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Posted on: 7 February 2007

There’s a blog out there in blogdom called Wordless Wednesday where lots and lots and lotsa people link themselves; don’t ask me any more, but it seems that pics get posted and that’s it. If you want to know more, check it out.


I haven’t linked myself since none of these pics are mine, being a non-photographer so far (new camera is on its way as I type, according to Amazon).


Anyway I think everyone there posts their own work. Still, it’s an interesting concept and since a picture speaks a thousand words I hope something here speaks to you…


For animal lovers

For my daughter… like she needs to be told twice

For gardeners and flower lovers

oh, of course, I couldn’t leave out V-lovers

I have had the most dreadful night. Sleep often eludes me but mostly I lay there awake contentedly just thinking and musing and not that tired nor desperate for sleep. Last night was different. I was desperate and staring at the clock and trying to switch off. In my head I created the most amazing poetry and wrote down not one word… can I remember it? No! However there is definitely one trying to get out… just not such an amazing one. (Since I posted this post… the one trying to get out got out here)

Then I tried a different tack… mr & mrsbg. Well bad boy Bobby becomes an angel… did I write down one word? Can I remember it? No! However there is definitely one of these trying to get out too and Bobby Bobby… well you’ll just have to wait and see.

But, through my sleeplessness I searched my addled brain and remembered a beautiful poem by Pablo Neruda that I have just posted at London-Love… I defy anyone to say it is not fitting for dearest Bob and Novalynne.

Still, I could not sleep. I was hot… I was cold. At 3.30 I was mesmerized by a winter wonderland of frost; apparently 6″ of snow is due tomorrow. Strange thing is, I had no problem practically falling asleep at my desk at work yesterday. So… whose fault is it? Well all mine of course. As I was tidying the kitchen before going to bed, I stupidly and unthinkingly (is there such a word) drained the contents of a bottle of diet-coke. What do they put in that stuff?

I am so tired now, I’m gonna drink some more to keep me going the rest of the day… doh!!!!!


20 Responses to "HAPPY HUMP DAY"

Sweetie I thought I was the only one who came up with the most amazing stories when I should be sleeping…and never writing down one letter…only to promptly forget even the storyline by the very next morning. I see I am in wonderful company on that! As for what is in diet coke, that nasty stuff, I have no idea. Gimme the sugar! ((Ann))

It does seem that all the best ideas come betwixt this world and the dream world.I have missed good poems and story ideas like that too and I get very mad at myself for having just laid there,thinking “I can remember it tomorrow!”.Of course,I do not.The Lex fiction came about thanks to a dream though (a really nice one).So I owe sleeping some credit.

The pictures are all lovely or funny.The puppy is a real cutie!

Good luck with tomorrow’s weather….

Ann you are so funny! :o)
Love your pet photographs … and the internet chat cartoon.
lol :o) Thanks for popping over to Manchester.

hugs for you.

I love the “Give it to your mom” tag. Ain’t that the truth.

I can’t drink anything w/ caffeine in it after 12 noon or else I’ll never get to sleep at night. My fondness for Diet Coke explains why I couldn’t fall asleep when I was younger, and had terrible skin too.

I have come up w/ great jewelry and craft ideas when I’m about to drift off, and can I remember them the next day? Of course not!

Maybe you can get a little dictaphone and leave it next to your bed so you can grab it and dictate your ideas as they flow.

Hiya! Wordless Wednesday is an avenue for each individual to post pictures only. (supposed to anyway). They can be thier own photography or one they admire. There are usually about 150 participants.

My brain whirs a mile a minute every night. Can’t slow it down or relax it. I don’t get much sleep lately.

Diet Coke is caffenated, my sweet. Highly. No Coke before sleep. Try gingerale or lemon-lime instead.

Hope all is well! D 🙂

I almost wish I wasn’t sleeping at the moment. I’m having the most bizarre dreams about being involved in a homicide (I’m the victim – sadly Bobby and his gloves don’t seem to feature :0( Then there was a plane crash, and then last night, someone drove me off a cliff. Oh for some insomnia!!!
Maybe there’s a story in there somewhere trying to beat it’s way out……

In the middle of the night I once came up with a great slogan for a watch ad, and I wrote it down. But what the hell to do with it next? I put it off, and put it off, and a year or so later someone else thought of it, but just threw it away in a barely articulated line in a TV ad – “There’s no present like the time”. It should have been in writing in an entire campaign. SOMEONE STOLE MY BABY!

Ann ~

So sorry to hear you had such troubles, friend… I have been having more problems with these meds than you can shake a stick at since I got home, which includes waking up at 3am with what had to be the worst migraine I have ever had! *heavy sigh* Will you share your drink with me? 🙂

Hopefully we can remind each other that this too shall pass, dear and that we will come out stronger and wiser in the end for it, right?

Much Love to you and yours

Hey ann thx for the nice message! I’m doing fine a bit busy with school and all but overall i’m doing good.. how are you and your family doing? still love your blog!

xxx Brandy

your blog is delightful; a breath of fresh air…I shall return.


OMG, that is so like me! I have to have a bit of paper by my bed… just in case my brain starts ticking over in the middle of the night! It was so much easier with the pda, though – I could write lying on my back, in the dark (own backlight) which meant I didn’t even have to scrabble around…and I didn’t have the pen run out upside down!!

So, getting a camera eh? I look forward to seeing some photos!! 🙂

Now I’m going looking for the comment eater poem!!

riccie: actually I’m a pepsi max person… have laid off the caffeine today.

bryde: mr & mrsbg usually comes to me in bed…. LOL That Bobby Goren has a lot to answer for.

Trinitystar: oh… they’re not my pets, just some cute pics someone sent me… That cartoon cracked me up.

Diesel: ain’t it the truth!!!

jojo: maybe I should try and sleep… LOL

Diane/aka FF: I’m drinking a herbal tea tonite… that was just dumb of me. Hope all is well with you and him.

Diane: I bet there is a story, and you’re gonna write it… yes?

Val: you let that one slip out of your hands… next time, I’m sure there’ll be a next time

Lisa: mine was just one bad night and just a prompt to prattle… I wish you well sweetheart

Brandy: the family are well and expanding… two babies now and No.2 son getting married.

Sage: welcome, my home is your home

It’s almost 11.30… going to catch up on much needed sleep and am caffeine free since early this morning. If I don’t sleep tonight, bet your bottom dollar I’ll want to at my desk tomorrow… hopefully the big bossman will be out. I’m sure I will be… out for the count!

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

annelisa… you slipped in there… yeah go find the poem and you’ll see what I mean… LOL xx

It seems a lot of creativity comes about while relaxing/sleeping. I think it is the alpha waves of very early rest that provides the most fertile ground. I think you should have a notepad by your bed, for you are a very creative person. Next time try to capture some of that…
or don’t have caffiene before bed 🙂
I like the idea of wordless wednesday, I think I’ll check it out.

Sometimes I dream new episodes of Criminal Intent….Seriously!!

If only I had written down the thoughts, words and ideas that I have during sleepless nights – I am sure I would have written that best seller I KNOW is waiting to get out. :o) You really made me smile! Mazal Tov on the recent birthday – they are really joyous pics and I can understand your wishing to be there. 4 Weeks will pass in an instant. Hugs and Love. xox

You are funny Ann, as you know I love animals so have to say love the pictures (all of them).

Adorable and funny pictures. Please get some rest woman and stay away from the diet coke!

Shabbat Shalom, catch up on the lack of sleep. 🙂 xox

Brian was right. you do have a nice blog.

Nice Sestina you did with him.

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