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I Wonder

Posted on: 13 March 2007

Sitting quietly
Listening to their stories
Their stories about their mothers
Their mothers from hell
They couldn’t tell
They couldn’t tell how I felt
But now I understand
I understand we are condemned
Condemned by a single word
Whether we do wrong
Or even right by them
Either way
They remember it all their lives
But they forget the rest
When their mothers did their best
Now I contemplate
So unsure
Wondering what the hell
What the hell do they say about their mother-in-law?

copyright 2007 ann raven


4 Responses to "I Wonder"

Charming… and a damn good domestic servant. 🙂




I don’t think that I can top that. LOL

Welcome back again and again. We both want to read you our PT poems if you have the time.

Love you


I love you guys. This was true. I had just met a friend for lunch and then found Bridgitte, Lucy and a girlfriend of theirs I know at a cafe nearby and joined them for coffee.

They were regaling me with stories, but it did make me wonder, although when they finished I did tell them I thought we were condemned whatever… they laughed.

Huh, their turn will come!!!! LOL

And don’t get me started on domestic servant. I have come back to a tip. Rachel arrived home the day after I left and her case is still in the living room and… and… and… I cleared out Jamie’s room so my mum can come and stay soon, only he stayed at my house while Lucy was away and left a right mess, thank you very much… hmmmmm!!!!!!!

Can you see from where you are the word “MUG” branded on my forehead? Right back to the grind.

For sure I want to hear your PT poems…

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Well, if they are worth their salt, they only say wonderful things! They are blessed to have you, that I am sure of, Ann.

Welcome home!

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