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Sed fugit interea fugit irreparabile tempus

Posted on: 19 June 2007

love has flown
and time
days alone

long days waiting
for love to land
once more
at my door
time has not been kind
no friend of mine
each passing day
another line
skin once tight
now slack
body once firm
now fat
all the potions’ claims are lies
whatever they say
time flies

and love
it’s not just for the young
kid not myself
I have no delusions
it is no illusion
desirability does fade

… with age

but inside

that passion for loving

never dies

copyright 2007 ann raven


7 Responses to "Sed fugit interea fugit irreparabile tempus"

I feel moved to speak the truth; this poem reflects my souls, as I would bet that it reflects the soul of many poets and writers. It reflects our fear of time and age. It reflects a desperate search for wholeness that we may not ever find. I love it.

I found you by looking for other poets that day. I found Singleton and Justgivemepeace and skinnylittleblonde and from their links I found you and this wonderful place of poetry. I’m glad I looked! I met many wonderful writers that day.
Thanks for the word over at my blog. I’ll link you in my sidebar, if that is OK?

Ann Raven,
My dear how I’ve missed you.
It’s very obvious that you will never lose your passion for loving.
This poem is beautiful!
Welcome back Ann..xoxoxox

For all those of us past a certain age I thank you for your beautiful words:)


You know how we feel about you. All the poems in the entire universe won’t change our minds.

We’ll have internet and email at Madd’s house. Maybe, you could even call us.

Love you

Time and love …. love and time. Maybe the timing is off or the love is misplaced? Or perhaps the time is here and love is taken, or grasped, like a prize.
But what does any of this have to do with who we really are? We are not time. We are not the passion of who we love.

We are the love of passion. Your poetry is just that. xx, JP

I think I fouind you through a poet’s corner, through Barb and Karma Lennon, now that I remember more clearly. They are very nice people, very interested in poetry and the arts, and it is a real boon that I was able to meet them. Thanks and your blog is a nice serene place to read. Thanks.

Passion inside is a million times more powerful and beautiful than outside “packaging” that will fade. Love and passion endure.
Inside is ALWAYS what counts: our souls.
Missing you (although I completely understand how busy you are!)

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