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Posted on: 11 May 2007

… but first the weekly ball count

The weather’s been very wet and windy this week, so today only threw back over the fence

  • 1 little black ball
  • 1 little black and white football
  • 1 red white and black football that fell off the garden shed (or was it pushed)
  • the usual big orange one


Gingerly open door, wonder what will be
… what will I see?
Room in darkness; trip and fall
See familiar light flashing red
Feel warmth of it on her bed
Open curtains to let in light
Welcomed by the usual sight
Straighteners left on,
Clothes, shoes, makeup all over the place
Daughter’s room gets cleaned today

I know it says fiction and this is fact… does that matter?

The photo is not my daughter… just a pic I googled. She has categorically forbidden me to post pics of her. I don’t know why; she’s absolutely stunning. I’m sure to after her big bro’s wedding… tough.

Anyways this is not quite an accurate picture; there is no floor space to walk on in my dearest daughter’s room. She’s buying her own place and will probably be moved out by the end of next month… I shall miss her badly… I will NOT miss the mess. In truth she works very long hours, but since she also earns very nicely, thank you, she’ll have to pay someone else to clean up after her, strip her bed, do her laundry etc etc etc… but I really really will miss her. She even watched Bobby Bobby with me tonight, although she’d seen it before and told me the whole story in the opening minute. That’s my girl!

Another end of an era today. Jamie left his job to start a new one nearer to where he lives. He’s a surveyor. That should save on his £60 a week petrol bill ($120). The point is he worked not too far from his little ol’ mum so often popped home, or stayed over now and again. I know I complain that this place is treated like a hotel/restaurant, but I really won’t see so much of him anymore either.

I am seriously looking to move. The dilemma. Do I stay where I have lived the past 30 years, where I know everyone in my community and where most of my friends live? Or, do I move to be nearer the children? I wouldn’t exactly be on their doorstep, maybe a 15 minute drive from them instead of the 45 – 60 minute drive it will be? They want me to be closeby… I really don’t know why and I really don’t know what to do.

There really aren’t many sons and future daughters-in-law like mine. How many do you know would shlep their ancient mother to a Prince concert? YEAH… I think he’s beautiful. Jen I wish you could come with us. I was almost tempted to jet out and see him with you in Las Vegas, but the O2 centre in Greenwich is so much nearer.

I know he doesn’t look anything like our uber-hero, Vincent Philip D’Onofrio, who is my ultimate perfect dream fodder.

I’ve purposely written his whole name to see if this will jumpstart Google

I don’t believe I am being unfaithful to Bobby Bobby or my other ab fab fav musical artist, Bon Jovi. He’s performing here too in the summer, but I’ve got an engagement party that day. I’m gutted. If I could have gone that would have made it a hat-trick, seeing him three times in less than a year. It would have been churlish of me to refuse just because I would rather see JBJ strutting his stuff, but it is my best friend and they are coming to Israel for the wedding.

Apart from the fact that Prince is a genius and writes the most amazing music for himself and the rest of the popworld, I find him exciting, exotic and incredibly erotic. Not that I wish to diss our man, and Naked Tango was kinda about the tango, but the moves were hardly… well, they weren’t Prince… what a mover, what a shaker, what a performer.

I was really really lucky to see him last November at the UK Hall of Fame Awards (and James Brown who did strut his stuff and died five weeks later… surreal). I went to especially to see JBJ. I was like an excited little girl when I discovered Prince was there too; my two ab fab favs in one night, but it wasn’t to be like that. I was bitterly disappointed. Prince didn’t perform that evening, but he did speak beautifully… what a guy. What is also so amazing is that this tour is called 3121, after his last album, although it’s actually a greatest hits concert. Well the tickets just cost £31.21. That is cheap for here. Actually, they cost me nothing. Jamie and Lucy are treating me. Bless ’em!

As you know I bought the dress. This week I bought the sandals. The really really really pretty beaded and sequinned ones with deadly killer heels looked stunning on my freshly pedicured feet. Unfortunately they would have killed me. I couldn’t walk in them; I could see myself tottering down the aisle then falling flat on my face or worse, the other end. They are still high, but not so high, so now I’ll be 5’3″

I also bought the magic knickers… I did not like them. I guess I’ve let it hang out for so long, holding it in was unbearable. Also the weather will be absolutely sweltering… perhaps sleak and slinky was not one of my better ideas, but loose makes me look like I’m trying to cover up something… oh I am… doh!

I am pacing myself… well the spending. Sunday I shall look for the aufruf outfit. Thank goodness for plastic. I was in the West End the other day; loadsa pretty clothes.

The invitations have arrived; they are spread all over my dining table in piles of countries. Guess what else I’ll be doing over the weekend… good old mum! Good old fat mum. But it is getting exciting now… seems more real somehow.

D-I-E-T is the dirtiest four letter word I know… grrrrrr… so another cartoon, or should that be carton?

I GAVE UP DESSERTS!!! (It was the worst twenty minutes of my life.)



Happy Mother’s Day to all you American mamas… ours is in March, I think. I got a lovely card from a U.S. friend… thank you Jen, it really moved me. It said, “Today be blessed, be strong, be beautiful, be you. I confess to a little tear sliding down my nose. “Beautiful” and “me” are not two words one would put together. Rachel saw it. She was most impressed… admitted it was more than I got from my own children. Hmmmm! I also got one of Feline Frisky’s beautiful home made cards… more tears to my eyes. Thank you Diane and Brian.

That’s all for now folks!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend wherever you are… Shabbat Shalom

p.s. Claire, I’m enjoying the book too. My group meets the first Tuesday of the month, so looking forward to reporting back then.


24 Responses to "MY 1ST FLASH 55 FIC… WHATEVER!"

nice 55. rules are for fools:)
love the diet stuff too!

You bought the magic knickers!!

Details!!! We need details!!!!

And pictures 🙂

Ann my dear, you did a terrific job!
So, Bon Jovi has an affection for the Motorcycle eh?
“I’m a cowboy, on this steel horse I ride…I’m wanted, Dead or Alive”!

…..Freshly pedicured feet? ( Big Smile )

Awesome 55, you did so good. My house can look like your daughters room sometimes. Just stopping off long enough to get ready to go out again can be terrible on for keeping things in shape.

Wow the fuel bill is 4 times what I pay. Yikes.

If you have not figured it out, I think the biggest secret to a successful diet is to not deny yourself of anything. If you feel like having ice cream than have it. Now not every day and not a ton of it, just a little bit so you can get your craving solved.

Also for me I found that eating a lot of small meals rather than 2 or 3 larger meals is much easier to lose weight. It helps keep your metabolism up and that helps burn the calories. Try not to skip breakfast. Try to exercise at least some, even if it is not much time at all. Just a few tips from a constant dieter who has figured how to take it off but not how to keep it off.

Dear Ann … so many transitions … messy girl moving out on her own, son’s marriage, contemplating moving, oh my! I love your shameless adoration for Bobby, JBJ and Prince … definitely brings out the teenage girl that lives inside 😉 Much peace & love, JP

cathy: grrrr… diets are for fools too… me :>(

michael: I bought them and returning them. Any pictures I post will be for you, but they won’t be me wearing them ;>)

g-man: now I can’t get that song out of my head; do you have a foot thing? :>)

barman: thanks for the tips. I eat something called Skinny Cow ice cream. Low fat low calorie and not bad at all… wish I was a skinny cow ;>(

jp: sorry I didn’t scroll down far enough… there is definitely a teenager (and a thin woman) living inside of me… too true!

Alphabet St. was always my favorite Prince song!The rest I like are on my iPod,though I have the greatest hits one and two resting safely in a cd rack as well.

I am not buying “magic knickers” but we ARE picking up a recumbent bike tomorrow…..some activity is better than none!

Then I have to make a playlist of songs to peddle my ass off (literally I hope) to…..

Have a great rest of the weekend Ann.

Didn’t mention…good first 55. Made me wish I had three of four kids of my own.

p.s. It’s no wonder you feel fat with all those people living inside of you.


/smart-ass mode off

Ah screw the dieting. Eat drink and be merry!

So are you gonna wear the magic knickers despite the heat of Israel in high summer? Keep yourself hydrated.

Glad to hear your son got a job closer to home; and I thought our gas was expensive!!

Ann, Ah decisions, decisions…
I think I would want to be nearer to my children. You are such a lovely person you will make new friends wherever you live! I struggle with the diet and exercise thing too. Weight Watchers works for me (except when I get totally Sick of tracking everything!) Looking forward to discussing the book.

Yes Ann, I love pretty feet..

Thats not kinky is it?

Boy, that’s a tough decision. My parents just moved back to where my brother and sister-in-law live. I guess the important thing to know is: will you still be able to watch Bobby?

bryde: I would do more walking, it’s good cva exercise, but it’s been wet wet wet here

michael: I’m probably fat cos I did have them living inside of me…

claire: finished it this morning

jojo: down with magic knickers

g-man: it’s perfectly normal… I guess

diesel: wherever I go Bobby goes

So you brought the big knickers then, didn’t I tell you, what bust size did they make you???
My son was like your daughter,his room needed a health warning. Since he’s had his own place, you have to take of your shoes before going in. Everything is spotless!!
I’m really looking forward to seeing you in the dress and killer heels.

Less Vincent, more daughter, please!

Especially after THAT description!


i know this kind of mess in a room. mine looks worse than that sometimes…

prince is truly a phenomenon. i don’t like every song of him, but i’m fascinated by him as a person. and i love watching his old music videos. but also the new album had some good songs on it and i really like “black sweat”. that’s so 100% prince. 🙂

good to hear that your preparations go well.
and i agree: i try to lose weight, but it keeps finding me… true, true, true.
but hey, look at it this way: my belly is very precious, because i’ve spend a lot of money and effort on it (food, eating). so, it’s a belly of pleasure! 😉

Remember the AbFab lines?
Edina – There’s a thin woman living inside me.
Mum – Only one, dear?

As usual Ann you have not failed to bring a huge smile to my face.
I love the bit about shleping to a Prince concert. You devil you.

hugs for you.

ps … if your kids are asking you to live near … I am sure you wont be sure of your friends visiting you. Just a thought.

Hannala, I’m back in the blogging community. Looking forward to reading your posts.


So much to DO this summer, Dear Ann! Plus Festivals to be observed! My heavens!

Digging JBJ, too. Can’t believe he’s married and a father! I remember when………

Oh, those were the days, sigh….

I say move where YOU want to be, where you’re comfy. Do it for you!

Damned dieting. Hate it! the scale doesn’t like me this week. 2 pounds back on. sigh. I’m with ya on that one.

Much love, my friend! Have a wonderful weekend! D 🙂

PS – You’re very welcome, BTW.

Oh baby,
Yessssssssss! You lucky girl! For your kids to want to shlep you to the Prince Concert with them is the ultimate complement, besides wanting you to live nearby.
(I’ve never seen him in concert, but I’m also often “a teenager” in an adult body.)
I’m rather out of the loop, here, so will say, I’m glad you sound so happy!

P.S. I’m not allowed to post any photos of any family members on my blog. Sometimes I disguise them….though…

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