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Posted on: 29 January 2007

Yet another cold, grey dull Monday morning in Londontown…

… although I do believe I detect a glimmer of light peeping through the clouds; wonder if I will ever get my own head out of them…

…not my usual kinda posting I know…

… when there are so many of you who DO Vincent/Bobby soooooooo much better than I do…

… in slideshows and videos and I don’t even know what photobucket is… doh!

However… I badly need some inspiration to get me moving off my… my… whatever… today…

… and what could be better than my ultimate uber-hero…
… to get me going, to be the much needed stimulus, a shot in the… the… arm… a kick in the… the… whatever…

… to get my juices flowing… erm… my creative juices flowing…

… to be the spur that rekindles my enthusiasm, that lights my fire, that puts a spark…

… well the power and the magic to instil, infuse, influence, imbue, enliven, hearten and awaken me in a way no other can… hmmm!!!

Of course knowing me as you do, you will appreciate and comprehend that I am talking about Goren’s brain… if I could only possess a mere modicum of Goren’s intelligence, intellect, acumen, aptitude, intuition, insight.
Curiously, I often wonder if Vincent feels the same way!



Good morning Ann. It’s a frosty yet stimulating morning here. Very busy at work as per every Monday, so I will be scarce for awhile. πŸ™‚

I hope your day is going well.

Love you

Hi Bri

So far so good today… in a funny mood (haha, not peculi-ar)

let me know when you’re around

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Awaken … you may find him that will give you that magic!

Grab your dream! Hugs for you.

Okay, don’t laugh at me. But, …..this guy looks like the guy who played in “Wedding Crashers, Vince Vaughn.

This is one guy I would turn straight for! πŸ˜‰

Hey Ann, I hope you feel well!! Thanks, guess you know I have a thing for Bobby Goren and the way his mind works.
!!!:)I hope you give us soon some clue β€œAt Home With The Gorens”. Okay now I have a very big smile, ask, hope. I miss MrsBG. She is special.

Yes,I appreciate his brain…truly I do.Intellect is ABSOLUTELY number 1 for me in the opposite sex (same one too for my friends).

Ann,thanks to Jojo,I am curious about everyone’s baby/childhood photos.I know you may not be a fan of posting your own baby photos but I would love to see your children’s photos as babies.Considering how beautiful you are and how angelic those grand babies are,surely the generation in between must be the same.

Hope the Sun shines for you today Ann:)

I agree with Liz, I miss MrsBG! I await her words of wisdom on BG’s thoughts. I bet VDO does wonder.

I tell ya, I’ve learned a lot of stuff/trivia from Bobby Goren!

Hope you have a great week!

You can have his brain Ann, as long as I can have the rest of him :0)

oh ann! you do us a great service with your bobby posting, again you’re too hard on yourself! and thanx for helping me out at my blog;)

ooo i like ann! you did a wonderful vincent post! πŸ™‚

i think he gets all our… creative juices flowing πŸ˜‰

Don’t knock yourself, Ann, it’s a lovely post.

As for Goren’s brain – they let him get away with stuff unchallenged, like his assertion that transvestism usually goes hand-in-hand with masochism.

Deb, the two Vinces are good friends, and they do bear a resemblance to one another, but only one is sexy and handsome.

Diane – remember, men think with their d***s so I guess technically, Ann claimed the right part of him…. πŸ˜‰

trinitystar: ah my dreams are quite magical

deb: this is Vincent D’Onofrio, not quite the same guy, but he is so worth going straight for… mmm

liz: I’m working on it

bryde: I loved your baby pics. maybe, one day…

vpdzoo: oh dear, now I am under pressure… LOL

jojo: exactly, he is such a clever guy

diane: now why am I not surprised at your comment… LOL

fezzi: easy wasn’t it?

l’oreal: he sure does ;>)

val: what amazes me is his use of a library card when so much is online now… at least he’s not a computer geek

jojo: yes, yes, yes

πŸ˜€ Methinks your creative juices are running fine – must be the great inspiration you use! πŸ™‚

Thanks, I needed this kind of hottness! WOO! Damn, that man is smokin!!

I don’t have anything intelligent to add to this post..

But I will tell have a beautiful blog..I love the font..the colors..Really good taste

Please come back!! You are sorely missed by all your fans…
Ah, no pressure Ann. Here’s my favorite part of — the part where it goes “The detective thinks, feels…yada, yada about his wife…”
I love how you write in his internal voice. I think you get it right.

i think you did a very nice job! i swear i will get back to it…soon??? love ya and safe travels!

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