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I had a brilliant idea for a post, even though I say so myself. It came to me as I clambered into bed one night and I think Vincent D’Onofrio may have had something to do with it, well I’m pretty sure he did since he’s often on my mind… I wonder why? Here’s a gratuitous picture for my pleasure… mmmmm

Well, then I had another great idea that maybe I ought to write my first idea down in case I forgot it by the morning…. but I thought, I won’t forget it, it’s that good, and it was cold and the bed was warm and so…

I didn’t… therefore

I did… forget it!

For the life of me I haven’t a clue what it was; honest it was funny at the time because I was really laughing and went to sleep with a big silly grin on my face. If anyone finds my memory, please return it.

I do admire all of you who are consistent and loyal posters. I think I have so got out of the habit that all original thought has deserted me… so in the absence of any wit or wisdom, I present you with a rogues gallery of my family.

Me and my lot… Jamie and Lucy, Rachel and Daniel (her b/f) Jon and Bridgitte and Boaz and Moriah… how I hate having my pic taken and I forgot to breathe in and stand up straight… darn! I can still hear my father shouting at me to pull my shoulders back!

The same again but this time with great grandma (i.e. my dear ma)

The happy couple with their grandma and my brother Ray, my sister-in-law Elizabeth and my lovely niece and nephew. My brother and his wife were celebrating their Pearl Anniversary on the same day (30 years)… gosh that reminds me, I still haven’t bought them a gift and I’m spending Monday with them… methinks I’d better go via Brent X

Ah, my three sprogs!

My sprogs with the next generation of Raven sprogs

Lucy with her sweet bridesmaids… her two nieces Mia and Macey and my dear Rachel

Erm… mother and son. The less said the better!
No.1 daughter-in-law with No.1 daughter
No.1 daughter-in-law with No.1 son
My absolutely gorgeous and stunning niece Sarah and my most adorable and handsome nephew Michael… do you think I love them just a little bit?

The happy couple with Lucy’s parents
Lucy with her mother and her sister Tash… Mia and Macey’s mummy
Lucy and Jamie with Lucy’s lot
Lucy with the adorable Mia and Macey

Jon and Bridgitte and Boaz and Moriah

Rachel… hope she doesn’t kill me posting so many pics of her!
Ah… more of Jamie and Lucy

Jamie with his cousins… I just adore them. I don’t see enough of Sarah as she works and lives in New York and she’s always on the lookout for you know who… she’s itching to tell him her Auntie Ann loves him.

Okay that’s all for now folks. Next lot up will be the action pics of the party… fun fun fun.

This weekend is a bank holiday in Britain which usually means bad weather… believe me it couldn’t get much worse. I have never never never before had to put my central heating on in August, but I weakened and had to give in it is sooooo cooooooold.

I hope the sun shines wherever you are this weekend and Shabbat Shalom.

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