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Jumping up and down with joy as I’ve just been sent these lovely pics. They were taken at Boaz’s nursery on a special family activity day to celebrate Tu’B’Shevat the Jewish New Year For Trees

Yesterday Boaz was 2 years old… it was his Hebrew birthday, the Jewish date on which he was born, according to the Jewish calendar. His English birthday is 22 January

Looks like they’re having fun and enjoying themselves
Wish I was there… oh yes… I will be in four weeks time… again!
It has been a very very busy week with the Raven family… never a dull moment in the lives of my offspring… I won’t go into any of it, but just think work, househunting, furniture shopping, wedding plans, doctors, etc…..

I hope to catch up with my emails over the weekend… please accept my apologies for the delay in replying. I haven’t forgotten anyone.

Well, as you can see, I am now well and truly newly blogged… all of them… all four. In celebration… hmmm… I unveil a new mrsbg. I know it has been a long long time and it will be interesting to see where this story leads.

For bad boy Vincent lovers a spot of tango here with a poem that I think really does Cholo justice… mmmm. For any poetry lovers out there, I can recommend many blogs but not mine, unless you like to suffer.

I end wishing each and every one of you a lovely weekend and Shabbat Shalom and just a thought… how well do we really know each other? LOL

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