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Posted on: 1 January 2007


18 Responses to "HAPPY NEW YEAR’S DAY"

Well that’s 5 hours too soon for me but thanks in advance!Happy (early from NC) New Year!

that’s a very good new years post! happy new years! 🙂 i love your icon, it’s so cute

Happy New Year,Ann 😀

I hope 2007 is great for you and all the family!

Eliza xxxxx

🙂 good-looking post :)!
Ann I wish you and all dear to you a marvellous 2007!

Nice post- corks popping , seeing fireworks- is there another( subliminal) message?!

Nevertheless ,Happy New Year to you and your family from a now ” still” North of England ( Force 11 – ish in the waters off here)

Happy New Year, Ann, and many happy daydreams (and night dreams…)

happy new year, ann!
wish you all the best for 2007, luck, love and happiness. take care sweetie! 🙂

Yes indeed my love. A smashing idea. Jolly good show.

Let us bring in the New Year with a banging. 🙂

Happy New Year, Ann!
Hope you and all your loved ones have a year of love, peace and joy!

You are so sweet!
It has been so very nice to have you visit me at my blog, and I love to come here and visit you!
Thanks for all your kindness!


Happy New Year dear cyber-friend!
I don’t know about you but I really miss Jen. No one can dish it out to those that truly deserve it like she can! Hopefully she’ll rejoin the fun this year… 🙂

Great post Ann … keep it going and best wishes for the New Year.

Happy New Year Ann, best of everything to you and the family in 2007. xox

Happy New Year, Ann! Wishing for you & yours a really fantastic 2007!

Happy new year! I know I’m a day late….but anyway, here’s to more VDO fun in 2007.

Happy, Happy New Year, Ann, my friend! D 🙂

ANN!!!happy happy my friend and I am so glad you are home..missed you but I am so very glad you had a wonderful time with your family..but we are also glad that you are home safe and sound with your ‘other’ family…by the way Dewy and I ..(L) are cooking up a girl would you like to visit the good ole US of A..not tomorrow..but some time in the future??? hope so..luv ya L..& m

Happy New Year babe!


Madd: I’ll be there for you and L and B and Dewy… sounds good to me.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

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