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Out Of The Blue

Posted on: 12 May 2007

Arrived today, many moons ago
Was posted, but who could know
It was lurking in a corner or lost in a sack
Marked return to sender
It wasn’t sent back from whence it came
So with shaking hands
Nervously opened the envelope
Didn’t understand
When she read his words, what did they mean?
Their life was a lie; she’d lived in a dream
And nothing, but nothing was as it seemed
What difference, sighing
It’s too late now to change anything

copyright 2007 ann raven


5 Responses to "Out Of The Blue"

Ann……I really liked this.
As I really like anything that you do..
You always convey your thoughts and emotions beautifully.
Your quite a woman!

Hi Ann,

Hope your Monday went well. It’s cloudy and windy here, but not any rain yet.

Sad poem, but hopeful too, because now she can move on and be happy with her life. 🙂



g-man: thank you, but believe me I’m nothing special

what no hugs :>(

Ok, lay, I look up and down from this poem – a pattern here?
You okay? ***HUGZ***

Great words, sad images.

Oops, meant “Lady” not “lay,” sorry *blush*

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