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Posted on: 9 February 2007

A must rush and dash post today… the children have invited friends to my home for dinner tonight. I don’t mind, I love being surrounded by these young couples so the oven is on and wonderful smells are already emanating from the kitchen…

Nothing meaningful from me this week but a few Jewish funnies below and of course Booba’s pride and joy.

I’m getting to be such a big girl
Mummy’s little helper
Jewbilation (n.) Pride in finding out that one’s favourite celebrity is Jewish.

Santa-shmanta (n.) The explanation Jewish children get for why they celebrate Hanukkah while the rest of the neighbours celebrate Christmas.

Matzilation (v.) Smashing a piece of matzo to bits while trying to butter it.

Bubbegum (n.) Candy one’s mother gives to her grandchildren that she never gave to her own children.

Chutzpapa (n.) A father who wakes his wife at 4:00 a.m. so she can change the baby’s diaper.

Déjà Nu (n.) Having the feeling you’ve seen the same exasperated look on your mother’s face, but not knowing exactly when.

Jewdo (n.) A traditional form of self-defence based on talking one’s way out of a tight spot.

Mamatzah Balls (n.) Matzo balls that are as good as your mother used to make. (No one makes them like mine… huh)

Meinstein – slang. “My son, the genius!”

Mishpochadots (n.) The assorted lipstick and make-up stains found on one’s face and collar after kissing all one’s aunts and cousins at a reception.

(n.) Moving from Brooklyn to Miami and finding all your old neighbours live in the same condo building as you.

Yidentify (v.) To be able to determine Jewish origins of celebrities, even though their names might be St. John, Curtis, Davis or Taylor.

Feelawful (n.) Indigestion from eating Israeli street food, especially falafel.

Love to you all for a wonderful weekend and a restful one and Shabbat Shalom…


14 Responses to "WHAT, FRIDAY AGAIN"

*lmao*! 🙂 Your jewish funnies are really funny. 😉 So cool. Thanks for giving us all some insights of the jewish culture again 😉

Thanks for reminding me of my Blog btw. I’m fine, I just neglected my duties. But I’ll post something new today, don’t worry. It was nice that you asked! 🙂 I think I’m gonna play catch-up with all the blogs now.

Wish you a wonderful weekend.

Have a good weekend Ann.Love the funny stuff!


Thanks my friend, you have a lovely evening.

Ann your Jewish words are hilarious. I am going to have to send this list to my Jewish friends.

Have a fantastic time tonite cooking for and feeding the kids!! And have a great weekend too.

Love, JoJo

lol! have a great weekend, and enjoy all those kids this evening;)

I like “Yidentity”. There’s one I never would have got – I worked with someone last autumn whose surname was Carlile – daughter of Alex Carlile, former Lib-Dem MP and now Lord Carlile of somehwere and a government facilitator or something. If she hadn’t said I wouldn’t have guessed. Where did that name come from?

OH, these are funny!! I love the bubblegum one! My parents let my daughter do things I would have NEVER been able to do!! But, that’s the right you get when you become a grandparent!

I hope you have a lovely weekend with your family. HUGS and much love to you!

Happy Weekend Ann!!

What did you serve for dinner?!

mummys little helper is sure a cutie.

Have a good weekend Ann … Its nice to have them all round … and its nice when they go … peace bliss. :o)


Have been terribly sick, but wanted to let you know that I got your email and will be in touch as soon as I can… Thank you for giving me a big smile and a laugh with your adorable post, friend. You r grandbabies always make me warm inside and breing such hope to my heart.

Miss you and love you

awwww those children are absolutely adorable! i can’t wait until i have children of my own!

i hope you had a wonderful weekend ann!

Is it me or those two beauties growing like weeds? They are so beautiful. I will call you today. Jill

Happy Valentine’s Day!! HUGS!!

You know I read these, laughed, and thought I commented. So now I read them again, laughed again and am making sure to comment. 😉

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