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Posted on: 9 February 2007

I wrote this one some time ago, inspired when I
witnessed the vulnerable side of someone I knew
and loved, someone so strong yet so full of passion
and compassion… a very special person


The world he touches is rich, diverse
Connecting with people blessed and cursed
But even a hero has demons to face
His personal fears he cannot escape

How we all live within this shadow
Afraid of doing anything, afraid of tomorrow

If I could practise what I preach
And believe in good faith that we can reach
Our goals, our aspirations, our dreams,
That nothing holds us back from what seems
The impossible to achieve, a yearning so great
Our heart’s expectations to contemplate

That we must take the risk and just
Believe in ourselves, our desires, and trust
Our instincts and feelings deep inside…
Even if we make fools of ourselves, swallow our pride
Put aside thoughts of what may go wrong
And face tomorrow ever hopeful and strong

copyright 2007 ann raven


6 Responses to "Believe"

He must have been very special. Very heartfelt, Ann 🙂

I and my son just came back from a funeral, and leading it was a person very like your poem. Thank you for sharing this.


Sam above is right, ‘He must have been very special’.
You’re a beautiful person Ann, thanks for sharing.

He sounds very close to your heart.
Yummy poetry. 🙂

This was very thoughtful… however strong that person appeared to be, there was a fear of life, of living it to the full, and so a barrier to being what we want to be, doing what we want to do…

I find this is a barrier I continually have to climb over too, so I empathise with this.

thank you for the lovely comments… it just seemed fitting at this time too

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