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I’m feeling a little….

Posted on: 8 August 2007

and taking loadsa…

so… due to the lack of tlc…

from anyone, but especially from you know who…

I may just have to get myself one of these…. sad… aren’t I?

I’m sorry I’ve been away so long; I shall be back soon, hopefully with loadsa pics (when I get them) and fitting commentary

I am also sorry but I can’t read some blogs; my computer is saying there are ‘add-ons’ which are causing my computer to automatically shut down… hmmm!


19 Responses to "I’m feeling a little…."

ARGH!!! Finally found the right “Post a comment”!

Ann, love!

I am sooo sorry you are ill! I do hope it’s not terribly serious! I am so fretfully worried for you. Who will take care of you??? I should send a nurse for you.

Your blog appears as alphabet soup to me today, so I can’t fathom a thing you’ve said.

Take care of yourself and write us an email telling us what’s going on when you have the strength.

Much love coming your way!

Hugs & Smiles! D šŸ™‚

Love the new font, by the way!

Sorry you’re feeling unwell. Maybe a little post-wedding let-down. (It’s impossible to get sick beforehand, with all there is to do!)

Kisses and hugs, and my sincere hopes for a speedy recovery, and for a little of the man-attention that you crave!

Feel better! Can’t wait for the pics:)

Love you Ann and so sorry you are feeling peaked. Hope the meds are strong and give you pleasant dreams and fantasies. šŸ™‚

Ann!! Great to see you again and I do hope you are feeling better soon! Looking forward to seeing your pics and reading about your trip. Meanwhile, curl up under a blanket with sweet Vincent, some chicken soup and tea and get well!

oh, i want one of those thingys, too! ann, you aren’t sad. at least not the only one šŸ˜‰

fell better soon, girl. we miss ya.

we missed you ann! ditto what brian & jojo said-drugs & vincent will make you all better;)

Welcome back – be well soon. See, it never does to go away for too long or you need to go away again to recover ;0)

(((Ann))) I really hope you will be well soon. Blogland has missed you. Does it help to know your blogfriends adore you and wish you well? I hope so.

Diane: that’s odd, there were problems with this blog when I posted over a month ago; I kinda hoped it would have cleared itself up… oh dear!

Grace: I can’t believe you’re back… it’s been so long. I’ll be fine once the antibiotics kick in

vpdzoo: pics will be real soon… I picked Jamie and Lucy up from the airport today and got him to download the official wedding pics… there’s over a thousand!

Brian: the meds are knocking me out; hope they knock the infection out sooner rather than later before they carry me away!!!!!

JoJo: mmmm… chicken soup, what a good idea. mmmm… vincent, what a better idea

Tamara: I really do like the idea of one of those pillows ;>)

kris: I’m positively rattling!

val: aaaaah 2 u 2 ;>)

diane: I really am thinking of disappearing for a couple of days to recover!

claire: aw, thanks, you’re gonna make me cry!






I thought I was the only one with issues reading your blog!Go figure!

I hope you feel better soon!i would say have some chicken soup but well,it is 101 again here today and hot food is low on my list!They say we will get a break from this on Saturday,when it will be 90!

It sucks when you sweat just typing a blog message!

Anyway,be sure to finish up all your meds and hey,them knocking you out just means you have more opportunities to dream about Vincent!

Hi! I saw you over at Cathy’s and thought I’d drop by. Sorry you’re feeling under the weather, hope you soon feel better.

I just popped to the shop and got you these

Happy to see you Ann šŸ™‚
Sorry you’re feeling unwell, hope you feel better soon!!


Look forward to see some pics soon!

(((Brian))) I meant every word

Bryde: chicken soup sounds good, but those meds sure have upped my Bobby dreams… s i g h

Welcome Pauline: when I get fully back in blogging swing I shall be swinging my way over to you and thanks for the grapes y u m m y

Liz: thanks for the well wishes; I’m on the mend and pics are coming
Liz I can’t open your blog; it shuts me down

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