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The Truth Hurts

Posted on: 31 December 2006

Nothing to say
Not anymore
Inside screaming
Innards raw
No one knows
And no one cares
They only see the face she wears
Smiles sweet
But it’s all a lie
Charm personified
When deep inside
All she truly wants to do
Is simply curl up and die
She always claims
What you see is what you get
But she knows the truth
Hiding behind
A veil
A screen
A mesh

copyright 2006 ann raven


5 Responses to "The Truth Hurts"

Ah Ann! Such a powerful and true poem. For more people than perhaps you realize. And I would guess, from learning about you on blogs and notes, that more care, more deeply, than you realize.


I agree with Tom. So true of so many.

We often say ” what you see is what you get” but it never is , is it? We want to be loved for what we appear to be , but it’s just a smokescreen as we fear people won’t like the true person

Never forget though – people when they love and truly care about us , they do so unconditionally!

Thank God they do – otherwise some of us would never be loved at all

Morning Ann,

Hope your back to work day has been ok. 🙂

We all hide our real feelings and emotions, but sometimes, there comes along someone who you can reveal all.

Love you.

tom: I agree with you; I do realise it applies to most people at some time in their lives

jan: you’re right too

brian: and so are you.

thank you for all caring.

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Dark,like the mind of an abused woman… great writing!

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