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Music, when soft voices die,
Vibrates in the memory.
Odours, when sweet violets sicken,
Live within the sense they quicken.

Rose leaves, when the rose is dead,
Are heap’d for the beloved’s bed;
And so thy thoughts when thou are gone,
Love itself shall slumber on.



The setting, overlooking the Med on a hot sultry summer’s day… before the event
The sun is setting; the ceremony is almost over. It had to be completed before sundown, otherwise it would change the actual date of their wedding

The tables set before the wedding feast

The reception, which took place before the ceremony. Below the Mediterrean humus bar…. very very yummy! Little dishes filled with humus, techina, other dips, chickpeas and hot sauces and tiny pitta bread to mop it all up.

The sushi stand… everyone’s being prepared to order… very very very yummy!


There were also lotsa little finger food hors d’oeuvres being served… let me think what they were. Mini lamb kebabs on cinnamon sticks dipped in techina. Crispy won-ton filled with chicken and vegetables. Fried mushrooms stuffed with pesto. Vegetarian spring rolls. Crostini topped with smoked salmon and dill.

Ah the dinner… this is the entrecote carvery. There were three main food stations… beef, which is this one, and the roasted chicken in a Caribbean barbecue sauce one and another one of salmon fillet in Miso and Mirin. There were also loadsa side dishes… new potatoes with sea salt and rosemary, caramelised sweet potato wedges in sage and pilaf of wild and basmati rice… plus three more green vegetable dishes and six amazing salads. I forgot to say that everyone sat down to colourful plates of grilled vegetables… peppers, aubergine, onions, courgettes, fennel drizzled with the most delicious dressing.


Remember this is a Jewish wedding… food before booze!

Then the desserts…. oh my word. Lucy and I had taken a trip to Israel in March for a food tasting, so we were well prepared and knew it was superb. When we tasted the desserts, you could hear a penny drop… the silence as we savoured every mouthful of the moutwatering passion fruit and pink grapefruit sorbets, the chocolate volcano served with hot chocolate sauce, the layered chocolate mousse, the vanilla meringue with forest fruits and my ab fab fav, the kadaif with dried fruits and pistachios… anyone hungry?
And everyone could have as much as they wanted and as many desserts as they wanted… they kept bringing them out.

Boaz having a little taste. Oh you can see the kadaifs more clearly in this picture… heaven on a plate….. mmmmmmNow on to the speeches. This is not really typically traditional of an Israeli wedding, but really it was an English wedding in Israel and most of the guests had made the trip especially… also, though I say so myself, my children are particularly good at public speaking. Well normally they are, except dear No.1 son was a little worse for wear having commandeered a bottle of scotch… but he did have to change his room in the middle of the proceedings which is another unbelieveable story in itself. It can only happen in Israel! What is especially lovely, is that my boys are really great friends too…

Boaz adding his little piece… bless him. Oh my I miss him so much

Jamie giving his response… it was poignant and moving and I can’t wait to get the dvd to hear it again. For those who don’t know, my son does not enjoy the best of health… he has been through the wars and seeing him at this point in his life with his beautiful wife is indeed a miracle.

Not to be outdone, and this is not a tradition either at home or in Israel, Lucy also wanted to say a few words…
As you can imagine, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. Nobody said anything shmaltzy or over the top… just what was in their hearts.

More tears… my brother and his wife were presented with a cake as they were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary on the same day.

Now the fun begins… well the Israeli dancing had already got underway, but after the speeches Jamie and Lucy opened the English style dancing to “Stand By Me”

I also wanted to sneak in a view of the back of Lucy’s dress…. these small pics really don’t do it justice… she was stunning

Couldn’t resist posting a pic of my boys… well it is my blog. I am so proud of my children and I love them all so much. They’re quite good to their old mama.
… and another one of my other ab fab fav little man in the world… I wonder what caught his eye!
The band were sensational. I had seen them before at another wedding in Israel and I danced and danced and danced all night to them, so when Jamie and Lucy saw my friend’s dvd they knew they had to have them too

Everyone was having so much fun… it wasn’t meant to be a stuffy and formal occasion, it was party party party

Ah I slipped one in of Rachel and Daniel… Rachel took on the role of master… or should I say mistress of ceremonies and everyone was most impressed with her hilarious organisational skills

Bridgitte with her good friend Beth holding my ab fab fav little girl in the whole wide world

This is always good fun. The bottle dance. If anyone is familiar with Fiddler on the Roof, they will know this. I am so pleased my son spent years in Yeshiva to master these skills… LOL Sorry, a kinda Jewish in-joke.

more fun fun fun
Lucy and her sister Tash

Doing the kesatska (sp) a Russian Cossack dance…. Jon never misses an opportunity to show off his dancing skills… having said that, he is orthodox so never participates in mixed dancing.

Ah, this is Jamie with his best friend Ben… if ever there were two real life “Men Behaving Badly” then they are sure ringers for Martin Clunes’ Gary and Neil Morrissey’s Tony… I won’t go into all their antics to protect the innocent but one snippet was my mistake of having a much needed first ever massage at home on Bonfire Night and Jamie and friends having a party there… don’t even ask… oyyayoy!!!!!
A mug shot of my brother and nephew… up the Gunners!

more fun fun fun

my beautiful niece Sarah with Sarah, one of Rachel’s best friends

Jamie and his father

Another tradition when the bride and groom are hoisted up in the air on chairs and united by a handkerchief
The end … well not quite

The next evening we celebrated Sheva Brachot… there were about 70 of us; the hotel gave us a private room and the florist and the chef did us proud… another unforgettable night, but unfortunately no photographs as it was Shabbat. However earlier that day, every family member got together for a tea party to celebrate Moriah’s 1st birthday… we could take pics of that and I shall post them one day.


Doing this post has brought back beautiful memories of their beautiful day


I do have some other prattle posts coming up, if I remember them that is, but I’ll save them for another day, including seeing the most beautiful guy in the world… Prince. I just have to say though, the show was amaaaaaaazing, his new album is aaaaaaaaaawesome…


To my friends across the Pond, have a great Labour Day Weekend… enjoy your day off. Shabbat Shalom and a lovely weekend to everyone.


Posted on: 30 August 2007

A balancing act, that art of give and take
Measuring what makes it fair
When one scale weighs a little less
The other somewhat more
It’s not a game, it’s not a race, but if it were
Should they tie in equal place?
A perfect match, a perfect weight
But in a perfect world
It doesn’t really happen that way

copyright 2007 ann raven

Move On

Posted on: 30 August 2007

It’s time to move on they say
What do they mean?
Who are they to know what I need?
I’ll do what I like
… and when I please
Whose business is it if I’m happy
… or wallowing in abject misery?
People are funny when they say
Shake off the dust sheets
You’re not an object to be hidden away
Guess it’s nice they bother
Guess it’s nice they care
Wake up
Shake up
Enough of recluse
No more excuse
Move on they say
What they don’t know and
What they don’t seem to see
Is the inscrutable smile on my face
Maybe I have moved on
In my own little way

copyright 2007 ann raven

those were the days
when two became one
sharing dreams
of hope together
sharing thoughts
when just a look would do
words unspoken
so together so in tune
sharing memories
of precious moments
spent together as one
those can’t be undone
sharing intimacy
a bond unbroken
bodies bound together
in sharing pleasure
sharing love
once thought forever
not so
no more love
no sharing touch
no one there
the gift of sharing gone
her dreams
her thoughts
her words
are hers alone

copyright 2007 ann raven

… I won’t go into it, so here’s a funny that made me laugh, considering my last post and considering the weekend. Clicking on it will make it much easier to read

Wow… I noticed a new icon which means videos can be uploaded by computer incompetents like moi. This is obviously not one of mine since I can’t do this kinda thing, but it is one of my ab fab favs of Goren and Eames to James Blunt’s Goodbye My Lover. It was the creation of someone called Geena… thank you.


… and, I’m gonna see the exotic and erotic Prince tomorrow… whoooooo hooooo!!!!! More about that another day!

I had a brilliant idea for a post, even though I say so myself. It came to me as I clambered into bed one night and I think Vincent D’Onofrio may have had something to do with it, well I’m pretty sure he did since he’s often on my mind… I wonder why? Here’s a gratuitous picture for my pleasure… mmmmm

Well, then I had another great idea that maybe I ought to write my first idea down in case I forgot it by the morning…. but I thought, I won’t forget it, it’s that good, and it was cold and the bed was warm and so…

I didn’t… therefore

I did… forget it!

For the life of me I haven’t a clue what it was; honest it was funny at the time because I was really laughing and went to sleep with a big silly grin on my face. If anyone finds my memory, please return it.

I do admire all of you who are consistent and loyal posters. I think I have so got out of the habit that all original thought has deserted me… so in the absence of any wit or wisdom, I present you with a rogues gallery of my family.

Me and my lot… Jamie and Lucy, Rachel and Daniel (her b/f) Jon and Bridgitte and Boaz and Moriah… how I hate having my pic taken and I forgot to breathe in and stand up straight… darn! I can still hear my father shouting at me to pull my shoulders back!

The same again but this time with great grandma (i.e. my dear ma)

The happy couple with their grandma and my brother Ray, my sister-in-law Elizabeth and my lovely niece and nephew. My brother and his wife were celebrating their Pearl Anniversary on the same day (30 years)… gosh that reminds me, I still haven’t bought them a gift and I’m spending Monday with them… methinks I’d better go via Brent X

Ah, my three sprogs!

My sprogs with the next generation of Raven sprogs

Lucy with her sweet bridesmaids… her two nieces Mia and Macey and my dear Rachel

Erm… mother and son. The less said the better!
No.1 daughter-in-law with No.1 daughter
No.1 daughter-in-law with No.1 son
My absolutely gorgeous and stunning niece Sarah and my most adorable and handsome nephew Michael… do you think I love them just a little bit?

The happy couple with Lucy’s parents
Lucy with her mother and her sister Tash… Mia and Macey’s mummy
Lucy and Jamie with Lucy’s lot
Lucy with the adorable Mia and Macey

Jon and Bridgitte and Boaz and Moriah

Rachel… hope she doesn’t kill me posting so many pics of her!
Ah… more of Jamie and Lucy

Jamie with his cousins… I just adore them. I don’t see enough of Sarah as she works and lives in New York and she’s always on the lookout for you know who… she’s itching to tell him her Auntie Ann loves him.

Okay that’s all for now folks. Next lot up will be the action pics of the party… fun fun fun.

This weekend is a bank holiday in Britain which usually means bad weather… believe me it couldn’t get much worse. I have never never never before had to put my central heating on in August, but I weakened and had to give in it is sooooo cooooooold.

I hope the sun shines wherever you are this weekend and Shabbat Shalom.

I don’t know what I want
I want something, I know I do
I don’t know what it is
I need something, I wish I knew

I don’t know what I want
I’ve tried ‘most everything the fridge can proffer
The empty bottles line the wall
I know I’m gonna suffer

I don’t know what I want
It’s not as simple as that
Instant gratification was not the cure
It wasn’t the answer I was looking for

I don’t know what I want
Like a caged animal I pace the floor
My temples gripped between my palms
Clamp the fuse of this human bomb

I don’t know what I want
Coiled, wound up, whatever
It’s late; my bed is calling me
Could the answer be simply sleep

I don’t know what I want
I really wish I knew
Through tears of utter frustration
Is it a want, a need, or desperation?

I don’t know what I want
I want something, I know I do
I don’t know what it is
I need something…

copyright 2007 ann raven

Thank You

Posted on: 17 August 2007

Thank you my love
Thank you for being you
Thank you… you

You… who aroused me from a cruel slumber… you
You… who stirred my senses… you
You… who revived my passion… you
You do not know me… you
You never will

Before, I was withered, shrivelled like a flower
Its leaves, its petals, its roots crumpled underfoot
Crumbled, crushed, worn, ground down
Bereft of loving sustenance to flourish, to bloom
My spirit laid sunken, weighed heavy
Dormant in the deepest pit of my stomach
My soul reduced to ash, from dust to dust
All hope, all dreams of resurrection gone
My body an empty casing, hollow
Numb, anaesthetised, deprived of warmth
Loneliness and worthlessness chilled my bare bones
Merely existing, surviving, not living
Silent, blind, deaf, deadened
Blood frozen in my veins
Sun’s rays, clouds’ tears recoiled from my shell
Bounced off impenetrable; gone was I
A ghost, a shadow of my former self

Thank you my love
Thank you for being you
Thank you… you

You… whose beauty opened my unseeing eyes
Too long blinkered by blinding pain… you
You… whose aura, charm, charisma thawed my blood
To flow once more through my wasted veins
To flush once more my ashen cheeks
The cinders of my life embryonic in my ribs reborn… you
You… whose smouldering fire sought the darkness… you
You… whose fiery fingers touched my still heart
My soul rose up in a spiral of joy
Rebirth, renewal, recharged… alive… you
You brought me back from the edge of the abyss… you
You do not know me… you
You never will

copyright 2007 ann raven

I do not love you except because I love you;


I go from loving to not loving you,

From waiting to not waiting for you


My heart moves from cold to fire.

I love you only because it’s you the one I love;

I hate you deeply, and hating you

Bend to you, and the measure of my changing love for you

Is that I do not see you but love you blindly.

Maybe January light will consumeMy heart with its cruel ray

Stealing my key to true calm.

In this part of the story I am the one who diesThe only one, and I will die of love because I love you,

Because I love you,

Love, in fire and blood.


These were not the original set of caps I intended to post with this poem, but since I had a technical hiccup, which was entirely due to my lack of computer skills, I had time to reflect and firmly believe these words could have been written by and for Robert E Howard himself and the pictures seem hauntingly appropriate.

the loves of my life

at the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet ~~~ plato

thank you…

... to everyone whose pictures and videos I have borrowed; if anyone would like theirs to be removed, please tell me and I shall be happy to do so

all words here are mine ~ I’ll tell you when they’re not!

from long ago

in case I forget what day of the week it is

August 2007