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Another Bad Night

Posted on: 10 July 2007

Thump thump thump
Pulse pumps viciously in her ear
Beats rhythm a warrior’s drum
Driving her from kingdom come
Temples throbbing
Veins popping
Vision fading
Consciousness waning
Air catches in her chest
Gulps violently catching breath
Fingers squeeze tight around her neck
Drowning helplessly in her sweat
Hands flail reaching out
Voice powerless to shout
Body paralysed demons brutalise
Her spirit her heart her soul
Softly prays for release let go
Then silence stillness tranquillity peace
Dawn breaks welcomes blessed sleep
Sun’s rays torment and tease
Belie the shadows of her dreams

Copyright 2007 ann raven


5 Responses to "Another Bad Night"


Oh that poor girl. Is it anyone I know? I hear sometimes a phone call can help. You know, talk things out. The weather is not so beastly hot today so I am flitting about hither and yon. Himself submitted the last draft of RM last night so we are free now to blog and write. Been working on my two books, can’t seem to decide which one to do first. I do like Whiskers though, and I promise, it won’t be rude. 😉

No plans this evening after dinner, so let me know.



This is a wonderful poem. Or verse, as you like. I feel all of that desperation and urgency building in the lines. The night can be so difficult to get through, at least day light brings with it an ironic rest.

So sad, so well written.


Hey, I would like to interview you about your poetry for my Blogathon blog. If you are interested please comment on my blog with your email and I will send you the form. Thank you!! 🙂

Beautiful Ann.
hugs for you.

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