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Posted on: 4 May 2007

I can’t believe how much she’s grown up… they don’t stay babies for long. I don’t get to see them again until the wedding day. Little Moriah will be a whole year old by then.

Boaz in his first Shabbat white shirt… wonder how long it stayed like that? Having fun…

Monday morning: 1 big orange, 1 little yellow, 1 black and white, 1 frisbee
Monday afternoon: gardener threw them back
Thursday: 1 big orange
White football still stuck on garden shed.****************************************

A strange week with lots of calls and emails flying between here and Israel. Still quite a lot to sort and this weekend I must work out how much I’ve actually spent so far. I had such good plans for keeping a record… me and my good intentions are always paved with distraction and temptation.

I’ve got the mob here for dinner tonight and looking forward to seeing Lucy… we’re gonna finalise the menu; talk about the flowers (again) and talk bridesmaid dresses, for the little ones. She doesn’t know this yet. Jamie will be in synagogue and hopefully Rachel will butt out!

Still on the clothes front… and back, mother has been successfully attired… phew! and her outfits meet with daughter’s approval, i.e. moi! There are really three events. The first is called the aufruf, which takes place here, in the synagogue, the next is the wedding itself and as I mentioned in my last post the shevah brachot. Nearer the time I’ll give you a link for a Jewish wedding.On to other pressing matters

I am still trying to lose some weight, as I quickly shove the chocolate wrapper under the desk, but I have not taken the advice of some of you who suggest buying a larger size to make me look smaller. Buying clothes too large actually does the opposite; it makes me look even bigger, I think because the shoulders are all wrong.

Anyway, I’m too little and too pasty for your floaty diaphanous pastel creations, so rather than cover the curves I’ve chosen a slinky number to embrace them. It needs altering somewhat… shoulders lifted, hem shortened, taken in all over and a little something to cover my “if you’ve got ‘em flaunt ‘em” because under a chupah is not the time nor place to be flaunting ‘em; a little modesty is required.

Have any of you heard of “magic knickers?”

The dress is slinky and my little panties with a sticky out rose on were not the right underwear. The boutique told me to get magic knickers. I have a sneaky suspicion they are à la Bridget Jones, oy vay!I was toying with the idea of wearing none to truly avoid VPL, but this is a braless style kinda dress. Somehow it just wouldn’t be right to stand under the chupah with the Rabbi knowing I was wearing only one item of clothing. Me knowing… not him… doh!More details will be revealed later… only details!

I’m so relieved that’s sorted and now I’m onto the shoes and bag, oh and jewellery. It’s never a problem for me to shop for shoes and bags. High heels of course, although I do need to be able to dance. Israeli dancing can become quite frenetic as well as most energetic.

However, my dearest darling daughter is a bridesmaid… again! The third time in the space of 13 months, not counting when she was a little girl. I promise I will try not to scream when we go shopping on Sunday. She still hasn’t got a dress and she can’t see the rush or the fuss… excuse me, the wedding’s in July. We are now in May, already!

The problem is she is hoping to complete on her new flat (apartment) next month, so instead of her usual spending sprees, she’s more likely to be found in Ikea, the basement of John Lewis and Furniture Village.

On the work front, it has been the usual mindnumbskullingly boring week; the only joy derived from watching a little blue tit flitting in and out of a crack in the wall opposite my window. My darling boss is a sarcastic old thing… well he’s not that old and when I couldn’t get enthusiastic about the work and made it clear I found it boring boring boring, he did ask me why I was there. I could have replied it was for the stunning salary and perks… NOT… that would have been a lie. I did tell him it was because I loved him, was in love with him, couldn’t bear the days I wasn’t with him, how much I loved to be in his space… and in his face. Oh, that may have been a lie too!Our secretary went to throw up.

To lighten the work day I was listening to Heart fm. On Thursday they were asking if you could change your name, what would it be? I thought I would text mine in… MRS VINCENT D’ONOFRIO. I never heard it get a mention. Despite all this debate whether the man is married or not married, he really doesn’t know what he’s missing not having a Jewish wife… oy oy yoy!

This week was the launch of my new book club. Yes I have set up a new book group. I was crafty and did have two ulterior motives, other than the obvious. I belonged to one a while ago, but it was too gossipy for me… honest I’m not into gossip (see g-man I am not a yenta). So… I asked a few of my intelligent and erudite girlfriends if they were interested. The response was brilliant and we have set a number of titles until the end of the year.

The obvious reason for me is that if I’ve enjoyed a book or a film I get all enthusiastic about, I love to share it with others, so if we all read the same book, hopefully a meaningful debate will follow.
The second obvious reason is recommendation. There are so many awesome writers and I make many wrong choices. The number of books I’ve bought, started, hated and not finished are too many to count; hopefully I will discover more authors I like.

However, my two other reasons were purely selfish. Since becoming a singleton again, for those who know me, I have become incredibly undisciplined, possibly… okay, probably because I discovered where the *on* button was to the computer and, as you know, the rest is history. So, therein lies selfish reason No.1. Now I have to read at least one book a month. I don’t think fanfic really counted.

The second is again because of my single status. My friends are all married; all couples, so they do couples things together. Sure we chat on the phone, but we all work and have other commitments and have little time to do the *ladies who lunch* thing. This way I get to see them at least once a month.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in being a cyperspace member, this month’s nominated reading is a book called The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld. This is a debut novel… I read a lot of debut novels, but I will talk about that another time. It appears to be fairly light reading, nothing too deep. Anyway, I loved the first page… well it’s a start. Knowing me I shall be cramming it the night before the next meeting… just like being back at school… nothing changes!

Ah now why is Bobby Bobby here? Silly question. I’m kinda half-way through the next mrsbg and Bobby’s proof-reading… how he loves to correct grammar and spelling. He despairs that mrsbg doesn’t remember the difference between infer and imply. What is he getting at?

The second day of a diet is always easier than the first. By the second day you’re off it (Jackie Gleason)


Q: Why did the dumb man snort Nutri-sweet? A: He thought it was diet coke.

It’s Friday again, my food intake is definitely less, my weight isn’t! Hence more cracks at the dieting.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend, a happy Bank Holiday to my fellow Brits and Shabbat Shalom to my fellow Jews.


26 Responses to "ANOTHER WEEK GONE"

I have three books on the go at the moment, so hopefully I’ll be free next month.
Big knickers, just increased my bust size (it has to go somewhere)!!
Are we ever going to stop reminding G-man of his mix up, mmmm, I think not.
Ann, I don’t think we have this ball thing under control yet, do you? Told you a nice sharp knife, a quick stab (to the ball)job done……….

I’ve been looking for inspiration at the library now I know what to look for. Count me in as a cyber member!!

Hey Ann,The jokes were fuuunnnnyy!!![Why did the dumb man snort the nutra sweet…He thought it was diet coke.]LOL…I think we all should run…run run run…Have a lovly weekend!!!



Oh,I shall look for that book…Barns&Noble…I will try and join the debate…


Ann, you are so unlucky – they just had the book on A Book At Bedtime on Radio 4! (I managed to miss half the episodes, including the last – well it is at 10.45pm, and the last episode was a Friday, and LOCI is on 10-11).

Oh Ann, I would love to be a cyber book club member. I love books and I love so many different types of genre that I’ll probably like many of the suggestions. I don’t get the chance to discuss books with people at all. Please, please, please!

Very entertaining reading! Magic knickers…so many mental images…

Ann my sweet, thanks for reading my poem. Sometimes thats all that is left of me.


Oh Ann – I am glad you found a dress – and yes, do invest in the magic knickers (they are called Power Panties here) and they make ones that go from thighs right to under the bust! Perfectly wonderful – and as for the Rabbi . . . reminded me that when Chris and I married, I had chosen a dress that was “non-priestly” shall we say. It wasn’t until we knelt in front of the Bishop for the blessing that I realized this poor celibate monk had a birdsey veiw of my cleavage!

The books clubs sounds great but I am in the middle of two ooks right now.I have juggled three before but found things getting tangled up in my dreaming mind later on.

I don’t know about “magic knickers”.I know I have undies made from a fabric that shows no lines under said slinky dresses.

My last dress perhaps enhanced the “ladies” too much.

Good luck not pulling your hair out planning all this!

Love catching up with you, Ann. This is quite an entertaining post! The young ones are growing much too quickly. Has it really almost been a year since little Moriah made her debut?! Glad to hear about the dress…sheesh…I dislike shopping so…and it’s just really, really great to hear from you!


Magic knickers sounds perfect to me. 😉

You sound excited about the wedding even though it’s a lot of work. Speaking of work, I’d like to stay home and chat you up, but he’s has to work today. Lots of ideas for the book, we are busy *brainfreezing* this morning. LOL

Love you. I do want to talk to you soon.



queenie: finish those books while you’re away this weekend and hehehe you’re evil

vpdzoo: great someone else I can share with, thanks

dana: the more the merrier; great

val: sacrilege I know, but I think I would have paused loci

claire: oh yes another one to talk books, brilliant

michael: for me too; someone told me they’re like cycling shorts… sooooooo unsexy

bd: I think we sing from the same hymn book

kate: you probably made his day. Oh did I not mention it has to be braless because of the back, so maybe those armpit high knicks won’t do… hmmmm

riccie: you were up early, nice to hear from you too

rose: guess I am excited… we talked wedding all night last night. Been busy reading.

yahay, you got the dress!!! Excellent – you’re three quarters of the way there now… with your dress in hand, you know you can cope with everything else 🙂

I believe they had the magic panties on that program about going naked the other day – they had the girl put on these kind of Bridget Jones creations only bigger. They started just under the bust and continued down the legs, holding everything (everything!) in. Amazingly, it didn’t bulge out anywhere else, as you’d expect…

Have a great weekend, Ann – enjoy the extra day away from the office! 🙂

Hi Ann! You all have another bank holiday? Lucky!! Well, I took Monday off anyway, since my boss is out of town.

Your dress sounds really lovely! I would not dare go out w/o knickers though, “commando” as they call it over here.

I look forward to reading the link about the Jewish wedding though; I’ve always thought the smashing of the glasses was intriguing. Don’t the couple then jump over them?

that book looks interesting. i’ll have to buy it and read it when i get the chance.

nice pic of vincent. 🙂 ❤

Hi Ann!!! glad for the update on your schedule! What a busy lady you are!

Hope All is going well for you and hope to hear your lovely voice soon! D 🙂

Love the jokes!

Yeah Ann! You found THE DRESS!! (Sorry I didn’t check here before my email – duh!) I know you will look absolutely beautiful – and those magic knickers do work – I wore them at my wedding and they worked wonderfully. I am so excited and it isn’t even my wedding, isn’t that silly?!

And your precious babies are a treat as always… Boaz and Moriah always are a joy to see and I know you will be so happy to see them at the wedding. Boaz looked so handsome!

Tell Bobby to let mrsbg off the grammar/spelling hook and tell us all about her news – we are anxious for an update on the little one… 🙂

Love you!

I’m reading 2 books right now that are about as opposite as can be: the fifth Outlander book (The Fiery Cross) and the second Discworld book (The Light Fantastic.)

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on your book club books, because even though I have a queue of “books to read” about a mile long, I’m always looking for more. 🙂

I saw a book at our library that’s full of books to read for bookclubs, and menus to go with them. Neat-O.:)

Magic Knickers do sound very Bridget Jones. ^_^

annelisa: well tomorrow I’m heading for the west end for the shoes; bluewater didn’t have any

jojo: thanks for the interest… er, no they don’t jump over them

l’oreal: it’s a very easy read

diane: hope we talk again before you go away

lisa: the next epi is out ;>)

candace: I’ve always got a few on the go

babies grow so fast!

I wudnt mind a magic bra too – one that’s invisible 😉


Ah, magic knickers. The memories come flooding back.

Hello my busy friend,
I kveled yet again gazing at those adorable photos.
Reading about the upcoming wedding parts reminded me of Gem’s and my wedding. Although neither one of us is Orthodox, I decided to circle him 7 times under the chupah.
Ooooh, I’d love to join a cyber reading group, but can’t this month. (I posted an update about Gem’s surgery. Thanks again for your support and caring.)

I also joined women’s book clubs for similar reasons. Although I’m not single, I dearly need to connect with women friends, get out of my home, which is also my studio, besides LOVING to read and discuss books. I, too, like the structure of books chosen by others that I probably wouldn’t have known or thought of on my own.

My book group meets Fri and I am finally home. They’re reading a book I read about a year ago and loved. (My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. I wasn’t able to reread it while caring for Gem. Someone will stay with Gem so I can go to book group. I highly doubt I’ll be able to reread 423 pages in my “free time” between 3 and 4 pm tomorrow. The discussion will still be interesting.

(oops, I hope you don’t mind long comments. I forgot To put this in email.)
Love your “post stew” mix.
VERY happy you found a dress you like! I design jewelry… made a set for a blogger in England whose first son was getting married. One of these days, I’ll show my work on my blog site… Email me if you want to see my other professional art website. People in the hotel were gawking at the jewelry on the public computer screen. One woman from LA, spent 1 1/2 hr looking after seeing my business card. Then she chose 5 items…(total fluke. I had come back to the hotel to sleep, but had to use the computer to cancel business trips for Gem.

keshi: I could do with a magic black sack to cover the whole of me

diesel: I’m not even gonna ask

gel: I love your long comment… I’ve emailed you

You got your dress – good for you! Your posts are great Ann, you fit in quite a bit and it all flows so nicely.

Haha, I’m laughing as I would be cramming right along with you. Some things never change, I’ve come to find out.

The little ones are so adorable. Shabbat Shalom. Enjoy.

Ann, I just love your blog. You are so funny. I have been trying to catch on everyones blog but it’s slow going. Have a great weekend.


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