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Lazy Day

Posted on: 13 February 2007

Ho hum… a blissful day ahead
Dreamily wakes, flops out of bed
Lazes in the bath, bubbles cocooned
An hour later a wrinkled prune
Primps and preens and pleasingly pampers
Exfoliates, hydrates, lotions slather
Glides downstairs scented oil slick
Says hello to friends cybernetic
Then curls on the couch all prepared
Not to move anywhere
Provided with life’s little necessities
Let’s see, remote control for the dvd
And just arrived in the post, can’t wait to look
Her latest must have paperback book
Papers strewn everywhere; she knows, absurd
Bought only for sudoku and the crossword
Pencil and paper just in case
The unlikelihood of a tiny brainwave
Now to be truly satisfied
It’s down to more crucial supplies
The ones obligatory and mandatory
A mug of steaming hot coffee
And last but not least
The one she can never resist
Without which her life would be disconsolate
A wicked wondrous assortment of chocolate
Now she has all her needs for her lazy day
Her TV, her papers, her book… and stuffing her face

copyright 2007 ann raven


2 Responses to "Lazy Day"

A for a day like this – love it, Ann!

mmm- You set the tone. I slowed down while reading this.I hope your lazy day was as delicious as it sounds. They are necessary for mental health! Books- yummy! Curling on couch- ahh! I see you. 🙂 pampering oneself ( I forgot when I last did that- been too long- glad you did so!)
I like crosswords, too.
” a wicked wondrous assortment of chocolate.” YUMMY! love your lines there, as much as eating the chocolate. Well, truthfully, I’d rather eat chocolate while reading your delicious words.
Sending hugs to you everyday, not just for Valentine’s Day.
<3,(my daughter taught me that is the heart symbol, like a heart sideways, with the "3" as its top.)

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