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Passed With Honours

Posted on: 1 February 2007

Something maths based was the prompt
for Poetry Thursday today… I know I don’t
link, but thought I would have some fun


He has a secret formula
A consummate performer
He’s perfected being oscular
And muscular and jocular
Knows how to keep me warmer
No pain, no stress, no trauma

He has found an old equation
That with a little concentration
A degree of oooh, vibration
Then some gentle persuasion
And a detailed demonstration
I squeal on each occasion

He says its down to fractions
And a physical attraction
A kinda chemical reaction
A little adding and subtraction
The angle of interaction
That guarantees our satisfaction

copyright 2007 ann raven


12 Responses to "Passed With Honours"

LOL my friend.

I love all the equations that equal satisfaction. 🙂

Hee hee- I know what’s going on here!
This was wonderful, Ann- you should link to PT!
p.s. Thanks, Brian!

Wonderful! It made me smile and warmed my heart. I love it!


Ha! You could set this one to music, and it would sing like Gilbert and Sullivan!

Very clever! How is it that so many poems this week equate love (or some such…) with math? Hmm…

thank you Brian for adding my name to the link
I think…

thank you my lovely new visitors for your sweet comments ::blushing::

wishing you all a wonderful weekend

This is so much fun, you should read it on stage or as pepek said earlier sing it like Gilbert and Sullivan!

I was in denial for about half the poem~~~”no, she couldn’t mean…I’ve just got gutter brain…”
too good! Loved it!

Fun! Very good turn on the subject!
Thank you for your support and kind words. I believe I have a new blogger friend.
What should we call blogger friends, or is there already a word for it?
Floggers? Umm, no.
Froggers? Nope.
Bliends? Hard to figure out pronunciation.
Why do we Americans have to combine words? The French hated the term “Chunnel” and I don’t blame them lol.

That was wonderful! We all need you at PT!



Thanks for the math quiz. I will be sure to utilize these tips soon. 😉


oooh she feels the kharma
freely riding that llama
all thoughts of math
thrown down the path
(see how awful I am at rhyming? lol)

Love your swift-paced euphemistic poem. Terrific rhythm (in all areas)…

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