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Embracing alone on the sidewalk

next to automobiles rushing by

next to people watching with curiosity

we’re doing the tango and it feels right

Night has come and we are two shadows

swaying and mingling with the lights

I see your eyes I feel your body entirely

getting entangled inseparably with mine

For the duration of this tango

I know you love me

Next time I come, I may not find you

and if I find you, you will be different

and our tango will be different alwaysmeeting anew as on a virgin night

Potatoes peeling
Oven whirring
Heat radiating
Dinner roasting
Keyboard clacking
Guitar strumming
Son singing
Water running
Plants watering
Knife chopping
Saucepan simmering
Clock ticking
Oven beeping
Slippers padding
Chicken turning
Phone ringing
Voices whispering
Daughter coming
Thoughts rambling
Snatched reading
Pencil scratching
Throat tickling
Nose sniffling
Eyes closing
Mind drifting
Doorbell chiming
People chatting
Mobiles buzzing
Dinner eating
Children leaving
Mama cleaning

copyright 2007 ann raven

Yet another cold, grey dull Monday morning in Londontown…

… although I do believe I detect a glimmer of light peeping through the clouds; wonder if I will ever get my own head out of them…

…not my usual kinda posting I know…

… when there are so many of you who DO Vincent/Bobby soooooooo much better than I do…

… in slideshows and videos and I don’t even know what photobucket is… doh!

However… I badly need some inspiration to get me moving off my… my… whatever… today…

… and what could be better than my ultimate uber-hero…
… to get me going, to be the much needed stimulus, a shot in the… the… arm… a kick in the… the… whatever…

… to get my juices flowing… erm… my creative juices flowing…

… to be the spur that rekindles my enthusiasm, that lights my fire, that puts a spark…

… well the power and the magic to instil, infuse, influence, imbue, enliven, hearten and awaken me in a way no other can… hmmm!!!

Of course knowing me as you do, you will appreciate and comprehend that I am talking about Goren’s brain… if I could only possess a mere modicum of Goren’s intelligence, intellect, acumen, aptitude, intuition, insight.
Curiously, I often wonder if Vincent feels the same way!

Having fun with aba at the Dead Sea

This is a treat… we don’t have a television at home

I’m almost there….

Every Friday I wish everyone a lovely weekend and to my fellow Jews a Shabbat Shalom.


I thought I might share with you a little insight into what my Friday means to me. Shabbat, the seventh day of the week when G-d commanded us to rest and keep that day holy is a gift not to be refused or ignored… a day in which we are told to switch off from the daily grind.


It is often alluded to as the Shabbos Queen. When Shabbat arrives we become royalty. We dress in our smartest clothes as we welcome our bride the Shabbos Queen.


The Talmud tells us “He who toils before Shabbos shall eat on Shabbos.” This is obviously a practical piece of advice, but it reveals an insight into how we lead our lives. For the whole week we are preparing for the highlight, the climax. Today, particularly I want my whole house and the dinner table to shine. Even when I go shopping I will look for that something special that we will only have on Shabbat, to make the day special. Flowers are a beautiful way to welcome Shabbat and enhance the home.


In days past many were seated at my table. Now No.1 son lives in Israel with his own family, I have to share No.2 son with his fiancee’s family and my father has passed. I love it when my mother joins us and my brother and his family too and the children invite their friends, but tonight will just be Rachel and me, yet still we shall say all the blessings and eat a special meal… you know that thing called Tradition


I shall light the candles and say prayers for my children, then as Rachel and I sit together at the Shabbat table we will sing Shalom Aleichem to welcome G-d into our home. “Where can G-d be found? Wherever man lets Him in.” Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk: 1787-1859, Poland


Then the beautiful Eshet Chayil praising the woman of the home for at the heart of the Jewish home is the Jewish wife and mother, even though we shall sing it to each other. Following on will be Kiddush, the prayers over wine and bread, challah.


So now you know the start to my every weekend, my every Shabbat.

My wishes never change… wishing you all a restful weekend and Shabbat Shalom.


P.S…. and it will be my pleasure to welcome you to my Shabbat table if you’re in my neck of the woods


P.P.S…. I HAD to change to new blogger today… HAD to… hmmm!!!!!

Again and again, however we know the landscape of love
and the little churchyard there, with its sorrowing names,
and the frighteningly silent abyss into which the others fall:
again and again the two of us walk out together
under the ancient trees, lie down again and again
among the flowers, face to face with the sky.

Wistfully gazing
Through the windowpane
At howling gales
Torrential rain
A miracle
Bathed in unexpected warmth
Vivid rainbow
Reveals the truth
She sees your aura
She senses you
Reaching out
Coming through
So real
She tastes your sweet lips
Berries red
The air redolent
Your tangy citrus orange scent
Inspiring, uplifting
The power of you
Joy and freedom
Wisdom’s yellow hue
She drowns in your pools
Healing, glowing green
Eyes at rest, at peace
Still, serene
Your blue is not blue
Of gloom or sad
Relaxed, balanced, calm
She rests in your hands
The insight of indigo
Profound, deep
In meditation
Turns the key
For violet’s music
Notes entwined
Songs spiritual
Peace of mind

copyright 2007 ann raven

Brrrr… what we woke up to this morning…

… and where I wish I could stay on a morning like this. I kinda miss my Lichtenstein avatar

… and Grrrr… I went shopping last night in the warmth of my home. I can’t believe how the time flies browsing Amazon… but guess a couple of hours would soon pass in my favourite bookshop and musicshop too. I love it how Amazon knows what to recommend me and btw, Wendy, I wondered why I hadn’t got one of your books… silly me, it was still in my shopping basket. Oh yes, I do have quite an eclectic taste in literature.

Vincent D’Onofrio’s superb performance in TWWW was my first encounter with Robert E Howard and I was smitten. I had to know more. I still maintain that was VDO’s best performance ever and I don’t believe I’m being unfaithful to Bobby Bobby who I love with all my heart. I have spent endless hours learning more about REH and reading his work, but what I really really want is to get my grubby little hands on his poetry.

I would love a copy of Singers in the Shadows… now should I or should I not? Two used copies are available for merely £85.94 or £107.46 ~ note this is sterling not dollars… almost double it for the dollar price.


And then there’s REH’s Savage Tales of Solomon Kane, another one I would treasure. Hardcover £96.99 or £687.50 (I don’t believe it!) for a brand new scarce numbered limited edition (1050 copies worldwide) and signed by the artist Gary Gianni.

Surely there must be someone out there who could garner together his poetry and make it more accessible for people like… me! Huh!

Anyway here’s a little taste to keep me warm, on this cold cold January morn.

ADVENTURE: Robert E Howard

Adventure, I have followed your beck

Through all the ages. I have sought no other lover.

I have followed o’er land and sea, dim vale and mystic moon mountains.

I have heard Pan’s pipes amid moon-dappled woodlands and have seen the satyrs frolicking with nymphs upon

The fragrant sward, while the night-breezes murmured among the leaves….

And I’ve seen your nameless mountains rise from the sea of tangled forest, and stand like sightless sombre gods

Against the twilight. Adventure, I desire no other lover.


UPDATE: A dear friend has helped me locate a much much cheaper paperback edition of Savage Tales of Solomon Kane, thank you. However, if anyone can keep their eyes open for the following which are either unavailable or incredibly expensive:

  1. Singers in the Shadows

  2. Shadows of Dreams

  3. Echoes from an Iron Harp

  4. Modern American Poetry (1933) by Gertrude Alson

The silence hung between us
A glaring gap
A little lull
A great big yawning hole
Words deserted me
Wit, wisdom gone
Intent to cheer
Heart sincere
But, dimwitted
Mind died
Merely meekly mumbled

copyright 2007 ann raven

Anyone for tea? Look, I’m trying to crawl in one of the new outfits grandma bought me…
And see I can sit up all by myself in my pink pussycat outfit… another one from you know who… Yes, it has been known for me to sit still for a while… and guess what… it’s my birthday next week and I’ll be two years old.

Now you may ask why the donkey? Well someone I know has become a bit of a donkey… moi!

I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting everyone and not been around blogdom much… I will try to do better, but I’m finding it hard to spread myself… strange really when there’s so much of me.

My mind’s in a haze, rather blurred and obscure. I can’t string two coherent words together. Recent attempts at verse have been… erm… grim. I wrote a story that will not see blogdom. It was… erm… grimmer. As for mrsbg, the little minx has deserted me. One constant is London-Love which is not actually my pictures or words, so can’t really go too wrong over there.


In an attempt to get my creative juices flowing I went back over some mrsbg. Erm… grim grim grim. Note I did not say get my creative juices flowing again… I’m not sure they ever flowed; if I possessed a little drop or a tiny drip it has well and truly dried up.

So the donkey, the stupid donkey, the stubborn donkey… me! Do I need a stick, a kick-start or a sweet juicy carrot in the form of bribery to get my act together or should I just admit I’m beat and leave it to the experts?


Over the past few months I’ve encountered some of the most amazing talent in blogdom. Awesome photography, excellent fiction and the most moving verse… as well as our uber-hero blogs of course. I can’t keep up. I’m bowled over and it places my stuff in a place where the sun does not shine… the shade. I’m sure I don’t know what you were thinking.

Still for all my pondering and vacillating and dithering of one thing I am very sure… I wish you all a lovely weekend and Shabbat Shalom.

There should be a law
In every home
No one
Should be alone
There should be
Someone who cares
With whom to share
The highs
The lows
Whatever life throws
A hand to hold
A warm embrace
A rock to lean on
A safe place
You for them
They for you
So I decree
When you need me
I give you
My arms
My heart
My soul
My prayers
For I’m not going anywhere

copyright 2007 ann raven

the loves of my life

at the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet ~~~ plato

thank you…

... to everyone whose pictures and videos I have borrowed; if anyone would like theirs to be removed, please tell me and I shall be happy to do so

all words here are mine ~ I’ll tell you when they’re not!

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January 2007