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Love Is Blind

Posted on: 20 March 2007

She knows
She cannot help herself
She knows she is a fool
For ever at his beck and call
Always there for him
Strokes his ruffled feathers
Quells his qualms his fears
Tells him what he wants to hearShe knows
She cannot help herself
She knows she should say no
He laughs at her naivety
A puppy dog, wagging tail
Desperate to please
She has no pride
On this one way ticket ride

She knows
She cannot help herself
She knows she is drawn
Pulled by a power far too strong
What she would only do for him
What does he do for her?
Murmurs hollow words; I love you
But giving nothing more

She knows
She cannot help herself
She knows she is a fool
Blinded by a love
She believes she is unworthy of
The more she gives

The more he takes
This fool never learns by her mistakescopyright 2007 ann raven


7 Responses to "Love Is Blind"


Love may be blind, but friendship is love.

This builds with each stanza as she hopes that one day he will fall in love with her. Great writing as usual. πŸ™‚


Some friends I kinda love more than others and that love’s not blind :>)

Sadly Brian, blind love like hers always ends in tears :>(

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Always jumping to conclusions. Wait until I get my hands on you. πŸ˜‰

I am sooooo sorry… naughty moi!

This is so wonderful, Ann… You have such a way of cutting right to the heart of things and speaking to something deep within us all. I know I have been where she is more than I care to admit.

Dear Ann,
When I read your poems, that strong rhyming pace is like a magnet to the depths of my soul. Your style evokes memories past, present, and future (I know those aren’t called memories, but I’m having a vocabulary “fart” lol) in such a palapable way for me that I feel like you can look into me as well.

I guess the succinct version of my comment above is that I strongly identify with your poetry. In high school I wrote rhyming verse in addition to free verse. Some were made into songs (by amateur friends.) I can feel that musical quality in your work underscoring the pulls stronger than gravity (to us).

Your work is honest, open and so true. “She knows, but still cannot help herself because love IS blind.” Although experience is better than shutting oneself off to hermit exclusion, love can hurt as much as it can bring enduring ecstasy. I’m sorry you hurt here.
Sometimes we all need shallow “love.” But I digress.

(I can spell, but my hands won’t let me type)
Any other mistakes, just laugh!
-GeeeeeeeeeL πŸ™‚ (GeL)

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