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Nothing Changes

Posted on: 10 August 2007

His words tumble out
A torrent of inanity
A supposed expert on anything
And everything
You name it
He knows it
Onslaught escalates
Finger jabbing

No way to escape
Nerves jangling
Hop from foot to foot
When he says
I don’t like this
I don’t like that
Why don’t you?
Why do you?
You should
You shouldn’t

Please go
Please leave me be
Let me make my own mistakes
I’m good at that
My own area of expertise

copyright 2007 ann raven


5 Responses to "Nothing Changes"

Love the last line – wish I had written it. Good work Ann, as always.


Ooooo! That MAN!!! How dare he??!! I hope he gets permanent laryngitis! Strep throat, even! Grrrr! How he treats you! Rotten bugger.

Humph. Lucky I wasn’t there, I’d have torn him in 2! They’d lock me up for littering! LOL

Love your writings, hate the source on this one. Sigh.

D 🙂

Oh I hate people who know best about everything! Those who are really knowledgable don’t lecture or ram it down your throat.

I know the type–that special kind of person who believes themselves to be the only competent human being to ever live.

Love the last line, it remnds me of a modern proverb: “I can do bad on my own”.

Fabulous! I’m right there, trapped with you, when I read this.

I love the timing in this, too.

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