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Posted on: 18 January 2007

Anyone for tea? Look, I’m trying to crawl in one of the new outfits grandma bought me…
And see I can sit up all by myself in my pink pussycat outfit… another one from you know who… Yes, it has been known for me to sit still for a while… and guess what… it’s my birthday next week and I’ll be two years old.

Now you may ask why the donkey? Well someone I know has become a bit of a donkey… moi!

I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting everyone and not been around blogdom much… I will try to do better, but I’m finding it hard to spread myself… strange really when there’s so much of me.

My mind’s in a haze, rather blurred and obscure. I can’t string two coherent words together. Recent attempts at verse have been… erm… grim. I wrote a story that will not see blogdom. It was… erm… grimmer. As for mrsbg, the little minx has deserted me. One constant is London-Love which is not actually my pictures or words, so can’t really go too wrong over there.


In an attempt to get my creative juices flowing I went back over some mrsbg. Erm… grim grim grim. Note I did not say get my creative juices flowing again… I’m not sure they ever flowed; if I possessed a little drop or a tiny drip it has well and truly dried up.

So the donkey, the stupid donkey, the stubborn donkey… me! Do I need a stick, a kick-start or a sweet juicy carrot in the form of bribery to get my act together or should I just admit I’m beat and leave it to the experts?


Over the past few months I’ve encountered some of the most amazing talent in blogdom. Awesome photography, excellent fiction and the most moving verse… as well as our uber-hero blogs of course. I can’t keep up. I’m bowled over and it places my stuff in a place where the sun does not shine… the shade. I’m sure I don’t know what you were thinking.

Still for all my pondering and vacillating and dithering of one thing I am very sure… I wish you all a lovely weekend and Shabbat Shalom.



Cute ass….the picture of course;)!

I know what a block feels like but considering the things you have been through lately,it is understandable.

You know what helps me daydream scenarios for stories and poetry in being?I put on my earphones,plug them into the iPod and just listen to whatever comes up.My mind takes the songs well,in whatever direction it dreams up and I can use some of it…not all of it.

I can’t put some of those dirty thought to page,even though I pride myself in my open-mindedness!

The grandkids are LOVELY Ann!Such, big beautiful (jeepers,creepers where’d you get those peepers?).I don’t have kids (well human ones) but it must be catching to post your …loved ones.I posted pictures of my three canines and the felines…all looking lazy like I feel today!

Things will flow again Ann,maybe they just need this little linbo so you can rest.

You have the most beautiful grandkids Ann!
It always makes me smile when I see their adorable little faces!

Your creative side will be back soon!
You write some wonderful poetry!

Have a wonderful weekend and Shabbat Shalom Ann!


adorable photos- truly a treat! 🙂
No apologies needed for not visiting. Just relax and enjoy life. When you do visit, it will be all the more to savor.

Early Shabbat Shalom, at least in my time zone!

Moriah is beginning to look a little like Boaz. They both have amazing huge eyes. They are quite beautiful.
No need to worry about the no visit thing. No one thinks you are a donkey- silly! You have a (real) life. I think everyone knows that it must take precedence over the bloglife.

I finally got around to updating my blog today too in nearly a month, Ann so believe me, I know how you feel. I am also in awe of the creativity and I too often feel that my ramblings resemble a high school kids “Dear Diary” type journal. At the end of the day, we should care – it brings us together and had it not been for our creative juices, we would never have met. Your kindelach are gorgeous – thanks for sharing them. Lots of love to you and have a meaningful Shabbas. xxooxx

Hello dear! Such sweet, sweet sugars! They are darling- thanks for sharing! And I love the donkey. I have one you know! Back in my other life, the exhub and I decided to try the “green acres” life…he baought me a donkey because I’ve always loved them. Original me, his name is Eeyore. After I moved back to the beach, I boarded my funny friend at a farm. So! I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling less than creative. It happens. Write, write anyway. Write for you. You have a lovely voice- I adore your blogs. Keep the faith! HAve a great weekend- xo Alex

First, LOVE the pictures of the kids! How adorable!!

Second, you’re not being an ass!! I’ve been doing the same thing and its funny how we feel bad if we don’t update the blog, or comment at someone else’s blog. Life happens and there isn’t much you can do about it. I constantly do too many things at once and I used to feel bad about not getting to all the blogs every day. But, I can’t. I wouldn’t talk on the phone to all of my friends in one day, so why do I have to “talk” to all of my online friends everyday?

My point is, yes I have one, is that you have to take time for you. If you don’t, then you end up being sick and cranky and that’s not good for you. Take the time to enjoy your friends in real life and in the cyber world. Quality is soooo much better than quantity.

HUGS and tons of love to you!

I can’t believe how fast the kids are growing up. Boaz is getting tall! Loved the outfits you got Moriah!

The “dunkey” was adorable too. I’d love to have a donkey so I could name him Duncan the Dunkey. 🙂

I’m sure Mrs. BG will be back once things settle down after the wedding!! But hopefully before then.

Those children are gorgeous.I see a lot of children(!) and believe me they’re gorgeous

Donkeys- I know they’re stubborn, but aren’t they loyal , giving, hardworking, steady , calm ( unless spooked), love icecream and will do anything ( ANYTHING) for chocolate !

Sound familiar!!

bryde: I don’t think I could actually puton paper my daydream scenarios for stories… LOL

margie: that is praise indeed, thank you, from one of your foremost admirers

gel: shabbat shalom… everyone will be here any moment; the kitchen smells wonderful

claire: thank you, but still I miss everyone

dawn: at first I thought you said my kneidlach were gorgeous; well they are too. shabbat shalom

alex: I think you should rename him Ann… LOL

pinky: you’ve come up with some great points, thank you

jojo: where is my muse when I need him?

jan: you really know me well… LOL ~ will get back to you over the weekend.

and a big thank you for saying such lovely things about my grandbabies… I know I’m biased and guess what, I’m back there again in six weeks.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Ann!!! This is your official KICK IN THE PANTS!!!!!

Girl, you get more traffic than I do – and you’re whining???!!! Girl, we come here because of YOU. Not what you write, or your pictures. We visit YOU. We enjoy your company, you are interesting, great sense of humor and you express yourself clearly. Everything a good conversation should have. I don’t wanna hear anymore self destructive commentary from you. Get around it this weekend and start fresh on Monday.

Your thought proccess is taking a break. Don’t force it. You’ll get frustrated, not good.

The kids are beautiful, oh – the little one is especially cute in these pics!

Love ya! Call us sometime this weekend, we miss you! D 🙂

Kids, yeah, yadda, yadda, yadda, you know me and kids, Ann, no disrespect.

As for MrsBG – if you get her going again you will gain the undying love of all V-blogdom, if you don’t – well, you don’t want to find out what!

Diane: might’ve guessed you’d use the stick and not the carrot ;>) ~~~ I will call you for an official bulletin from the palace

val: oh dear is that a threat… hmmm!!! :>) ~~~ my muse where are you?

*Sniffle* *Cough* *Wheeze*

Your Muse is currently indisposed. Had this been an actual comment, you would have instructed to reply.

Have a nice day. 🙂

Lovely as always (they sure grow fast don’t you think)!

Have a wonderful weekend Ann!

Don’t worry Ann, when it comes to being creative, especially in the written form, I’ve also entered the ‘Now where did I leave my brain cell??’ phase.

Don’t be so tough on yourself dear! As long as you enjoy the process and what you’ve created at the end of it, that’s ALL that matters really :0)

I don’t think you’re a donkey at all, but your grandkids have lovely big fawn-eyes! Beautiful children! Bet they even look good covered in mud! 😀

Give yourself a longer break – just float around the blogosphere a bit longer. Sometime you will suddenly come across something that makes you want to write… and you’ll be away!

And don’t be thinking that any’s better than yours, cos I like yours, and so (obviously!) do loads of other people! And people wouldn’t like it if it didn’t have ‘you’ sparkling out of it!

You are truly blessed to have such beautiful grandchildren, Ann – and we are truly blessed to have you in blogdom. Every creative person goes through dry spells and you are entitled to one. The world is big enough for many varieties of talent and skill- yours included! We miss you (and mrs. bg). Take a break, clear your head and don’t worry. The muse will visit again!

(((Brian))) … just get well; I wish I could’ve cheered you up today

Liz … glad you’re better and you’re back

Diane … oh dear, not you too

Annelisa … thank you you are so sweet

Kate … even my spoken words seem to be failing me too :>(

i guess there’s nothing new to say! i agree with every one else, don’t be so hard on yourself! sit back and enjoy yourself, that’s what blogdom is for;)

oh! and you really do have the most lovely grandbabies:)

Boaz and Moriah…Geez how time is going quickly! Those two are sooooo beautiful and growing up too quickly.
Every time I see a picture of a donkey I think of the Democrats…
Awe, Ann, writer’s blocks are a serious pain in the…donkey? You are still the wonderful, talented friend you have always been. Amazingly enough, reading Brian’s comment on my blog broke my block big time…you never know when it is going to hit again…and be prepared when it does…I’ve been writing so much this past week…I know I have more than made up for my weeks of lack of inspiration 🙂 You are in my prayers, sweetie.

fezzi: thank you sweetheart.

riccie: hi honey… how’s Matt, he must be getting so big now? Aha, now I know where my muse has gone… lol

You’re mad Ann what the word now mashoogi or something like that … but I like you. Can see you are really proud of your grand children.
Sometimes we have a period when the mind goes a little blank for versing … it is still there … it is just that are focus has been placed elsewhere.

Dearest Ann,
Thank you for the wonderful pictures of your babies! What a blessing they are and SO incredibly adorable!!
You are most certainly not an ass, my friend… I totally understand the ‘dried up’ feeling and how hard it is to communicate when that feeling swamps you. But you will come back stronger than ever and so will your muse. Take the time you need and know that we are all here to support and encourage you! :-*

how sweet!


trinitystar: yes I am meshuggah ~ LOL

lisa: I’m so happy you’ve come back stronger than ever… I loved the next chapter

keshi: hi, hope you have a good week

What sweet photos!!! As far as not getting your creative juices flowin’—-you seem to write in a way where everyone can relate. When we’re at our lowest or feeling sort of down, that’s when we’re most creative in my opinion.

Hope you’re doing great Ann!

Sorry I’ve been neglecting you guys – Ann, Boaz and Moriah. Nice to see you’re all growing up very nicely 😉

*is evil*

Absolutely gorgeous pics, Ann, as always.

Don’t worry about feeling at a bit of a loose end creatively. I guarantee you, something will happen to kick start those creative juices, and then you won’t be able to write it all down fast enough. Believe me, I speak from experience.

it has been awhile! you should stop by more often…although i should probably update a little more often huh?

i love the baby! soooo cute 🙂

take care hun

Eugh, you been spammed – don’tcha just hate that?! I just scrub it on mine… Hope you’re feeling a bit better (and not too too cold with the change in weather… do you have snow yet?)

annelisa.. scrubbed it, thanks and yes… brrrrrrrr……. we have snow too. eeeeeeeeeek!!!!

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