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The Way It Is

Posted on: 15 February 2007

Who does love belong to?
Is it everybody’s right?
Or just the young… the beautiful… the bright
What right does she have to believe?
How dare she even deem!
Who does she think she is?
She’s nothing
The only love in her life
Her memories and dreams

copyright 2007 ann raven


10 Responses to "The Way It Is"

Love is for all, love is forever. Love can happen many, many times.



Sweet sweet Rose
Alas that’s not so

in its brevity, this spoke volumes…great work!



My dear lovely Ann. There is love for us both. I just know it.



Heart wrenching. But then, you know where I stand. Love, and the hope of love, is for all. But only us with a few gray hairs can understand the depth of it’s real value.

Sweet Ann Love is your birthright.

Although … mmmmmmm the youngsters seem to think different.
Been there ,,, Got the t.shirt … do it again. Love, love. :o)

Oh, love can happen more than once, for sure. And it can happen any age… should’ve seen my mum a few years ago, when this guy took her out for a meal.. she flushed every time she talked about him, she giggled (yes, really! She giggled!) and was like a teenager… so lovely to see 🙂 Unfortunately it wasn’t reciprical… but it goes to show, doesn’t it!

Well, it’s a choice.

You are not nothing if you have hope.
Love is for all.

I am struggling with the whole deserving and accepting of love too and this just says everything that I am feeling … You have such a way of reaching in and touching my soul, friend…

And for that, I love you, now and always… That is hope enough for us both, right?

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