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Posted on: 4 February 2007

I believe in freedom of speech
To voice my thoughts, my views, but not preach
Sweetly in gentle tones I want to speak, not shout, not screech
But sometimes I think my right is being breached
New blogger… hmmm… is quite maddening
I forget I have to first sign in
So I write a comment, press post and it’s questioning
User unknown, invalid password, uh, what’s happening

Okay, so now I’m in, but on many occasion
I’m faced with this thing called word verification
After three attempts or so I’m cursing, causing quite a creation
It’s not like I’m using that four-letter word… you know the other ‘F’ one that means fornication

Yet another source of exasperation
Is your choice to apply comment moderation
Did it post or die in a puff of smoke in incineration
Or was it too hot, too steamy, vanquished in evaporation

I thought this was meant to be fun not discontent
When all I really want to do is leave a comment
My heart sinks at the words “bloggers down”and I’m hell-bent
To rejoice with you, lament with you or truly pay a compliment

copyright 2007 ann raven



I just want to leave a comment!!!!

So true Ann, too many choices and restrictions.

Excellent poem Ann!!!!! I feel your frustration!

I just switched (after being forced to!)and I’m probably going to find out all the glitches shortly! One good thing so far is that I don’t have to do woed verif. on my own post! Good luck.

Worst is by the time I go through all the crap to get my comment in, it gets erased and by then even though I can post, I don’t remember what my profound thought was:)

I know, blogger can be so stupid!

oooops, I did it again… went to comment without signing in… doh!!!

Brian… you did you did

JoJo… word verification + comment moderation + total frustration

mother… I think the only restriction I would apply if needs must would be no anonymous comments

vpdzoo.. that’s so it ~ you think of something great and then it’s gone…

claire… there’s just so much they haven’t sorted yet

I know, I have lost quite a few comments in my que, and the funny thing is, it states on my dashboard that I have “one” comment remaining, yet when I go to release it, there’s nothing.

I choose comment moderation due to the fact that there are some sick puppies out there making really disgusting remarks about lesbians…which is not needed and juvenile. If they came onto my blog with a question concerning my lifestyle, then I wouldn’t need the moderation on there.

The new beta version is great, but it still has a few more things that needs to be tweaked!

Great point though!

AMEN!! Thanks for a clever and fun expression of what we all feel here in blogdom!

‘New’ blogger and I are still barely on speaking terms. It seems to find it huge fun to make me take half a day to post something, which used to take 5 minutes, and which it then proceeds to mess with. Thus far, having been forced to change, I can’t see any benefit and I HATE it.
Fun post tho!

Deb: I fully appreciate your problems with certain fellow bloggers… I would probably do the same under the circumstances

Kate: thank you

Diane: So far I’ve not really encountered problems with posting, more the commenting… grrrr…

I have no problem posting.However,at first I had the whole sign in,comment issue.I lost a few comments that way.Now,if I forget to sign in first (I am usually automatically signed in) I copy my comment and then paste it after I sign in.

I am sure this has less bugs than that new Microsoft creation….

bryde: smart thinking Batman; doh… why didn’t I think of that? Hmmm… don’t answer that question

oh this is too cute! sorry you all are having such a difficult time of it;)

Anyone would think you’re having trouble with new blogger, Ann.

I never did work out how to accept no anonymous comments, but given that Julie would only comment anonymously for some time, maybe that’s jsut as well.

Very clever use of words in this poem. Your rhymes put me in mind of Byron (and I’m not even joking!)

fezzi: I think it’s just me who’s useless

val: would that by Byron on the Old Kent Road?


sorry if I haven’t visited yesterday or today… been busy busy and now at 8.30 p.m. am actually going to bed as I feel proper poorly

lotsa luv ann xxxx

I feel you, trust me…. Me, and beta, we’re SO not friends– Blogger is taking the fun out of blogging!

BRAVO, Ann! Thank you! I was forced at keyboard-point to switch a few days ago. I’m not a happy camper.

You rhyme so effortlessly!
Oh, it’s so true. I am finding that I comment on Blogger, but must verify the “code” two or three times since I’m an “Other” out of those three choice of “google/blogger, other, anonymous.”

If I use my old blogger name, then it’s usually one verification.

Even when there is no verification required, like here on your blog, it’s hung up. GRRRRR! I do not like being penalized for linking to a nonBlogger blog!

Again, great use of superb words to desribe this frustration.

This “anonymous” is GeL. It won’t let me post my correct link ,but I know you have it. 🙂

Darling! What a marvelous rant!!! It’s perfect! LOL Been to the eye Dr’s – cataracts. sigh…and this cold/virus is killing me! ARGH!!!

Hugs (not TOO close now)! D

lol! So true, so true! That was pretty much along the lines my poem was going 😀

And all those things you said…yup! That’s it exactly! Thorougly enjoyed this poem!


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