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Move On

Posted on: 30 August 2007

It’s time to move on they say
What do they mean?
Who are they to know what I need?
I’ll do what I like
… and when I please
Whose business is it if I’m happy
… or wallowing in abject misery?
People are funny when they say
Shake off the dust sheets
You’re not an object to be hidden away
Guess it’s nice they bother
Guess it’s nice they care
Wake up
Shake up
Enough of recluse
No more excuse
Move on they say
What they don’t know and
What they don’t seem to see
Is the inscrutable smile on my face
Maybe I have moved on
In my own little way

copyright 2007 ann raven


4 Responses to "Move On"

It’s just cause they love you, that’s all. 🙂

Oh please. They are a bunch a nosy busy bodies.

Now Ann, about Prince. I hear he is quite sexy. What say you and I show him how it’s really done. 😉



Brian, a sweet response, but I think Rose, you’re nearer the mark… some people just like to tell other people what to do!

Rose, Prince is really sexy, but I think he could teach us a thing or two… you’re a beginner and I’m past it ;>)

And that is who it matters most to, not they.

And your friend has it right; the busy bees of our lives should find better ways to occupy their time.

They are the ones who need to move on–instead of using your life for target practice, in sustitute of theirs.

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