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Magic Moments

Posted on: 21 March 2007

It’s Thursday, so I took a peek at Poetry Thursday and thought well, why not?

I don’t link; I’m simply happy to have a stab at their prompt and post it here to my little blog for the one or two of you who kindly pass by.

I have to confess I do get lost around their blog and intellectually it is way beyond my little pea brain.

Time stood still
That special moment
Magic casts its spell
Moments rare
Magic moments
Few, far between
Never, never
To happen again
Beyond my reach
Impossible to capture
Grasp, snatch, seize
As that moment slips away
From my hands
Between my fingers
Tiny grains of sand
Gone, gone, gone
In the blink of an eye
That magic moment
Has passed me by

copyright 2007 ann raven


13 Responses to "Magic Moments"


I am going to link this poem tomorrow morning at PT.

It is beautiful and so sad.

Love you sad you write such beautiful words you need to share them so others can enjoy them too…love you sweetie..m


For someone so erudite, intelligent, intellectual and literate, just what part of the words “I don’t link” don’t you understand.

It would be embarrassing… I am not in their league. I am not a poet. I am not a writer. I am just silly me.


Thank you ::blushing::

You know, I’m thinking of not posting anymore.


I thought at first it was a picture of hands in hair.

Love you

What !!! If you don’t post anymore how will I get to enjoy such wonderful Poems?? They help me get thru the week and say so much. PLEASE DON’T STOP!!!!

hi ann,

I hope you are doing well…


hia hon,

hope you’re well…


Pean brain? HA! You simply have the gift Ann! Admit it.

Lovely and well done.


Ann, you told me a fib, these words are marvellous…..
Thanks for popping round my site, glad you think its ok (its all new to me ). My son was at Notts uni, he had a lot of friends from London, hes 24.
Anyway now your poetry has made me feel all warm and fuzzy, i’ll be back for more….

Loved it!

Just marvelous, Ann! Beautiful! D 🙂

Sad, but the possibility of that magic is never gone, EVER. This is something I truly believe, eternal (or is that infernal) optimist that I am.


The beautiful thing about magic moments is that even if one passes us by, there is surely another one in our future … lovely short rhythm to this poem, the style suits the subject. JP

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