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US/UK or should that be UK/US?

Posted on: 8 February 2007

There once was a blogger called Brian
Whose words shone like the stars of Orion
Ann gave him the news
He was now her muse
Thinks, “Too late, should’ve hit her over the head with an iron!”

… tough Brian, for…

Now… there were two bloggers called Brian and Ann
And together they hatched a plan
He taught her Italian sestina
Not Greek tahina or retsina
And their American/English collaboration began

and probably ended, for…

In Ann’s wisdom she left it to her master, her muse
Whose inspiration has her infused and enthused
To post their joint offering
So with no further doddering
Please shut her up and visit Brian, you’ve got nothing to lose


copyright 2007 ann raven


6 Responses to "US/UK or should that be UK/US?"

Hi hon,
ALready was at Brian’s place and read that FANTASTIC collaboration! Whohooooooooo! 😀

This limerick style here is creative, too. You managed to bring back memories of when I’d write silly limericks (ones I can’t put on a blog). Like your use of colour, too!


Thank you my love, I needed the laugh this morning.

love your limericks, cheeky and bold. brava!


Cute! Hey, I just love that you have me listed as your “flogger blogger!”

Bless you, M’Lady! xoxox

Creative and bold, love it Ann!!
Now I go and see what Brian has to say.

Ha ha! I so loved your collaboration… gave me a good chuckle… much needed 😀

I think I’ll go see Brian now! 🙂

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