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BRRRR….. &….. GRRRR…..

Posted on: 24 January 2007

Brrrr… what we woke up to this morning…

… and where I wish I could stay on a morning like this. I kinda miss my Lichtenstein avatar

… and Grrrr… I went shopping last night in the warmth of my home. I can’t believe how the time flies browsing Amazon… but guess a couple of hours would soon pass in my favourite bookshop and musicshop too. I love it how Amazon knows what to recommend me and btw, Wendy, I wondered why I hadn’t got one of your books… silly me, it was still in my shopping basket. Oh yes, I do have quite an eclectic taste in literature.

Vincent D’Onofrio’s superb performance in TWWW was my first encounter with Robert E Howard and I was smitten. I had to know more. I still maintain that was VDO’s best performance ever and I don’t believe I’m being unfaithful to Bobby Bobby who I love with all my heart. I have spent endless hours learning more about REH and reading his work, but what I really really want is to get my grubby little hands on his poetry.

I would love a copy of Singers in the Shadows… now should I or should I not? Two used copies are available for merely £85.94 or £107.46 ~ note this is sterling not dollars… almost double it for the dollar price.


And then there’s REH’s Savage Tales of Solomon Kane, another one I would treasure. Hardcover £96.99 or £687.50 (I don’t believe it!) for a brand new scarce numbered limited edition (1050 copies worldwide) and signed by the artist Gary Gianni.

Surely there must be someone out there who could garner together his poetry and make it more accessible for people like… me! Huh!

Anyway here’s a little taste to keep me warm, on this cold cold January morn.

ADVENTURE: Robert E Howard

Adventure, I have followed your beck

Through all the ages. I have sought no other lover.

I have followed o’er land and sea, dim vale and mystic moon mountains.

I have heard Pan’s pipes amid moon-dappled woodlands and have seen the satyrs frolicking with nymphs upon

The fragrant sward, while the night-breezes murmured among the leaves….

And I’ve seen your nameless mountains rise from the sea of tangled forest, and stand like sightless sombre gods

Against the twilight. Adventure, I desire no other lover.


UPDATE: A dear friend has helped me locate a much much cheaper paperback edition of Savage Tales of Solomon Kane, thank you. However, if anyone can keep their eyes open for the following which are either unavailable or incredibly expensive:

  1. Singers in the Shadows

  2. Shadows of Dreams

  3. Echoes from an Iron Harp

  4. Modern American Poetry (1933) by Gertrude Alson


24 Responses to "BRRRR….. &….. GRRRR….."

Morning Ann. SNOW!!!!!! Stay in bed my love, I’ll write you a note. Better yet, we can all snuggle together and read each other poetry. Now who can we get to serve us the hot chocolate. Hmmmmmm.

L & S my friend


I can almost hear your voice and hold the cream


L & S will sure warm me up ;>)

Make sure you go see Diane and then go to her special guest post at Doug’s.


Hi Ann,

I just love your avatar, I may have to borrow it. 😉

I am doing better, I put a post up just now and I wanted to tell you that I really, really love you.



So glad you’re back and I love you too… I’m coming right on over.


I’d already been to Diane’s and have just come back from Doug’s… brilliant post

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Ann, this has several websites with reliable sources for used books, I have used several in the past and are reliable. If you can buy it from an American vendor, it will probably cost you less since the value of your pound is so strong. I have located all four books through these sources, some are quite dear.

anon a: thank you so much for this… probably not today, but I shall certainly pursue all avenues.

Hope you’re keeping well

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Hey Ann, I’ll shoot you an email with this info too, but I checked out 2 reliable rare book sellers here in the states and they have both books available for far less. I’ll email you their websites.

Wow, not sure where you live, but New York got hit with a dusting which made us so happy to see snow again! Global warming is really killing the spirit of winter!!!

Amazon is great! They referred a terrific book!

Click here to check it out!


My bad. Just wanted to make you laugh and of course, reference a great book from Amazon!

Hope you’re doing great!

Alas, our snow didn’t outlast the morning. Lovely post Ann, as always.

Ah, snow, don’t miss it at all! Looks like you have lots of possibilities with the book search, that’s great!

Hope to talk with you soon, anywhere, anytime! D 🙂

Yep, we had snow too last night, and this morning, but it’s gone now. Is there no one kind enough to put Bob’s words on Google or Yahoo??! Happy hunting Ann, and thank you for sharing his words.

I wish the nbooks would come into the store where MIchael works,he could get them very cheaply.I once found a OOP Barker book there for 2 dollars AFTER I had paid..well a LOT for the same one used online.

The most I ever paid for a book was $75 for a book called “Mercury & Me” written by Freddie Mercury’s companion for around 10 years,including being his caretaker later in his life.

Anyway,I will have him keep an eye out for those books.

No snow here (fine with me) but it is VERY cold to me….it is about 45 degrees right now and Friday will be near freezing as the high!Two weekends ago it was 70 degrees!

I like you avatar as well Ann,so pretty.I myself would love a picture like that of a powder blue rose or the “black” rose.

Keep warm in all that cold Ann!

jojo: thanks for the info

deb: wink indeed… lol… is there anything in your book for a Jewish heterosexual?

val: snow terrifies me… didn’t leave the house till it melted

diane: snow must be a rarity in Fl. We’ll talk soon

diane: there really isn’t that much out there… a few poems, but lotsa stories

bryde: I haven’t read that book but I read some articles by his companion… they were very moving

Thank you for this post Ann, the poem is lovely and you know how I love Bob….good luck with your searches.
Have your read “The Power of the Writing Mind” ?

ammiratore: thank you for visiting. No I haven’t … do you recommend it? That one I know is easily available.

Snow WOW! I never woke up to snow…

Have a good one babez!

oh what a lovely post!

we’re getting lake affect snow right now. supposed to have lots of accumulation by morning, our expected high today was a mere 28 degrees…brrrr!

Ann..just wanted to say a quick hello…love you sweetie..m

Lots of snow here, Ann!
Do you like the snow?
I am a snow bunny though…and love the snow…skiing this weekend for the whole family!

Stay warm!
Take care!


Snow? What snow? I thought I lived in the frozen north? ( England)

We’re cold, but blue skies and it’s sunny. Quite still, too


Nasty weather. Love you sweetie. Put a new post up.


Hi Ann!

Hope you enjoy that book… not quite up to the standard of Bob Howard, but hopefully entertaining in its own way! 😉

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