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Salt On Our Skin: Benoite Groult

Posted on: 1 March 2007

Je t’embrasserais si bien ce soir pourtant
Dans le gout du sel sur nos peau
Toi qui naviques en mer d’Irelande
Dans la violente etreinte des vagues , Bien loin de mes vingt ans
Et de la douce plage ou tu me conduisis
Pour pecher la bete fabuleuse
Qui ne c’est pas montree
Et toi?
Viens-tu au rendez-vous parfois
Regretter ce baiser qu’on ne c’est pas donne?

If I could but kiss you now
With the taste of salt on our skin
You who sail the Irish Sea
In the violent bucking of the waves
Away from my twenty years
Away from the sweet shore
Where you led me to find the fabulous beast
Which never did appear
And you?
Do you ever return to that meeting place
To lament the love we never made?


10 Responses to "Salt On Our Skin: Benoite Groult"

I’m always lamenting the love I never made with Vincent. Still, I’m still breathing, and where there’s life, there’s hope ;0)

Very nice!! I love that last picture:)

How is there still a Vincent left in the world when he is SO edible someone should have eaten him up by now.

Ann still loving Vincent.
love the poem

Rats in the aviary, huh? my neighbor had the same problem, but then it turned out he built his aviary on a rat sanctuary. So he was kind of at fault. He was a sort of “rat pimp”, so to speak.

Anyhow nice blog. Sexy stuff. Wish I could stick around! 🙂

nice blog off to post a poem myself.

What a wonderful break in my day! Thanks, sweetie … you always know PRECISELY what I need!

Can I just say that your profile is difficult for me to read because of the colour similarity.
Maybe others have the same problem and aren’t cheeky enough to say so.

This is interesting, very kewl:)
Thanks for visiting my blog:)

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Guess who.Could you please have a look and give me some feedback

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