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Posted on: 10 June 2007

I came home to this little treat…. aaaaaaaah!

And this one too… double aaaaaaah!

hope they work if you click on them… I’m sorry I don’t know how to embed them directly onto my blog… you should know me by now; blogdom’s biggest computer incompetent!


25 Responses to "BOAZ & MORIAH"

Awww Ann, Boaz and Moriah are so very precious…What an awesome Booba they have!!
I can’t wait to have Grandkids…You are soo lucky…I can feel your excitement…Galen xoxox

How adorable Ann!
Loved the videos!
That sweet little one is very excited about your coming for a visit.
Hope you have a wonderful time!

P.S have missed being here….
so nice to be here now.

Wonderful πŸ™‚

Isn’t it great how the sight of small children so obviously happy and excited can make you grin for ages??

Thank you for sharing your beautiful grandchildren

Eliza xxxxxx

You still have the most beautiful grandchildren of anyone I know!
Love, Kate

OK I must be going soft. Those videos made wish I had three or four of my own. You are blessed.

so sweet! little kids are the coolest. i can understand you being crazy about your grandchildren. πŸ™‚

Oh, they are soooooo beautiful! and talented!!! How lucky you are to be able to see them again soon!

Much love! D πŸ™‚

Fanflipping fantastic, how proud do you feel?????

absolutely adorable!!!

πŸ™‚ oh Ann!!!

I’m happy you see them soon!


They are almost as beautiful as their Booba. πŸ™‚

They are so precious! You have to get yourself one of those webcams (the prices have really come down) so that you can videophone them … they are obviously looking forward to seeing you! My kids waved hello to Nana & Papa “on the computer” all winter long while we were apart!

Best wishes!

Well, as kids go, they are sweet, I suppose (you know me and kids, Ann, I know you won’t take offence) and I think one little boy really wants to be a movie star!

Again, I marvel at how nice Michael is to you. Just because I criticised his grammar…

galen: I’m like a little girl… I really am so excited about the weekend

margie: you’ve been missed too. Hope things are going great with your son and the little puppy

eliza: thanks, they do kinda lift the spirit

kate: I love you kate; you say the nicest things. Just seen your email; I’ll be back at ya!

michael: I am blessed and… it’s never too late for you guys; your biological clock goes on for ever

tamara: thank you and I can hand them back at the end of the day

diane: I can’t wait to be with them… although it’s only for three and a half days… boo hoo

queenie: I kvell… I’m as proud as a peacock

judy judy judy: is that you?

liz: I think I’m even happier ;>)

brian: flattery will get you everywhere… and you know it ;>)

grace: I’ve been talking about a webcam for ages… they’re really cheap actually, but there’s no point me having one and them not!

val: I know exactly how you feel about the babies… LOL! I think Boaz should model, he loves the camera. Val, maybe criticising a guy’s grammar is akin to mocking his parts… hmmmm!!!! He’s obviously taken it very personally. I must have missed all this as well… doh!

You certainly have adorable grand children. You must feel so lucky !

second vid…now that is my kind of dancing!!!


I am sorry to be so late to post Ann!being used like a mule at work has somehow fried my brain!I looked at this post and thought…”Huh?”I thought my browser was kicking the bucket!

I get it now!I love both videos,I think you have an intellectual there!So interested in those books on that shelf!

Boaz is very cute as well,with his little hat.I like kids like that,it is the demonspawn we get in my store that drives me mad….

I had a oh 8-10 y/o try to exchange the Iraqi money her father brought her (this is a military town after all) for dollars.I guess she thought we worked like the bank BUT Iraqi money is NOT worth anything in exchange here!It was beautiful though.

Have fun on your trip!I saw pomegranate lotion at B&BW and thought of you and your trip.Please take lots of photos!have a blessed weekend…..

Ann – Oh my G-d!!! They are beyond adorable. And Moriah’s dancing in that second video – such joy!

I understood but now I can really see why the Booba needs to get her fixes. Hope all is going well with wedding plans. XOX

Oy vay, Ann – these videos can make you galesh. Thank G-d for this kind of technology given how split up all our families are. Nothing can take the place of being with each other, but at least we can share things in almost real time. Hope all is good with you and that the wedding plans are fun and festive. Come visit when you can. Lots of love. xox

Oh MY! They are too cute for words! ^_^ I love Moriah’s dance moves. ^_^

I’m kveling. I feel your love for them and vice versa. Adorable!!!

These are lovely ann.
just home for the weekend, glad I found time to visit:)

Ann, love! I do hope it’s not too serious! I wish I were there to tend to you.

Your blog is all alphabet soup to me today – can’t read a thing. Hmmmm…

Feel better soon, write an email when you have the strength.

Much love! D πŸ™‚

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