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Sleeping Sickness

Posted on: 31 March 2007

Morpheus sheltered her beneath his wings
Afforded her bitter-sweet slumber
Throughout the obscurity of the night
Throughout the hours of dwindling light
From dawn to dusk; from dusk to dawn
Unaware of time, dimension, space
Feverishly in pursuit; hopelessly chased
Who is here beside her?
Vaguely familiar she heeds their voice
Strangers whispering in foreign tongues
She heard, grasping their every word
Stirred her past, her souls of yesteryear
Gliding in a jewelled vessel on rippled waters
Weaving exotic tales to please, a princess
Her gift, her joyous laughter floating on the breeze
As then her soul is brought to her knees, in bondage
A slave of ancient times, suffering with honour, with pride
Head held high, she draws her close, dry parched lips
Murmur in her ear, “Soon, soon my dear, we shall all be free.”
Fires burning in the valley, camps of travellers
Swirling twirling brightly sway in revelry
Flames curl, garlands unfurl, spirits whirl
Festive celebration; no persuasion
Her gypsy soul drives her on
Forced forwards, a fearful age of violence, terror
Pogroms, persecution, hatred, red splattered virgin snow
One more tortured departed soul from not so long ago
Whose tender touch lovingly lingers upon her fingers
Stillness, serenity spreads over her that instant
Coolly ebbs her febrile fevered brow
Eternally by her side, her archangel, her guide
She awakens quite alone; her heart believes it wasn’t so
Gazing heavenward beyond a spectral spiritual sky
Her rested eyes sense soaring wisps of cloud
Wave to her their silent, still, ghostly goodbye

copyright 2007 ann raven


8 Responses to "Sleeping Sickness"

Iam so moved by that, gosh powerful stuff…………………

Your poetry is a rich experience in language and imagery.

Good stuff here Ann. Powerful visions and statements. Love them.

heavy, heavy words, makes one think…thanks for that. Great piece.


It just captures it.


Dear Ann,Hey that poem is truly a work of art!!!You are a poet,like it or not.I wanted to tell tou this story:there was this woman on a walk,and as she was walking she was suddenly attacked,the thing kept darting at her and raming her,hitting her in the face,and so on.she wondered while laughing,nervously.Why is this thing attacking me so viscously?Every time she’d try to take a step farther,It would lunge at her with all of it’s might.To her dismay she steped back in her tracks.There laying in the puddle was a drowning butterfly,and the attacker,her mate.So all along this butterfly was attacking something ten times it’s size to stay by his mate while she was dieing.To spend thier last moment’s together…that say’s alot about the human race verses the animal and creature life dosen’t it???

Peace,Love,and Empathy

Love,Dana. p.s write back.p.p.s Over the weekend I will be adding pics and more writing’s [Upgrading]My lil blog,As Lillian will be at her dad’s,So come on by in a few day’s,That is after you write back for this comment.


And again I’m speechless, very strong Ann!
Your an artist with words.


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