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To Love

Posted on: 15 March 2007

A while ago Brian and I wrote a sestina together.
We gave each other six words to choose three
each. Brian posted the end result here. In my
wisdom, or rather lack of it, I thought to attempt
another sestina using the six words we’d rejected.


Delicious; a waft of aromatic food
assails her nose. Curious
she follows the trail. Behold a hidden garden.
Relaxed, reclines her dearest friend,
absorbed, engrossed in his open book,
strumming a soulful song

Her sweet voice joins him in song.
Savouring, tasting the delectable food
she wonders at the scribbled notes in his book.
Inquisitive, interested, curious,
comfortable in the company of her friend
secreted in his mysterious garden

Sun shines brightly warming them in his garden.
Dreamily, talk turns to love, music, song.
Musing, is he more to me than a mere friend?
What means he when he declares music is the food
of love? So many words unsaid. She curious
as silently, reserved, once more he gathers up his book.

Tenderly from his hands she removes his book
and gently sets it beside her upon the garden
table. She thinks to herself. She is curious,
as he speaks to her now of a romantic song
one filled with love and passion. Instinctively she feeds food
from her fingers to the sweet lips of her dear friend.

He catches her fingers in his and says, my friend,
there are no notes in my book
nor nectar and ambrosia the drink and food
of the gods, nor delicate blooms in my sacred garden
that match the joy, the pleasure of the song
in my heart. Need I hope? Need I wonder? Need I be curious?

My love, what do we know of each other? Curious
am I to know your touch, to know you. Are you just a friend?
My heart and soul sing a different song.
Each page I seek fresh meaning in my book
of life and love, for surely this is the Garden
of Eden and paradise the sweetest food.

Softly she whispers, be no more curious; close your book.
Enjoy me, savour me, love me my friend, as you do your cherished garden
and I shall sing for you a song of passion that my love may nourish you as the finest food

copyright 2007 ann raven


8 Responses to "To Love"


This is wonderful, amazing, stupendous. I just love the dreamy, romantic flow of this sestina. It’s brilliant.


I have tears from the love and joy of this poem. I see the garden, warm, drowsy day. Birds singing, gentle hum of nature. They are together in love. So beautiful Ann, thank you for your love for us.




Thank you

Your words mean so much
Praise indeed from the master
of fine prose and verse


I see it too… a secluded haven, a restful sanctuary of brightly coloured flowers blowing freely in the breeze and two young people on a passionate path of discovery.

Gosh I think this comment is better than the sestina… LOL

Thank you for loving me (BTW one of Bon Jovi’s best) and the words could be for you

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

This is just amazing!
You did a truly superb job on this!
I love it!

Oh, Ann! this is delightful!

A load of CRAP???!!! I think NOT!! And you ARE a poet! More so because you enjoy it so much.

silly you. đŸ˜› D

Lovely! Absolutely lovely!


So Dreamy……Love it!!!:)

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