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I believe in freedom of speech
To voice my thoughts, my views, but not preach
Sweetly in gentle tones I want to speak, not shout, not screech
But sometimes I think my right is being breached
New blogger… hmmm… is quite maddening
I forget I have to first sign in
So I write a comment, press post and it’s questioning
User unknown, invalid password, uh, what’s happening

Okay, so now I’m in, but on many occasion
I’m faced with this thing called word verification
After three attempts or so I’m cursing, causing quite a creation
It’s not like I’m using that four-letter word… you know the other ‘F’ one that means fornication

Yet another source of exasperation
Is your choice to apply comment moderation
Did it post or die in a puff of smoke in incineration
Or was it too hot, too steamy, vanquished in evaporation

I thought this was meant to be fun not discontent
When all I really want to do is leave a comment
My heart sinks at the words “bloggers down”and I’m hell-bent
To rejoice with you, lament with you or truly pay a compliment

copyright 2007 ann raven

the loves of my life

at the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet ~~~ plato

thank you…

... to everyone whose pictures and videos I have borrowed; if anyone would like theirs to be removed, please tell me and I shall be happy to do so

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from long ago

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February 2007