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Posted on: 23 August 2007

I had a brilliant idea for a post, even though I say so myself. It came to me as I clambered into bed one night and I think Vincent D’Onofrio may have had something to do with it, well I’m pretty sure he did since he’s often on my mind… I wonder why? Here’s a gratuitous picture for my pleasure… mmmmm

Well, then I had another great idea that maybe I ought to write my first idea down in case I forgot it by the morning…. but I thought, I won’t forget it, it’s that good, and it was cold and the bed was warm and so…

I didn’t… therefore

I did… forget it!

For the life of me I haven’t a clue what it was; honest it was funny at the time because I was really laughing and went to sleep with a big silly grin on my face. If anyone finds my memory, please return it.

I do admire all of you who are consistent and loyal posters. I think I have so got out of the habit that all original thought has deserted me… so in the absence of any wit or wisdom, I present you with a rogues gallery of my family.

Me and my lot… Jamie and Lucy, Rachel and Daniel (her b/f) Jon and Bridgitte and Boaz and Moriah… how I hate having my pic taken and I forgot to breathe in and stand up straight… darn! I can still hear my father shouting at me to pull my shoulders back!

The same again but this time with great grandma (i.e. my dear ma)

The happy couple with their grandma and my brother Ray, my sister-in-law Elizabeth and my lovely niece and nephew. My brother and his wife were celebrating their Pearl Anniversary on the same day (30 years)… gosh that reminds me, I still haven’t bought them a gift and I’m spending Monday with them… methinks I’d better go via Brent X

Ah, my three sprogs!

My sprogs with the next generation of Raven sprogs

Lucy with her sweet bridesmaids… her two nieces Mia and Macey and my dear Rachel

Erm… mother and son. The less said the better!
No.1 daughter-in-law with No.1 daughter
No.1 daughter-in-law with No.1 son
My absolutely gorgeous and stunning niece Sarah and my most adorable and handsome nephew Michael… do you think I love them just a little bit?

The happy couple with Lucy’s parents
Lucy with her mother and her sister Tash… Mia and Macey’s mummy
Lucy and Jamie with Lucy’s lot
Lucy with the adorable Mia and Macey

Jon and Bridgitte and Boaz and Moriah

Rachel… hope she doesn’t kill me posting so many pics of her!
Ah… more of Jamie and Lucy

Jamie with his cousins… I just adore them. I don’t see enough of Sarah as she works and lives in New York and she’s always on the lookout for you know who… she’s itching to tell him her Auntie Ann loves him.

Okay that’s all for now folks. Next lot up will be the action pics of the party… fun fun fun.

This weekend is a bank holiday in Britain which usually means bad weather… believe me it couldn’t get much worse. I have never never never before had to put my central heating on in August, but I weakened and had to give in it is sooooo cooooooold.

I hope the sun shines wherever you are this weekend and Shabbat Shalom.


26 Responses to "PART II: POSED PICS"

What a beautiful, beautiful family you have (including yourself)! Hopefully you will think of what you forgot so we can all have a laugh. And just a very friendly reminder -mrsbg needs to get out of jail, soon!
I would love the cold, it’s 100 degrees-F here and I think I might also be flashin’. Getting old sucks!

ann, you have such a lovely family; everyone looks so happy and relaxed. and that lady in brown…ya know the one, the mother of the groom??? she is REALLY pretty!!! (do NOT argue with us on this!)

please remember what you forgot…we all need a good laugh these days.

Everyone is gorgeous!I LOVE your hair Ann!Everyone looks so happy and the babies are beautiful!Almost enough to…well no quite,but I wouldn’t mind babysitting once in a while!

Glorious pictures. Lots and lots of warm fuzzies there.
Congratulations and Bests Wishes to the Happy Couple.

Thanks for visiting from Brian’s today.

About your masthead/banner: Is that Akumal, Mexico?
And, hand over those shoes and no one gets hurt.


A beautiful and charming family with the elegant stunner in the brown dress leading the way.

Love you. 🙂

hey, ann, was that gorgeous hulking hunk in the first picture, at the wedding??? he looks familiar….

This has been such a delight reviewing the wedding. Thanks for sharing so generously. I can imagine how much you were kvelling, Ann. You have a beautiful family and honestly, the way you portray yourself – one would think this hippo would have been featured in a fancy outfit. You look totally gorgeous – seriously!!!! My nephew got married on the 12th so I am very in touch with the whole wedding thing at the moment. I just love the way you posted the actual wedding ceremony – you captured the magical and mystical beauty of it all. What I love about weddings in Eretz Israel is how informal the men are, no ties – and the women still get totally oisgeputzed … and it works. Can you imagine that happening in London – it just would not go down … right? Truly,you have a beautiful family. May you all continue to have only simchas, good health and lots of mazal for and from each other. Thanks again for sharing all this so generously.
This bank holiday was when we hosted our farewell party for our departure from the UK to USA – 6 years ago. The day before the bank holiday and the day after were glorious weather days. The actual bank holiday it rained non stop. Our guests were crammed into the house like sardines and all the children eventually had about half an hour on a sopping wet bouncy castle. I have to admit Ann, I don’t miss it.
Sorry for leaving a comment that should perhaps have rather been in an email.
Shabbat Shalom sister! xxoo


Cold and in pain. So sorry sistah, wish I was there to give you a hot toddy or two.

Love the family album, you are all so beautiful.



claire: I really do wish I could remember; my memory is getting worse… doh!

fenwayspal: I sure need a good laugh today… I’ve just had a root canal and it hurts…

bryde: I don’t believe it… do you realise you just offered to babysit!!!!!

swampwitch: welcome. I haven’t a clue about my banner; an old blogging friend revamped my blog

(((Brian))) I love you too

fenwayspal: ooooh, he was there in my dreams

dawn: lovely to hear from you and mazal tov on your nephews chatuna; dare I say please G-d by you, but I think you still have a way to go.
Shabbat Shalom

(((Rose))) Booba needs a cuddle!

lotsa luv everyone ann xxxxxx

Ann, in the picture Lucy’s dad really looks like Jerry Orbach. Does he in “real life”?

Everyone looks smashing … including our dear friend Ann (who is far too modest about – in particular – her gorgeous eyes!). But I just had to pop in to say how much I adore Moriah’s curls!!

I thought the exact same thing as Val, Lucy’s dad looks like Jerry Orbach!!

You have a drop dead gorgeous family Ann, YOURSELF INCLUDED!!! Bobby’s a lucky fella! Boaz & Moriah are growing so fast and they are adorable.

Hope you feel better from your root canal.

oh, ann, a root canal…mental hugs and mental chicken soup. take the vicodin (or whatever you were given) and go to bed!!!!


What beautiful, sunny, HAPPY pictures.
I’m afraid to confess I went through the car wash (I thoughtfully took my car with me), which probably means it will snow tomorrow (sorry Brit chicks).

Ann, I keep a note pad in the drawer by my bed in the hope I can catch any ideas before the ‘melt’.

Happy weekend everyone anyway.

val: he’d like to look like Jerry Orbach.. LOL

grace: they’re not a bad bunch are they?

jojo: woke up much better this morning, thank you

fenayspal: it’s funny how bobby dreaming is so healing

diane: my car got cleaned yesterday too, but hey look the
sun is shining today… woo hoo

It must be wonderful to just sit back and say..Look this is my family! They are beautiful Ann.

those are lovely pictures. you’re such a beautiful woman 🙂 congratulations to your son

Dearest Ann,
These are marvelous pictures of your joyeous event. You have a beautiful family, and please no more pot shots at the mother of the groom. Not only is she glowing, happy, and elegant, she has a very nice little cleavage action going on…Vinnie would be wowed for sure.
I know I am..G-Man..xox

Nice to see some beautiful photographs expressing love Ann.
Thank you for sharing.
I am hoping to return at the end of August. Trying to absorb as much light as possible. Enjoying moments with nature.
see you soon.

sweet! very beautiful pics you posted. and i have to admit that your whole family looks like they are modelling for some catalogue. 🙂 they are all so pretty!

Oh, Ann! I am grinning all over looking at such happy, beautiful people. Just lovely! Thanks for sharing these great pics. 🙂



I can’t say anything that hasn’t been said already, Ann. “What they said!!”

Beautiful pics with gorgeous people, I must say. You look stunning!

gorgeous pics ann, what a beautiful family you have:)

here’s hoping you remember your idea!!

What a beautiful family you have!! You being the most beautiful! Don’t argue with me on this!!

Rachel and Lucy are so lovely – you will have beautiful grandbabies, that is for sure!

Love you much! D 🙂

COMMENT NUMBER ONE: ANN!!! You are so beautiful!!! Oh my goodness, I love the shot with you where I can clearly see you! I don’t mean to take away from the rest of your pics, they are all wonderful! You have a gorgeous family! Thank you, thank you soooo much for sharing all these pics! I felt like I got to be a part of it, even way over here ‘across the pond’…now…I’ve got to go find my jaw because I am still in awe over how pretty you are!

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