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Posted on: 7 July 2007

Booba’s Been Busy Busy…I’m sorry I’ve not been around in simply ages… I don’t think I’ve even mentioned my fleeting, indulgent, impulsive long weekend with the children.

It was fantastic and believe it or not, I took these pics all by myself with my cute little red camera… getting them to stay still for more than a second was not easy

Boaz is almost two-and-a-half years old and Moriah celebrated her first Hebrew birthday a few days ago although her English birthday is really 12 July. She’ll have a proper family birthday party when we’re altogether.

I cannot find words that begin to express adequately how my heart feels to be with them. It won’t be long before we see each other again; the wedding is just under three weeks time on the 26 July and we leave two weeks on Sunday, a few days earlier.

Can you see the view from their terrace? They are surrounded by the most amazing scenery.

One would think that with all the pre-wedding plans that have occupied so much of my time and energy, so much so that I haven’t been near blogdom is goodness knows how long, I would have… yeah, you guessed it, lost some weight. Nah… no such luck. On the plus side, I’m no fatter, but it’s all relative depending on the starting point… hmmm!

On Sunday is Lucy’s hen and guess who got roped in with catering… the cheesecake looks amazing and my fridge is bursting. Next weekend all the children are staying here, so they’ll all be here for Friday night dinner and Saturday after synagogue I have a crowd here for lunch… more f-o-o-d!

Huh, wouldn’t surprise me in the least!

Oh Bobby Bobby, where were you last weekend when we badly needed a big strapping guy to help with the move? Yes Rachel has now moved into her own little place, although she is actually fast asleep upstairs in my house at this very moment. Now that really was hard graft… she’s bought a 2nd floor flat (apartment) with no lift (elevator) and our cars were loaded. I think she had more household goods than John Lewis & Fenwicks put together.

Her room (here) has never looked so clean and tidy and although she hasn’t taken everything yet, I’ve already managed to spread myself out and moved some of my stuff into her wardrobes (closets). I seriously have a lot of clothes… lots and lots. As fast as I have a clear out, I buy more. Sometimes there is an advantage to having no one to answer to… hehehehe.

I don’t think I’d like to justify my spending habits to Goren. Look at him in that picture. “What dear, another hat? And exactly how many pairs of shoes do you own? Yes dear that does include sandals, boots, pumps, killer heels, mules, trainers, flipflops! I don’t believe it, you bought that T-shirt in every single colour?”

One of the few advantages of singledom I believe.

Jamie and Lucy also completed (closed) on their place on the same day, although they’re not properly moving in until Tuesday… what a shame I have to work that day. They will live about five minutes from Rachel, both about an hour’s drive from moi. Still it’s a little nearer than Israel. Jamie is already driving me mad to move near them. I want my house decorated when I get back from Israel and some new carpet in their bedrooms and he’s telling me not to waste my money.

Did I say something before about not having to answer to anyone?

Huh! It’s called “skiing” spending kids’ inheritence!

Vincent, I didn’t forget your birthday, honest. We all barely found time to celebrate Rachel’s. I did think up a poem for you, but it’s a little bit cheeky… lotsa words that rhyme with birthday gift, like birthday kiss and birthday lips and birthday bliss… sigh… oh and naughtiest! Well that rhymes too!

However, I bought a very dear friend a very thin volume of poetry for her birthday; a book of romance, unrequited love, passionate desires, sexual ecstasy and soul longings. It looked so good, I bought myself a copy too. I just didn’t know it was going to be as slender a volume as it turned out. There was one particular poem I believe reflects how your fans feel about you, so in honour of your birthday Vincent, I posted it at London~Love~Vincent

Oh, by the by, Mr D’Onofrio, you wouldn’t have needed your tux if you were my simcha buddy, which YOU ARE NOT boo hoo! You really don’t know what you’re missing, you silly man, and I did offer to pay all your expenses. Erm… it’s still not tooooooo late, in fact, you could come out and play, I mean you could come out on the same flight as my niece…

On a final note. The weather here has been atrocious and Wimbledon has been quite the wash out. Did anyone see today’s Roddick match? I was glued. I’m sorry my dear yankie friends that your man lost, but the match was amazing.

I shall try and pop by and say hello to you all over the weekend. I feel quite strange posting again; believe it or not, a little reticent and reserved, although looking back I can see I have rambled on rather a lot.

Not sure when I’ll post again. If I can I shall try before I leave, otherwise in about a month’s time. Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend.

P.S. I just got a spanking brand new one of these; cute isn’t it? Now I need to learn how to drive an i-shift. It does drive in automatic, but I have these little paddle things on the steering wheel that change gear and no clutch, but I don’t have a clue how to use them.


19 Responses to "B.B.B.B…"

Oh, I did see Roddicks match (Did you know he was born in Nebraska?!) My poor home town boy 😦

Wonderful pictures of the babies Ann! You are busy, busy, busy..I’d give anything to have your energy!

hey, great to read something new here! πŸ™‚

gosh, the kids are soooo sweet. that first pic really has to make someone’s heart melt.

too bad that vincent won’t be your simcha buddy, but it’s truly his loss, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

I remembered about your long weekend, it just seemed to last for about two weeks!

Congrats on getting your home back (almost..) and well done for translating for the transatlantic sorority. I still can’t believe we don’t all speak the same language!

So glad you are back and posting – I missed the Boaz and Moriah pics! I still maintain that you have the most ADORABLE grandchildren on the planet!!!!! You have been busy with so much, and I hope you are taking the time to take care of you too – expecially as VDO is unconscionably absent. And I laughed about the shoes! Alex was helping me hang new shoe racks this morning “You have HOW many pair of black shoes, Mom? Why?”

Ann!! So great to hear from you again! Glad to hear that all is well with home and hearth. The kids are so cute!

Have a great time at the wedding, although I hope we hear from you b/f you go.

(((Ann)))!!! So fabulous to hear from you. The kids are adorable. Moriah looks like her hair is really growing in now. Good luck with all the rest of you summer plans, especially the wedding. You’ll have to let us know how it feels to live by yourself. I’m thinking it will be wonderful and a little bit lonely. You’ll figure it out, I’m sure.

my friend has one of those cars. they’re really spiffy. i love how they came with an ipod converter. lovely!

Nice little ramble, filled with much fact and information, and at least we know that you are doing great!!
Thanks sweetie..xoxoxox

Those bubulas are adorable!
You’re a bundle of energy- finding that gr8 humor, baking yummy cheesecake, and ooh la laaaaa: that Bday poetry book sounds luscious. Vincent should only know what he is missing, you vixen!
I shall pop over to LLV.
P.S. I am filled w/ such nachus anticipating this wedding.

you do realize that you left us stranded for over a month don’t you?? jj-great to have you back, can’t wait to hear about the wedding, and those babies are getting sooo big so fast!

You definately have not lost the knack for writing. Keeping me amused … love your posts so very much.
thank you for sharing all your antics.

Hey girl, been a long time. I missed you.

Beautiful pictures of the babies Ann! Love those!!!

πŸ™‚ Do have a great time at the wedding!



Finally deciphered the triple layer of posts on your blog and found the comment box, thus the original post button.

Thanks again sweetie for everything, I hope by the time our trip rolls around, I can have a book signing at Blackwells.

Enjoy that spanking… new car. πŸ˜‰


Ann, I was hoping I got here before the wedding. Pretty soon you’ll be right back with those beautiful babies in your arms!

Have a WONDERFUL visit and just a beautiful celebration. May your family know of much joy and nachos for many years to come. Much happiness to the kallah v’ chatan!

Can’t wait to see the pics.


Oh my! The kids are darling as ever. πŸ™‚

The math cartoon especially made me laugh.

NICE car!!! I bet if you drive it by Vincent’s house, he won’t beable to resist. πŸ™‚

Ann I wish you the most breathtaking time and more…
I miss you girl.

A hug for you

Ann, sweetie, it’s so nice to be able to pop in and see pictures of the grandbabies. I understand how busy you are; I myself have not been around in quite a while. Just wanted to say hi! Love ya, dear πŸ™‚

Anne – Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and can’t wait to hear (and see) how the simcha was. I have no doubt it was wonderful. Your kindelach are looking gorgeous – and this is clearly a joyful time in your lives. I look forward to hearing from you when you get back. Nice car, by the way – lots of safe and happy driving. Love to you! xxx

We need wedding photos!

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