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By The Pool

Posted on: 2 January 2007

Cool blue water lapping
Birds swooping
Squabbling over discarded crumbs
People in packs
Others alone
A medley of tongues
Glaring white sun
Shines on all
Fully clothed
Half dressed
Almost naked
Breasts flashing
Bronzed skin
And ghostly white alike
And lots and lots of cellulite
Old wizened couples hand in hand
And not so old men
In speedos
Roaming eyes on pretty girls
Fat wives touching their man
In sign of possession
Six jet haired adonis from football team
Parade their skills
Nubile bikini clads adoringly pant
Squealing when splashed
Daddies running out of puff
Struggling with water wings
Natural water babes
Young free chuckling
Having fun
Down the waterslide they come
Hear a mother’s voice to child
Sit in the shade
You’ve had too much sun
Put on some cream
Sounds familiar
Taking nose out of book
Looks around
Ah… yes… that child…
It’s me!

copyright 2006 ann raven

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