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As Night Follows Day

Posted on: 28 April 2007

Day is done
Sun dims
Dusk darkens
Shadows fade
Sky sable
Moon floats
Stars shimmer
Night falls

In the stillness of that night
She murmurs his name
In the silence of the darkness
She hears his breath
In the trick of the shadows
She seeks his eyes
In the waft of the breeze
She senses his presence
In the coolness of the heavens
She smells his maleness
In the glow of the moonbeam
She strokes his skin
In the depth of her dreams
She feels his touch

Night is no more
Stars veiled
Moon melts
Sky sapphire
Shadows tease
Dawn emerges
Sun rises
Day beckons

In the cold light of day
She says not a word
In the chorus of dawn
She hears not a sound
In the trickle of first light
She sees not his eyes
In the breath of the wind
She senses no being
In the warmth of the air
She smells no one else
In the glow of daybreak
She strokes nobody
In the depths of her soul
She feels… nothing

copyright 2007 ann raven


2 Responses to "As Night Follows Day"

I love the rhythm of this poem … it matches the mood beautifully. JP

deborah: thank you for your kind words… I value them greatly

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