thank you.

For my lovely visitors who are not Vincent D’Onofrio fans, please join in too…. let us know your fantasy, your dream guy or dream gal.

However you welcome in 2007, be it with family or friends or curled up in front of the tv watching Vincent, glass of wine in hand, or in my case chocolate, I wish you all a wonderful New Year and may all your dreams come true.

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at the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet ~~~ plato

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