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Posted on: 1 June 2007

I know I haven’t been around much… I’m really sorry. I hope to visit everyone over the weekend, but when I said some time ago I may not have much time until August, I wasn’t actually joking. I won’t go into what’s being taking up my time, just think:

family (young and old) = responsibility

I will try to do better. And I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting the other blogs too. A new mrsbg is in the works, but my mind has gone a blank poetrywise and sorry, no 55 this week either.

My two ab fab favs… I am so so missing them and am thinking of flying out there for a long weekend before the wedding which is only in 8 weeks time. I haven’t told my son my idea yet… hmmm

Update: just told him I’m thinking of making a quickie trip. “Okay mum, that’ll be cool and we have a shopping list.” I put the phone down and thought… yeah, let’s do it. I got the last seat on the Thursday afternoon flight in two weeks time (13 days) and will come back on the Monday evening. I called him back with the news a minute later… boom boom… no flies on Ann.

Erm… I haven’t told the others yet… I think I’ll tell them over dinner tonight.

Ooooooh, I’ll be biting lumps out of those gorgeous chunky thighs. I’m sure the first thing Boaz will say to me is, Eifo Luthy? … Where’s Lucy?

I am a naughty girl, a very very naughty girl. Last week I had houseguests staying and guests dining… it was almost like Pesach all over again. I lost the weight I gained over Pesach and then promptly put it back on again. I lurv my cheesecake. I’ve gotta go for a dress fitting next week. I am not proud of myself ::hanging head in shame::

I’ve tried this one too… believe me, it doesn’t work. If I lost a pound for every single tear I’ve shed I’d probably be invisible. Also sitting in the sun believing the fat should melt in the heat does not work either. Doh!

You would think that since I am so obsessed with my weight, or rather my overweightness, I would do something about it it? You would think!

That theory behind this may have worked in the old days before the advent of the Kenwood mixer and the food processor… doh! I love baking. I love my cakes. I love licking the bowl and the spoon and melting that little bit too much chocolate.

And guess what, I have a full house for dinner tonight again… more food, but then it wouldn’t be Shabbat. Think I shall have to come to terms with the fact that I’m a typical Jewish mama and Audrey Hepburn, my ab fab fav chic lady I shall never be… think more like Roseanne Barr… hmmm!

Have a lovely weekend and Shabbat Shalom

Oh my goodness I almost forgot to add some eye candy for my V-Vixens…


31 Responses to "JUNE ALREADY! OY!"

Hope you have a nice weekend Ann!All that company sounds nice,as does the silence when the disperse for the evening.

The weekend to visit sounds awesome.The babes are SO cute,enough to make me…alright I’ll say it…babysit.

Well,I have to call MY Mom,it is her birthday today,so I need to say happy birthday!

Good to see you back Ann.

Hey Ann, good for you for just booking that flight. I can see why the decision was easy.

Shabbat Shalom and enjoy your weekend.

Hi Ann! So glad that you are treating yourself to a long weekend with the grandbabies.

As for the weight thing, girl, I hear ya LOUD AND CLEAR! My boss keeps buying the giant-sized tub of red licorice whips for the office. I’m paying for it. Gained so much that I am going to have to work twice as hard. What can I say, I love sweets and I hate exercise!!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Shabbat Shalom my wise friend. All seeing, all knowing purveyor of knowledge. Such a post this is! Oy! The things you are doing to yourself are making my head all meshugana! I could be so lucky as to drop everything and go jetting off whenever I wanted to. What’s next? A world cruise? And all that bad food, what is a naughty girl to do. Well, lucky for you, a friend of mine has a third cousin who once dated my nephew’s flatmate who swears by this guy who is a master at discipline when it comes to things like this that you keep kvetching about. So pick up the phone and call already! What else are doing besides doing some editing on the side, which thank you very much, makes the magic story a keeper.
Know what I mean?

Love you

What a fantastic thing to do, saw it, booked it, this time next week I’m there. Sure you will have a fabulous time. Tut tut Ann, I was away and still managed a quick flash, I get bailed out tomorrow!!!
Good to have you back even if its only for a short time. Stop worrying about your weight, this year the ‘Rubins’ look is the new black.

Enjoy your weekend, and forget about the inches.

Why is Michael so nice to you and so mean to me? 🙂

Hi Ann,
Shabbat Shalom
Have a wonderful trip. I think one of the worst things about getting older is how little I need to eat in order to live. Anything extra goes right to my stomach! I just hate that. What I need is more self discipline!

Oh that’s excellent! I hope you have an awesome trip. 🙂

Great cartoons. But that eye candy at the end is the best. Mmmmm, yum! Hey – he’s not fattening. }:-)

i hope you enjoy your little weekend getaway;) and everywhere i look today is naked vincent!!

wow, you’re spontaneous. hope you have a wonderful visit. and don’t care about the weight, we love you anyway.

That luscious eye candy reminds me: Well as our Rabbi told my (astonished) high school class, my senior year, (eons ago…) “it’s a mitzvah to please one’s spouse” on Shabbat. He said this with a twinkle in his eye. Then our geographical area was very nonJewish, so for a man of the cloth to be so open about loving, startled our class.

No wonder you have no time to visit our blogs. Don’t worry about that! Just enjoy life.
Shabbat Shalom, dear Ann.

uh, it’s June 2nd, here but I noticed our comments say “June 6th.” Oh well. That is the least of anyone’s worries!

rOFL! Some comments say January 6 I mean; others (like mine) say Feb. 6th. ….Twilight zone…. 🙂

bryde: the silence was most welcome… they all seemed to be shouting to be heard last night. Hope your ma has a lovely birthday

michael: thanks, good to be back, albeit temporary again

g: the decision was easy; the plastic is hard. thanks for keeping tabs

jojo: I think my dreams of Vincent are more likely to come true than my dreams of losing weight… sigh

brian: I know exactly what you mean… ouch! nudge nudge wink wink

queenie: I like that, this year’s black is Rubens… perfect

val: I don’t know why Michael’s mean to you… hmmmm!

claire: even all my thin friends of a certain age have thickened waists and protruding tummies… not fair not fair not fair

candace: that eye candy is the best exercise for womankind

kris: funny how we all seem to have Hotel Paradise on our minds… spooky

tamara: ah, thanks sweetheart, I love you too

gel: and did you know it’s also the husband’s duty to satisfy his wife, not the other way round ;>) I left a comment on your blog about the dates… you crack me up.

I think it’s logical to put the day, then the month, then the year… you yanks don’t… LOL

You haven’t seen me, right?


(Thanks Ann)

seen you Michael?

no where are you?

ssssshhhhhh…. I think they’e coming… quick hide

Love the cartoons … why can’t we all just be naturally thin?? I like your idea about the trip … it’s going to be a busy summer! xx, JP

Ann, whenever my mother is baking (and she too loves to bake!) I revert to being 7 years old again (what a memory this gal has!) and stand by waiting – with spoon – to clean out the remnants of the sponge mix. I get very ‘mardy’ if I consider that too much has been scraped into the cake tins, leaving a less than acceptable amount for me. Then again, I once made a whole sponge pudding and ate the lot before it got anywhere near the over. We’ll all wobble together then shall we?!


That picture- semi naked on the towel, bottle in hand …did she learn from someone?!!

Have a good time
Thinking of you

Do you know, if you hadn’t said that at the end, I was about to… you might not be happy about the extra pounds, and they might not feel like part of you, but they are… and they don’t go away with dieting (well, they do, but they always come back)… only diet change and excercise. And since you have a problem with both these things, I think you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself…. just one step at the time. Start small. Cut out fat, or sugar (yes, cut out sugar – that’s the bugger that slips round your waist, methinks! Especially as a cheesecake lover!! Mine would be fat, cos I love fried savoury spicy foods :-S )

When I read the sentence:

If I lost a pound for every single tear I’ve shed I’d probably be invisible.

I felt so sad for you… said so lightly, but how it sounded so poignant… it would make a good idea for a poem.

At least you got a trip to look forward to!

Love yourself as you are, my dear friend! Love yourself as you are – we do! You will feel so much less tension when you accept yourself and love who you are. Obsessing over a few pounds/inches isn’t good for you. Enjoy life. D 🙂

Take it from a Personal Trainer, sweets…obsessing over weight loss causes your metabolism to slow down!!! So keep wiggling that ass everytime you see Vincent, okay? I know he makes ME wanna “move my hips in suggestive ways” LOL!!!!

The babies are BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy the trip, okay?

Please can I have a Knish?
And slap some more Rugoleh on there while your at it.
I sure have missed you.
And now your leaving again?
Have a good one sweetie!
Galen will miss you. xox

Hmmmm….VDO eyecandy….hmmmm…sweeet! It’s so nice to be able to drop by and take a peek at the grandkids. So beautiful! As for dieting…sheesh…’nuff said about that. Love ya, sweetie. Take care 🙂

OY VAY – DO I RELATE TO JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING YOU WROTE ABOUT. I don’t have granchildren to bite holes in just yet, but I come pretty close to doing that to Ross. As for the weight – well, let’s not go there. I think ultimately, being healthy to flit around the world on a whim (GOOD FOR YOU!) to enjoy your family is way more important than anything else – and I know they will love you regardless of the dress size. I also know that all this counts for shit when you are in the privacy of you, yourself, the mirror and that squeeeeeze into the outfit. Thanks for always stopping by. Lots of Love. xox

Hmmmm. Eye Candy..That’s really the only kind I like 🙂

Hi Ann,
Are you gone already?

Oh, yes, my Rabbi absolutely floored my senior high school class with that revelation! (I still remember the twinkle in his eye when he added… “twice.” 😉

Although I *might* have redeemed myself in email to you about the GB date system I should know that my hubby taught me, I sure forgot when I posted! Duh, duh duh. Glad you laughed hard! I did, later, too when I read your email. 😀

Hope everything’s going well, Ann!

Ann, Hi it is me I hope you are doing well I have just been so so busy and I am looking at Moving before the summer is out. It gets busier and busier the closer to the end of the school year. but I wanted to let you know I am around still.

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