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Posted on: 27 August 2007

… I won’t go into it, so here’s a funny that made me laugh, considering my last post and considering the weekend. Clicking on it will make it much easier to read

Wow… I noticed a new icon which means videos can be uploaded by computer incompetents like moi. This is obviously not one of mine since I can’t do this kinda thing, but it is one of my ab fab favs of Goren and Eames to James Blunt’s Goodbye My Lover. It was the creation of someone called Geena… thank you.


… and, I’m gonna see the exotic and erotic Prince tomorrow… whoooooo hooooo!!!!! More about that another day!


24 Responses to "WHAT A WEEKEND… OY!"

Ann! I laughed so hard at that story….I wonder if it’s true? I bet it is. Sounds like something my mom would do, if she had a gun. lol Yup, that’s us gun totin’ Americans for ya!

Have a great time at the Prince concert. He’s an amazing musician; I’ve been a fan for many, many years.

hmmmm, sounds like my mom…and then she’d invite the 4 men over for dinner! ya know, chicken, soup, kugle…

enjoy prince…saw him waaaaaaaaay back in 1981 when he was the warm up for the rolling stones…he came out wearing a diaper!

hey, i just wanted to say thanks for your comment and i’m shutting down my blog now. keep in touch though through email- πŸ™‚ take care ann

jojo: these senior moments are no joke!!!!! I’m gonna love every minute tonight… yeah!

fenwayspal: mmmm… could quite fancy a drop of chicken soup myself

l’oreal: good luck with everything

I also had the whole office in stitches just now. Thank you, Booba, you made our day!!!



Marble… huh!

put it on the slate… LOL

Ha ha ha haaaa… Oh my God, that was so funny!
Good to “see” you again Ann πŸ™‚

Huh! Can’t even get it to play my own videos, and you can get it to play someone else’s. Grr.

Maybe I should take a large handgun to Blogger.

Hi , Ann

I’m with Val.How?!!

Only a big ,dark grey mass with no movement.Kinda like some men I know
Love Jan

Thats what I’ve been missing, your humour Ann it is without doubt first class. Babe will you nip over to my blog and pick up the award I want you to have. Now no sticking your fingers down your throat, I really want to thank you for being there and being so nice.
Forgot to tell you how great you looked at the wedding, after reading your blog I don’t know what I expected, you are a very good looking lady.

I live in Florida! Remember?

So, how was Prince? Did you get backstage and up close and personal?

Love you

Ow! I’ve spewed coffed out my nose before, but it’s never hit my computer screen before.
Thanks for making my day. That one is a classic and I so hope it’s all true.


I want to give you a big hug.

Love you my rockin’ sistah.



Now THAT is rich!


Thanks for this one Ann, Love it!


Yay I can read your blog again…almost…displays perfectly in IE so I will reluctantly use that for your place in future.

madi… thank you

val… your videos are brilliant

jan… you’re home… we’ll talk. you need to double click on the arrow; you’ll melt into a puddle

queenie… thank you for the award… you are so sweet when you’ve been through so much

brian… how can I forget you live in that humid hellhole ;>)
no I didn’t get too close to Prince, but his new album is WOW

swampwitch… would I lie to you ;>)

((((Rose))))) mmmmm… nice

claire… it made my day… I didn’t feel so bad about myself when I read that LOL

liz… thank you

michael… someone told me that if you open the archives and click on the latest post, it comes up clear. you’re not the only one having this problem

lotsa luv ann xxxxxx

Hi, Ann!

A few years ago one of our USA programs (“Judging Amy”) did the bit with the wrong car. It was hilarious then, and funnier now.

Of course, I’m sure that the Florida senior in the story wasn’t as funny as Tyne Daly!

Thanks for the giggle!

ohmy that was funny! i’m so jealous you got to see prince!!

I can’t tell you how many time I’ve come out of the grocery store and ‘parked’ myself in the wrong car. Don’t think I was having a senior moment, it just seems everyone drives the same car I do!

Have a good weekend Ann πŸ™‚

LOL Ann!

Prince? d u know he is currently dating 2 sisters at the same time. πŸ™‚ enjoy girl!


What a funny story!!! Loved the video! Thanks for visiting mine, Ann. Tina

My boss did, a stupid but funny thing … one winters night … he proceeded to clean the frost off what he thought was his car … only to realise when he eventually went to his car later that he had actually cleaned someone elses car.
Well of course the staff rolled over with laughter. With shouts of … “Do you want to clean our windows now?” Obviously he went off with a red face.
Have a wonderful weekend Ann
Hopefully get back to some normal routine in the next couple of days.
When they all go back to school.

ROFLMAO! So like us Americans (especially those from the sticks like me!) Pull a gun and ask questions later! ROFL This just made my morning, sweetie!

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