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Posted on: 18 May 2007

My two favourite things in the whole wide world… I miss them so much. Boaz shouted “NO” when Jon tried to get him to the phone but Moriah actually said “hello” and gurgled a lot… that’s my girl.

On Tuesday evening, Wednesday and Thursday we celebrate the festival of shavuot the time when we received the Ten Commandments. More info on the links if you’re interested.

Therefore… busy busy busy. Mother will be coming to stay and after the service on Wednesday, there is a communal lunch and the next day I’ve invited more friends over for lunch. Of course, as you probably know by now, our festivals centre around food, well not the fast days, and tradition is for dairy, especially cheesecake… my ab fab fav and one of my specialities; wickedly high fat and high calorie and wickedly delicious… heaven on a plate.


Shopping for the wedding seems to have taken on a whole new meaning. If I actually stopped to think about it, I may lose sleep… ah, but since I don’t sleep anyway… hmmmm!!!!.

Back on the *dirty four letter word* theme… I’m sure my scales are broken… I’m sure of it. How can I pig out one day and be one weight, starve for a week and still be the same weight, go off the wagon again and be the same weight. It’s like they’re stuck on *** lbs. I thought there was a fault, that was until Rachel got on them… hmmmm


Another diet thought:




Oh I haven’t given you the ball count… NONE. It’s been a miserable wet week but today the sun’s come out… at last.


I had another attempt at 55 flash fiction but since it ended up as a few haiku strung together I posted it here at my poetry blog.


Rachel was actually home one evening this week so she suggested we watch a film together; some mother and daughter time. She had never seen TWWW. Doh… where has she been all this time? Well, she has now. She was sobbing her little heart out, make up running down her pretty face; it was one of those Beaches and Steel Magnolias moments when we sat together huddled and cuddling with a box of kleenex between us. Even the next day her eyes were still red.


TWWW and my other ab fab fav oldie, with the adorable Cary Grant, An Affair to Remember get to me each and every viewing.


Unless he gets some new brilliant roles, I maintain Robert E Howard is Vincent at his uberbest, although he did run the whole range of emotions again in Endgame the other day… bless him.


My love affair with Bob E Howard’s poetry continues over here, with To A Woman from Always Come Evening. I am rather curious to know when he exactly wrote it and why he wrote it, although it is probably fairly self-explanatory. I hazard a guess either when he discovered Novalynne was dating Truett and he sent her the letter expressing his feelings, or when she turned down his marriage proposal.

Now… still on the subject of Vincent. Since I’m not supposed to be eating much, I thought I’d post a pic of the most delicious thing on this planet, second to my cheesecake. Quality time with Vincent is bound to burn off the calories and tighten those slack unused muscles. Oh Vincent, “yooo hooo honey I need you,” and talking about needing him… I know, I know I have been exceedingly quiet on the subject, but there is still that little question of the *Simcha Buddy* vacancy and I will have a very nice double room with single occupancy… hmmm!

If you just happen to be passing Vincent, you must know what I’m talking about. OR…. should I send him an actual invitation to the wedding? One just addressed to Vincent, NOT Vincent and Guest, NOT Vincent and Carin… or better still… Vincent and Ann! Still that should be my biggest problem…

All my very best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful weekend, Shabbat Shalom and since I’m unlikely to post again before Yom Tov, Chag S’meach.



So the wit continues. Where do you get it all from?

As for the before and after pictures, both would have to have much bigger boobs to applky to me – well, bigger boobs, and off-the-page giant boobs.

Have a great weekend, and if I see Vincent – well, I might tell him about your plight, but I suspect we’ll be too busy smooching.

Have a great weekend Ann.I am working hard on that whole before and after!My butt never hurt so much as it has since using that bike.I am peddling at least 12 miles (45min.) each day.

As for Vincent,well I will pass on the message IF he can get me in good with Rosenbaum or at least give me a good,dirty talking to.That must sound amazing!

That picture of cheesecake is just NOT fair!

You really crack me up, Ann! I had a deliciously light pineapple cheesecake last month when Steve took us out for Secretary’s Day. It was heaven on a plate.

Are you still looking for those 3 REH books? Let me know as I continue to search in my wanderings.

Maybe I need to convert, you guys are having too much fun on a regular basis. 🙂
If I see Vincent over the weekend, I’ll be sure and encourage him to attend the wedding with you on his arm…

Looks like Vincent is going to by well watched for to ensure he gets his invite:) If you find another way to tighten up those muscles while you wait let me know! Have a great weekend and enjoy your lunches:)

Ann, Shabbat Shalom and Chag S’meach (just in case).

Here’s a little Ten Commandment joke:

Moses comes down from the mountain after receiving the Torah and says to the children of Israel:

“The good news is I got him down to ten. The bad news – adultery is still in”. Badum bum.

By the way, i love reading of your relationship with your daughter – sounds lovely. Also, don’t remember if I commented below but how excellent are your kids to take you to see Prince? You’re one hip chick, lady. xox

You still have the most adorable grandchildren on the planet! Vincent is still the most handsome man! And scales are a women’s worst enemies. I started a heavy duty pilates routine in December. In almost six months, I have lost several inches and gained 10 POUNDS!!! It is simply not fair! However, I think I could arm wrestle Vincent and win. But would I want to? It would be so much more fun to wrestle and lose . . .

Sorry. Cheesecake and some average TV tec whose show is hanging by a thread. Don’t see the attraction in either case.

~runs away~

Ann, See how something simple, can turn into a lovely post!
I love everyone’s family tales..Have a great day …xoxox

your posts are always so fun and interesting to read. i never can respond to every part of it either!

i didn’t know there was a festivity for celebration of the 10 commandments. how very interesting.

i love it when the kiddies answer the phone. i called my mom today and my little brother answered the phone (he’s 5) and started a long drawn out conversation with me. its so cute!

vinnie is such a cutie. i luv the pic!

val: if you see Vincent give him one from me ;>)

bryde: maybe I should get one of those peddling thingies

jojo: I lurv cheesecake, especially my own. After the wedding I’ll think again about the reh books, thanks anyway

claire: thanks; looks like Vincent’s gonna be all over the place this weekend

vpdzoo: there is only way to tighten those muscles and since being husbandless I have slackened all over… doh!

g: Rachel once took me to see Bon Jovi… I’m sure I was the oldest person there

Kate: arm wrestle him on the floor… whoever’s on top wins… whoever’s underneath wins

Michael: I’m after ya… run run run

g-man: have a great day too on the free road

l’oreal: thanks for all the lovely comments

Ann, I hate to say this, but when I went outside this morning, the first thing that came to mind was England!
It was cold , drizzly, and gray..
No riding today!

But then again, England now reminds me of you…
And thats a very good thing!!..xoxox

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, thought I would send you a few balls!!!!!
Cheesecake now your talking my lingo, do you put cream on top of your cheesecake or am just going over the top??
Love it that you get mother and daughter time, enjoy…

I once had to do a children’s sermon on the 5th commandment. I told them that when the pastor asked me which commandment I wanted to do, I said I’d take the 5th because I thought it meant I didn’t have to say anything.

The adults laughed, anyway.

Hello Lovely Anne ~ This is a quick note from me to say, CHAG SHAVUOT SAMEACH to you and all those you love! THANK YOU for not giving up on my in spite of my lack of visits and updates on my own blog.
I am on my way out to a ten day vacation which is much needed. I hope to return refreshed and with lots of energy to maintain regular visits and updates. Hugs and love to you until then. xox

Chag Samaeach for Shavuot!
Ironically, a (non-J) friend dropped off a delicious cheesecake, even though it was storebought and not your marvelous creation (I’m drooling at the mere thought of tasting your cooking, Ann!), last week along with other groceries for Gem, Sapphire, and me.

I’m the only one of us who likes cheesecake. I LOVE it! But I didn’t save it for Shavuot b/c we aren’t having company over.

I hope the wedding plans go smoothly. Absolutely enjoy your sense of humor with these gr8 comics. (Hahaha to that Chocolaholics anon one! 🙂
Enjoyed the precious photos as always.

Your scales must be broken — mine we’re SO broken I tossed them out years ago 🙂 Glad to see you’re Vincent lust is not waning! xx, JP

aww, more pics of your babies!! too too cute!! luv your posts as always, hope your weekend festivites went well…

Hello, Love!

Beautiful grandchildren, as usual!

Have a wonderful festival, we shall miss your voice.

Hope your Mum is feeling better.

Oh, that Vincent! Doesn’t he know there’s an open door policy at your house only for him??!! LOL

Love you much! OX D 🙂

Those kidlets just keep getting cuter and cuter! 🙂

You’re going to have to fill me in on TWWW. I guess I could Imdb Vincent and figure it out. Probably somehting I need to see, huh? ^_^

Scales lie. I’m totally convinced. I think we interact with them so much, (and talk to them so much!) that they have developed artificial intelligence, and of course the first thing they use it for is to lie. Wretched things.

Hmm, maybe I’ll start Googling pictures of hot guys everytime I feel the need for chocolate. Think it would work? Probably not so much if I bring the chocolate to the computer with me. ^_^

I like this quote:

“Inside me is a skinny woman screaming to get out, but I can usually shut her up with chocolate.”

Oh and:

“Every time I hear the word ‘exercise’ I wash my mouth out with chocolate.”


~Checking Ann for a pulse~

You still with us?


recently i was forced, due to not having a car, to walk from my house to Rochford station (2 miles) catch a train to Liverpool Street and another train to Harlow and then walk a further 1 and a half miles to my office. In the evening i repeated the whole routine but in reverse. this went on for 2 months. in total i was walking 35 miles a weekand my weight and waist returned, mush to my polished vanitys surprise, to the same as it was when i was 18!!!
the last month i have been driving.
guess where my weight and waist and vanity have now gone.


I am looking for your Friday flash fiction * *

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