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Posted on: 12 August 2007

From a Sunday Scribbling prompt
Thank you Rose and Brian


It started out as just another day at work; determined to keep my nose buried in the pile of papers scattered across what was my desk, if one could only see it, whilst hearing snippets of chat buzzing around the top of my head. My ears pricked up on certain words, but on the most part I ignored it. I was tired, rather lifeless in fact, and couldn’t be bothered to engage in office trivia; my head was throbbing and my workload overflowing. There was the usual banter and I caught someone say, “Ann’s quiet this morning.” A colleague mentioned her husband popping in to use a piece of our equipment and I sighed deeply really wishing not to be disturbed. Obviously so absorbed in clearing my desk of a forest of trees, I failed to hear the office buzzer and was oblivious to the chitchat in the outer office. From nowhere my nerve endings tingled, my body jerked involuntarily, my flesh crept; I could feel the fluff on my arms stand on end as goose bumps surfaced all the way from my wrist to my elbow, raised white speckles dotted across my freshly tanned skin. A feeling of warmth crawled through my body, a feeling of euphoria, excitement, exhilaration, ecstasy. I slowly turned my head; a friendly face smiled down at me, his hand gently brushing my back. A little gesture; I felt alive again.

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