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Fantasy vs. Reality: Rebecca Johnson

Posted on: 7 July 2007

Belated birthday greetings my dear Vincent D’Onofrio…

A poem I believe many feel and understand

I do love you

I am caught between our worlds
Feeling lonely in mine
Knowing I can’t be in yours

I do love you

I’m caught between leaving and staying
Feeling lost without you in my life
Knowing you and I may never meet

I do love you

My heart is real
so are the things I feel

I’m caught between needing to talk to you
and staying sane when I don’t
Knowing you are often too busy for me

I didn’t mean to fall for you
but it happened just the same
and I know it might cause pain

I’m caught between desire and fire
If I make this my reality, I’ll get burnt

I do love you
because fantasy became a reality

I fell for your personality


11 Responses to "Fantasy vs. Reality: Rebecca Johnson"

Oh yes that does speak so well to this man and the world we are in. What is the name of the book of poems?

very nice. i like the last sentence espescially. that’s so true.

Oh boy do I identify with this! That second photo is a new one on me. Gorgeous.

Ann My husband looks so much like Him check out my blog it is so funny!!!!!I read your blog periodically and love seeing your grandbabies and reading your story. Lots of all that is good to you.

oh, that last line caught me.
And those pix of V in your sidebar. I’ve never seen several of those sexy shots. WOW! Such Eye Candy.

Right on the money honey – well said!

Lovesick Ann. So nothing has changed? she smiles … I guess not.
Not been here for awhile … have to play catch up.
hugs for you. :o)

Ann, that is just the perfect poem for all of Vincent’s Lovely Ladies… you always find the perfect expressions of our love and devotion to The Man.

Thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful card you sent Casey and I – you are so kind and dear to us, even when ‘real life’ gets in the way and keeps us from chatting as much as we would like. Take care of yourself and have a wonderful time at the wedding if we don’t see you before then. And of course, give Jamie and Lucy all our best wishes for a happy and healthy life together!

Miss you and Love you, friend,

Ann, Isn’t it hard not to get lost in unreality sometimes. Hugs!

“I fell for your personality.”

That’s always the killer for me.

I love that picture of him in red, he really suits that colour somehow, it is hard to believe that all those pictures down the side are all just one man, so many characters, so many guises, and damn HOT in all of them.

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