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The Aura Of You

Posted on: 26 January 2007

Wistfully gazing
Through the windowpane
At howling gales
Torrential rain
A miracle
Bathed in unexpected warmth
Vivid rainbow
Reveals the truth
She sees your aura
She senses you
Reaching out
Coming through
So real
She tastes your sweet lips
Berries red
The air redolent
Your tangy citrus orange scent
Inspiring, uplifting
The power of you
Joy and freedom
Wisdom’s yellow hue
She drowns in your pools
Healing, glowing green
Eyes at rest, at peace
Still, serene
Your blue is not blue
Of gloom or sad
Relaxed, balanced, calm
She rests in your hands
The insight of indigo
Profound, deep
In meditation
Turns the key
For violet’s music
Notes entwined
Songs spiritual
Peace of mind

copyright 2007 ann raven


11 Responses to "The Aura Of You"

((Ann)) Oh Ann. This is so beautiful. All the colors of friendship wrapped into one wonderful poem.

I see you as the rainbow my friend.

Love you.


I am deeply flattered, thank you my friend, my muse.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

You know Ann, you are giving him a run for his money. 😉

I love the line about her sweet lips that lead to the uplifting power.

Speaking of uplifting, I have a post today that you might get a giggle out of.



oooh thanks Rose… coming over to your place :>)

Just coming over to read your wonderful poem again.

Have a blessed weekend my friend.


Have you ever read “The Primary Colors” by Alexander Theroux? It’s about colors and how they affect what we think and feel and see and experience. Somehow, reading this, I think you’d love it.


Ann, this is so very beautiful!
I love this poem!
You poetic skills move me!


Good day my friend. I am at work, Diane is upset because she discovered that she has lost her engagement ring. She just noticed it last night. 😦

Hope you are having a good weekend.

Love you

P.S. I changed my royal title. 😉

Beautiful imagery! I loved the flow of this.

brian: thank you

tom: thank you for the suggestion

margie: I’m flattered (blushing)

sam: thank you

What a lovely poem. It surprised me a bit. Your poem above this one was so to the point, busy and I felt as if I could hear all that was happening. With this gentle and loving picture that you have painted of love appearing as a rainbow. Your imagery was beautiful. I too could taste sweet berries and smell the tangy citrus.
Both of your poems were very well written.
I also thank you kindly for your comments on my poem. I will be back, I hope you will be too.


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