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Posted on: 20 March 2007

Oh look, this could be me, always putting my foot in it or is it putting my foot in my mouth? Hmmm…

I regret to announce there will be a short break in transmission. Normal service here and there will hopefully resume in about three to four weeks time.


However, there will still be intermittent poetic service on London~Love~Verse and the renamed London~Love~Vincent.


(Since posting I’ve actually posted The Ghost Kings from Always Come Evening by Robert E Howard; it seems to fit so perfectly with Eliza’s pic of Bob’s ghost walking off into the distant sunrise).

Time permitting, I do hope to visit you all; it is very very hard to resist and stay away. I may become one of those lurkers, like a voyeuse silently watching what you’re getting up to.
Oh dear… you know this thing called real life does get in the way of fun fun fun!


P.S. I should like to add that Cathy has opened a new blog with the *intent* of reviewing our uber-hero’s films; should be most interesting if everyone adds their tuppence worth, so please pay her a visit!


Can’t be bad; our ab fab fav subject, Vincent D’Onofrio and his work ::deep deep sigh::


On a final note… my boss told me his sister was rushed to hospital with food poisoning; she ate a daffodil bulb thinking it was an onion. Seems she’ll be out by spring. Boom Boom!


32 Responses to "BULLETIN"


A hiatus is welcome news for all of us. No more pictures of babies. No more cute bunnies. No more Vincent, no more Bobby. At last a break. 😉

Hope all is well enjoy the break and know we will be here when you get back!! we’ll miss ya:)

Oh, that brat, Brian! I’ll swat him for you, my friend!

Take a break and relax a bit. You’ve been on fast forward lately. We’re here for ya! Anytime! D 🙂

Brian: ouch!

vpdzoo: thank you

Diane: I wish it was a break to relax, sadly it’s not…

aww, we’ll miss you ann! i love reading your posts. as you know we’ll all be here when you come back

I need to retire in order to visit all stops on the Grand VDO Tour. Come back to us soon Ann!

l’oreal: thank you and good luck with all you’re trying to achieve

diane: I will… time goes by so fast

brian: erm… and no more Ann

those pups are adorable!
i wish i had time to email you about Bobby because it’s so uncanny that you love to write and read poetry as well as have this blog …as I wrote a few months ago.
Oh, I finally broke down and posted some photos of myself. Ack. Who knows if I’ll delete them soon…..I can be such a chicken.

I am going to miss you Ann!!!! But, alas, duty calls and take a break you must. We love you!!!


LOL! Great joke. Lovely puppies. Bad news.

What’s Cathy’s blog address?

gel: don’t delete them, they’re lovely and I lurv the dress

val: cathy’s blog is linked in this post and in my sidebar… hope you find it

ooops sorry JoJo: just keep the emails flying

Just found you and now your having a break, just my luck….
Anyway enjoy, hurry back.


Thank you. I have made some changes today and more to come.



enjoy yourself as much as possible!!

Ann,thanks for the plug.Now I will have to do some more reviews quickly. Hope that real life isn’t kicking up too much we are all dying to see what will happen next at home with the gorems.

Oh Annie, you always make me smile … keep it up. Very cheering and happy post.
Hugs for you …
Have a wonderful weekend.

Ann, we will miss you! Sorry I have been out of touch and I hope to see you soon….

Ann, I’ll catch up with your posts and the video link that you mentioned below. I’ve been on a break, not break, but wanted to wish you a Shabbat Shalom. xox

Hello, Ann! I’m making my rounds at an unusual time and wanted to say hello. The picture with the puppies is just too cute. Relax,dear. We will be around when you come back 🙂

*hugs* I haven’t been by in awhile (and I feel bad for that) but glad that you’re just taking a break, and that *hopefully* you’ll be back soon :0)

Hi Ann – I also was forced into taking a break for about a month but hope to be able to maintain being back. Time restraints make it impossible for me to backtrack on posts for a month so I have to just dive in and carry on from here. When we were last in touch you were off to Eretz. I hope that all went well. Pics of the kids are gorgeous – can’t resist scrolling down to those. Now we move into Pesach madness. I hope you do manage to pop by and say hi, but if not, I will totally understand. Will be back in time to wish you Pesach greetings nearer the day. Hope all is well with everyone. Love, Dawn xox


How long is a hiatus, exactly?

Very adorable picture. You’re probably going mad preparing for Pesach. Just a quick hello and hope all is well. xox

All you need to pour some milk on those puppies and you’ll be good to go.

Have a good rest Ann.I am resting a blog (just the fan fic) for a few days,because I can’t get my head into it right now!How can that be so with a character and canon I love so much?Go figure….and rest while you do that;)

See you soon (on Blogger,of course).

Thx, Ann. Glad you saw them. You’re very kind to me. Thank you. I was hoping people would notice the jewelry I made, but hahaha on me. Seems the old dress and much older shoes (10 year old shoes), grabbed more attention.
(I just deleted a slew of posts including that one.)

Hope your enjoying your break, you won’t know I’ve said that unless your peeking……..

Ann just checking in to see if you are feeling better..hope so..take care my friend..m

Shabbat Shalom my friend.


ROFL- You almost caught me with that “on a final note” lead in. Love your cents of humor even if it’s 2 cents. You’re so much fun.

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