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Posted on: 1 March 2007

Since I last posted it’s been a funny week and so many silly thoughts have crossed my mind. One of the silliest was when I was standing on a chair to reach something. I am barely five foot. I started laughing and put the chair in the middle of the room and thought I would look at the world from the same perspective as our uber-hero, the darling Vincent D’Onofrio. What is life like up here?

Oh dear, the top of the fridge needs cleaning LOL. Anyway I was moving the chair from place to place, inside and out.

He would be able to get the neighbour’s boy’s frisbee off the top of my shed. He wouldn’t have to stand on a chair.

He could so easily change the lightbulbs. He wouldn’t have to stand on a chair.

He would effortlessly reach all the top shelves. He wouldn’t have to stand on a chair.

He could clean my windows. He wouldn’t have to stand on a chair.

He could water the hanging basket. He wouldn’t have to stand on a chair.

I am for ever up and down blinking chairs all day and the world isn’t so wonderful close to the ground; it is far more pleasant nearer the sky.

I’m missing out on an awful lot, especially a man of 6’4″ and not just any ol’ man of 6’4″

It really doesn’t take much to humour me, although I don’t usually like slapstick. I think I was the only one who saw this young lad cycle past two traffic wardens who were nonchalantly walking along chatting and then whip one’s hat off and hurl it into an enormous recycling bin. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I was in stitches… the indignation on the traffic warden’s face was priceless and the tears were streaming down mine. I looked around at the other cars in the traffic; nothing, not a single smile from my rush hour friends. What a load of miseries. Now I don’t usually laugh at someone else’s expense, but it was a traffic warden and they don’t count.

Has anyone ever been locked IN their house? Last Saturday it felt like I was under house arrest. Friday night Jamie and Lucy were here and Jamie locked the door behind him as he left. I knew exactly where my keys were; or so I thought. I went to bed at 2.00 a.m. after hunting for hours, then got up at 7.00 after a restless night, hunting again. I thought I was very brave telephoning a 20-something couple at 8.00 on a Saturday morning. Well let’s just say they didn’t exactly rush over to rescue me, even though the keys were in Lucy’s bag and I didn’t put them there. It was a most surreal sensation, but I made the most of it… I went back to bed all morning.

One of the nicest things that happened to me was meeting a new internet friend for the first time. It was wonderful, like meeting an old (well not so much of the old) friend. It was as if we’d known each other for ever and the nice thing is… she’s still talking to me. We lunched and shopped and tea-ed. Well I shopped; I couldn’t help it, it was such a nice outfit and Selfridges is such a nice store. Whilst talking a little about Vincent, Bobby and mrsbg, amongst many other things, we thought we’d take a look at Jimmy Choo; they are gorgeous and surprisingly not as expensive as I thought. Okay, a little, okay a lot, beyond my pocket, but, but, but… erm… should I get the shoes first before the outfit for the wedding… hmmm!

Jan thank you for the lovely day.

Now for the greatest news I could have possibly wanted to hear… and no, not that mrsbg is expecting, although she is hoping Bobby’s expression will go from this

to this

when he hears he’s gonna be a papa.

This news is much much better than that.

Axe is starting a new job on Monday. We all wish you the very best of luck. I pray dear Axe your troubles are now behind you, that lady luck shines down on you and you can look forward to a brand new start.

Also special birthday greetings to my dear friend Diane. Since you love Maxine I thought you might appreciate this cartoon, sent to me courtesy of Deb.

Gosh, I know I’ve been a little quiet lately and thought I had nothing to say for myself, but reading this it looks like I’ve got verbal diarrhoea.

I shall try to visit all of you before I go away again on Sunday. I’ve missed you, but sadly I have to prioritise and blogging is not top of the list at the moment.

I’m going with Lucy to Herzliya for two days to organise stuff for the wedding; food tasting, flowers, kippot, benschers, (for those in the know) hairdressers and checking out the rooms and the tables, etc. and then we’re gonna stay with the babies and their parents, of course. I forgot that when I asked Jon & Bridgitte what they wanted for their anniversary they said a night off, so guess who’s gonna be babysitting… h-e-l-p!

Oooooooh I can’t wait to have them in my arms again.

Early wishes I know, but just as heartfelt for a wonderful weekend, Shabbat Shalom and Happy Purim.


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Talk about surreal, I should just shout across the room instead of commenting. LOL

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and friendship to me and Diane.

Great news about Axe, I hope she succeeds.

I’ll add my two cents worth. I just know that you will have a great time and I wish you only but the best in your families future.



Hi Ann!!!! Great news about Axe! I just got a snail mail from her and she mentioned that she was still looking for work.

I’ll shoot you an email so that I don’t take up space here commenting on your post which was, as usual, very amusing. šŸ˜€

Excellent! (((Ann)))
So good to hear from you again and you sound on top of the world. Have a wonderful trip and hug those darling babies about a million and a half times.
Fantastic news about Axe, thanks for letting us know.

It IS nice to have a tll man around.Michael does all the “tall” things for me,but half the time I get so ill waiting for him,I just grab a chair and do it myself!

Planning a wedding makes my head hurt and I am sure mine is FAR simpler than what you all must plans…you have my sympathies with THAT end of things!

I am so excited for Axe!I got mail from her today and I am already plotting my next postal gift.I do miss using snail mail….

Have a great weekend Ann….

Ann…I was so glad to have a visit from you again…I have missed you and all your wonderful posts!
You sound so happy, and I am so very glad for you!
How wonderful you got to meet up with your internet friend!
We can make good connections here!
Enjoy your time with your litlle darlings!
I enjoyed all your news here Ann!
Blessings and joy to you!

oh, the pictures of your sweetie’s are so beautiful!

Enjoy the wedding! Love and good life to the bride and groom. Take pics, hug the babies, have fun:)

(((Brian))) yeah, surreal or what LOL

Rose: thank you for your sweet wishes

JoJo: the best news; I’m so happy for her

Claire: mmmmm can’t wait to see my little man and little lady

Bryde: as for the wedding, I hope it’ll be *alright on the night*

Margie: thank you sweetheart, I missed you too

vpdzoo: oh the wedding isn’t for 5 months, this is a trip to sort things out, but thanks for your good wishes anyway

lotsa luv ann xxxxxx


Hi there stranger. šŸ˜‰ Just wanted to invite you to my post this morning. You may enjoy.



It isn’t just the height of our dear Bobby I would like to have around! I would rather not know about the dust on top of the fridge anyway – I’m think about 6’4″ in a more linear fashion . . .
But about the height persepctive, the first thing I do when I go to work in a new church setting is get down on my hands and knees to crawl through the entire place to see what it looks like from a child’s perspective. Also a good way to discover where the sexton doesn’t clean!
Shabbat and Purim blessings!
Love, Kate

Ann, I know that top-of-the-fridge feeling a little too well, being (not quite as) short, and feeding one of my cats up there. The worst thing is the top of the kitchen wall units, which require me to stand on the work surface to look at. Cats sometimes sleep up there. Cats sometimes puke up there…

Have a happy trip.

Hi Ann…I love it when you ramble!! Hope you have a Fantastic weekend šŸ™‚

Ann, Shabbat Shalom and Chag Purim. Have a wonderful trip and good luck on accomplishing all the wedding planning. Enjoy your beautiful family.

I laughed when I saw your comment about standing on a chair because I did that once too. Well I tower over you at 5’4″ (hah) but I was up on a chair once and the thought occurred – “this is what it’s like up here”. Also it is great meeting blog friends – just like meeting an old friend yet you haven’t even met yet. It’s a wonderful experience.

Enjoy and I’ll look forward to updates.

Thank you, thank you! The cartoon is wonderful! LOL

(My mind vacations frequently, ask Brian! LOL)

You have much to do on your trip! Not a vacation – errrrrr……holidsay at all.

Enjoy those babies! Grandma’s are wonderful and babies are always best behaved with them. It’s an unwritten law, I think.

Take care, my friend. Safe and successful trip. You’ll be in our thoughts until your return. D šŸ™‚

I met my ‘Internet’ pal too – and we’re STILL talking, in fact, we rarely shut up ;0)
Happy weekend Ann, have a safe trip.

wonderful news about axe! thanx for sharing all of this with us:) and have a great time away

You need stilts, girl! Then you won’t have to keep humping that darn chair around! (Not that the thought of that hasn’t amused me for the last 5 minutes… :-D)

Have a great trip, and enjoy being with the babies again. You can tell us all about it on your return!

Hi Ann,
No time for me to open email, but I just read your warm comment. HOpe you see this b4 you leave for Israel. LOVE your limerick. You are so much fun!!

Oh, Typepad, did not lose my posts. IT was only “clogged” for a that hour. I was impatient. A website IS allowed to be slower at times! I just had too much to do. So no posts are lost. I used a different layout to the new website I designed, so you’ll need to look in different places on my page for old posts. Oh, I see you found one! šŸ™‚

Happy Purim! It’s next week, Gem and I will be dressing up for a Roaring 20’s dance. Not a Purim festivity, but we can’t go last night or tonight because our daughter “Sapphire” is one of the main actors in a school play. (So SHE’ll be in costume!)

ENJOY ISRAEL. I’ve never been. Neither has GEM. We’ve wanted to go since we were kids. Someday….

I’m only 6’2″ and I feel like I’m missing so much after reading your post. I have no idea if the top of the fridge is dusty. Well, I’m pretty sure it is, but I can’t know for SURE.

I have locked myself in my car. No joke.

diesel, I’d love to know how….

I’m laughing because I once locked my mother in my car. I stopped by a friend’s house and just popped out for a moment chatting at her door, then we could hear an alarm going. She asked if it was my car and I went, nah…

I’d automatically taken the key out the ignition and locked the doors. Well you learn something every day, ‘cos I didn’t know the alarm would go off with someone in it… she wasn’t very happy with me.

There never were more beautiful babies … and a more devoted Grandma.

I only wish I had a right proper step ladder to ship your way!

very nice post, as always. you inspired me to do the same and stand on the chair in the middle of my room… i have to say my closet is awfully dusty on top. and i should change my wall decoration, it looks so different from up here…

i wish you the best time ever with the kids! the pics are gorgeous, so boaz will be a rockstar later, right? šŸ˜‰

Hello, Ann! I know you’re out as I write this, but I’m saying hello anyway for when you come back. Fabulous news about Axe! I am so happy for her!

Have a good one Ann! HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


Happy Purrim.

I know the feeling being a 5′ nothing myself … I did that occasionally at work …knelt on a chair … and said to the girls ….. awwwwwwwh nice to see the world from up here.
It does give one the excuse to ask others to reach up and hand you things.
As always you keep me smiling.
see you soon.

This is a wonderful and rambling post, which to me are some of the best kinds. I was giggling about you moving the chair around because I know how you feel!! I’m a little over 5’3″ but my hubby is over 6′!! He can reach all kinds of things and I get jealous of that. I’ll have to try the chair moving!

HUGS!! and sending lots of love to you!

If blogging was your top priority you’d be in real trouble.
Don’t talk to me about weddings!
I married a Greek, have you seen the film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? They weren’t exaggerating!

Ann, So glad to see you back. Missed you.

xo Anon A

that’s crazy that you need a key to open the door from inside the house! things must be different in europe.

i really need to read your fanfiction. i’ve started it but im sooo behind!

lol i’m 5’8″, so i guess i’m not too far off from vincent’s height (7 inches or so). there are many things i couldn’t reach without a chair that he could šŸ˜›

cute story. we miss you ann!!

Yes, I do agree you are very busy … great it keeps you young and your toes … you have done well to take these photographs of your family … will look in at your sons web later. hugs for you ;o)

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