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Ani Mitz’ta’eret

Posted on: 3 September 2007

ani mitz’ta’eret
ani lo tovah
ani menasah
aval od lo y’cholah
anachnu yadidim
ani yodat
aval col hazman
ze rak mah ata rotzeh
lo mah ani rotzah
al col sh’anachnu medabrim
lo echad, lo sh’taim
aval col milim
ze mah ata oseh
mah ata choshev
mah ata koreh
mah ata kotev
ze mah shlomcha
aval ani margishah
ani lo chashuvah
ani col cach atzuvah
lamah ze c’ayleh?
tagid li, mah karah?
biglal ani ohevet otcha
col cach harbeh
sh’co’ev li hanefesh
v’co’ev li halev
ha’emet, tagid li
ata od lo ohev oti

copyright 2007 ann raven

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