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The Cigar Box

Posted on: 15 April 2007

Stumbled upon a hidden box locked away
Filled with long forgotten memories
Everyone should have one of these
Another age, young footloose and fancy free
A time of no responsibility
A time of unbridled freedom
The world to conquer to own to climb
Joys and passion of youth now faded
Warped snapshots of boyfriends, they were not all lovers
Was he my first kiss, or maybe this other?
A memory you would think you could never forget
But it’s lost in the past part of the brain
The memories distant they’ve washed away
Like the discoloured letters with the corners curled
Lovingly tied in pretty pink ribbons
Declaring their love be mine or we are no more
Those the ones with tears for watermarks
Where are they now? Are they still alive?
Tucked beneath the lid a golden lock of my soldier’s hair
Is he still golden or is he silver now?
Here caught in an envelope a ring, cheap, gaudy, tarnished
I wore it with pride… wish I could remember who
Nostalgia lays wrapped in tissue at the bottom of this treasure trove
A notebook of verse of forbidden love
He, I remember; my eyes glazing over
He, I remember

copyright 2007 ann raven


7 Responses to "The Cigar Box"

I’ve got a cigar box of memories.
OLd letters poems trophies etc.
Thanks for reminding me I’m going to dig it out and have a look.

I keep mine in a shoe box (what else).

Mainly photo albums. Most people look unfamiliar. Do you think than the digital generation will remember things differently?

cathy/queenie, maybe it’s a girly thing

brian: these aren’t just pictures, it’s other sentimental nonsense… the trouble is it was so long ago and the memory fades

Nostalgia in a cigar box … memories fleeting like smoke ~ wonderful poem, A.
Much peace & love, JP

Beautiful, Ann – just absolutely beautiful. sniff D 🙂

Hello Ann,

I trust that all is well?

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