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Posted on: 7 January 2007

My muse mentioned Sunday Scribbling in an email.
The prompt was Kissing. It was late, I was tired and I
badly needed sleep. I couldn’t stop myself; I was so
affected my reaction was instant. The words just flew
from my lips to my fingertips skipping across the keys.


When I saw the word “kissing”
Something stirred inside
Got me reminiscing
He was an expert
He knew exactly what to do
He kept them soft and moist
Kept them sweet smelling too

There was the occasional scent
Of a lingering cigar
The remnants left to die
In his mid-life sports car
My perpetual butterflies
Knowing when he’d appear
He’d back me in a corner
Burn my cheek with his beard
Another ritual
So charming
His fingers would roam
Pushing buttons
Till they found their home
His tongue parting my lips
Dormant memories revisited
Seven years since we kissed

Copyright 2007 ann raven


16 Responses to "Kissing"


Love the poem, you know what I think you should do. You should spread your wings and leap out of the nest. I think you write great poetry, it’s real and raw and full of emotion. I feel very tempted to put the link to this poem in Sunday Scribblings, but I won’t do that to you…. yet. 🙂

Love you.


you are very sweet to me. It’s because of you and your guidance and encouragement…thank you so much

lovely Ann … sensual kisser ;o)


Good morning kisses to you today. 😉

Love you.

Seven years. Such deprivation.

I could almost feel the kiss.



How are you today? You need your sistah. 🙂

Sassy Dewy



Hi my sistah… how are you?

How’s B today? Is he any better?

I’m fine sweetheart, just got lots and lots and lots to do. Haven’t got to blogdom though, but I knew you’d left a message from my email. Thank you, I really appreciate it.

c u soon

lotsa luv ann xxxx


A woman’s work is never done. LOL So true though. B is still at work, I am trying to get him to go home after lunch, but in the meantime I am not letting him comment. 😉

Hope you have a good evening.

Rose. 🙂


you said it… I haven’t stopped. Just got a lovely big pot of vegetable soup simmering on the hob, the house is clean and now I’m attacking a pile of ironing that is threatening to take over the kitchen.

I’m leaving B alone today… think he’ll get better quicker without my silliness…. doh! …. but tell him if he’s poorly he should go home and rest his weary head.

talk to you soon sweetheart

lotsa luv ann xxxxx


Victory!!!! I got Brian to agree to go home in the next hour. 🙂 Power to Rose.

Can ask you a favor though? Don’t leave B alone, that’s when he gets dark. He really, really loves you and enjoys talking to you so much. Ann, you make him happy. Do you know how hard that is?

Love, Rose


Good one gal… power to you sistah. I thought I was being nice leaving him in peace and quiet. Should I say hello to him at his secret little place.

You’re a good girl Dewy… I luv ya

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Beautiful. I love kissing. You should chec out my new poem on my Dream blog…

Sorry I’ve been so absent, dear Lady xoxox


Friends forever my love.

Love Brian and Rose

Beautifully written – I think most women harbour one of these men in the folds of their memory.
Much peace, JP

Come back Ann, Diane wants to talk to you.

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