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Posted on: 3 September 2007


Romantic pursuits are greatly assisted by your ability to say exactly what this person wants to hear. Do not hesitate to engage in seduction while the stars are assisting the poetry of your silver tongue

yeah… right on!!!!!!


I am not wishing to evoke sympathy, I want to make it clear that I am not sick… none of us are, but in our family we have a predisposition to high blood pressure. With this in mind my brother was given an Israeli invention, a breathing machine that is meant to be an aid in reducing HBP and he gave it to my mother to use. What you do is listen to some soothing music and it monitors the rate of your breathing… the higher the number BAD; the lower GOOD. 10 is a very acceptable level. My mother’s reading is constantly high… she can’t relax and switch off; she is like one of those duracell bunnies that go on and on, bless her.

Well I was with her recently and she made me have a go. I plugged in and switched on and my number started off around 24. My dear ma is saying, “See, see my number’s high too, I think he’s got it wrong.” Slowly my numbers crept down until mother started prattling again and it zoomed up. Politely I don’t told her to clear off. Alone I started to relax and the numbers steadily decreased to the acceptable 10 and I was feeling pretty good and smug.

Then, I thought to myself, I’ll do an experiment. I closed my eyes and imagined being drawn into the arms of the divine Vincent D’Onofrio… the number shot up to 15. He tenderly kissed me… the number shot up to 20. He passionately kissed me… the number shot up to 25. I loved it… I was rocking with laughter. Still I thought I’d better take this seriously for a moment and tried to calm down. I shut my eyes and my mind and when the machine clicked off I was a healthy 6.6.


This picture really gets my blood boiling; I had an obligation to conduct this experiment in my research of *The Affect of Vincent D’Onofrio on Women* and I have proved beyond a shadow of doubt that Vincent D’Onofrio does cause *affect*. LOL


The balls are back! … and stones. I watched these missiles flying over the fence in disbelief. When there was a break in the attack and I felt it safe to venture outside, I very nicely told him over the fence, that he and his little friend (huh!) should stop it as someone could get hurt… like me! They said it wasn’t them… hmmmm. I gathered up over twenty 1″ square grey pebbles that look very nice now in one of my tubs. He goes back to school this week… hoooooooooray, except so does everyone else, so what is a 15 minute ride to work will now take me 45 minutes… grrrrr!



I’ve won a prize and not one that I can actually tell all my friends. I won’t spell it out, but it was for a comment I left on the Lustbites blog. Guys seem to like wet women, so for the benefit of the ladies, roles were reversed and we got a great selection of wet men… Colin Firth a la Darcy being one particular favourite and for myself, Gavin frolicking in the sea tops them all. However, bearing in mind the nature of the site, I shall leave it to your imagination to work out what my prize is… I expect it to be delivered wrapped in brown paper!!!! hehehehehe (oh and I wonder if batteries are supplied)


Yes, I got to see the awesome Prince last week. He is a consummate performer and he was having the time of his life… so were we. His band is fantastic and they are all such showmen. The set was his symbol and it shone brilliantly with the whole spectrum of colours. It was the first time I’d gone to the O2 arena and I was really impressed and wouldn’t hesitate to go back. It was a greatest hits tour, but he had an album called 3121 so every ticket cost £31.21. I would be galled if over the Pond they cost $31.21… like, half the cost. With every ticket we were given a copy of his new album. There’s not one track I don’t like. The man is beautiful in his own way, erotic and exotic and energetic and effervescent and everything.



Still on the subject of music… James Blunt’s new single is released today….

Click on the above to hear it… it really is good. I love it and of course I’ve pre-ordered the album! I’ve never seen James Blunt look as good as he does in this pic… I’d love to get my hands on the makeup artist who scrubbed him up here!



Now on to something completely different. I am struggling a little, just a little. I know my posts are not as frequent as they once were and I wish I had it in me to be more prolific and for my fingers to skip the keys and see the wonder of good words and original thought on crisp pure white paper. I am sure that must bring a great sense of satisfaction for those with such a gift.

I have now ended up with four blogs, each with a different flavour for different tastes, but these days my posts are sporadic on all of them.

I am trying to gather my thoughts and make a decision, but I am terribly indecisive. I can’t make up my mind whether to jump ship altogether and give them all up or just have one place to post whatever.

I am the same person wherever I blog, whether I am writing my own personal ramblings here or my own attempts at poetry there; something I love yet haven’t yet mastered. Mine pale into nothingness compared to the writing and brilliance of others. I know they do, I read theirs. There are sites where one can link; I visit those but rarely comment overawed by their talent and I don’t link being too embarrassed for others to read my efforts. However, those words are my words and they come from my heart and I am not competing.

And then, of course, there are my Vincent D’Onofrio and Bobby Goren based blogs, but again there are other fanfic sites and Vincent dedicated ones that shine and sparkle.

This is not my biggest problem, I hasten to add, but it is something I am giving some thought to and if anyone has any ideas or suggestions or constructive criticism, it would be welcome.

Another new revelation which has surprised me is that blogs I have visited have either abruptly closed down or can only be accessed by invitation only. Was it something I said? Is this the future of blogdom? Are blogs meant to be for select guests only? What are your views?


Right, now I simply must get myself moving. I have the decorators in (two rather cute young men) and I am getting my little house painted white from top to bottom. My son thinks I’m mad… so do I!!!! Not that I have to justify myself and not that I can actually afford it either, but I had an agenda, namely I thought this exercise would be the catalyst to get my darling offspring to clear their rooms and take their junk to their new homes; well that didn’t work! Secondly, now they’ve flown the Raven nest I am doing it for me and thirdly when I find the home of my dreams a fresh lick of paint should help sell this place…. so there you have it.

My friends across the Pond… enjoy your day off. My friends everywhere else… don’t work too hard.



Thank you sooo much for the “day at work” wish, hon! I REALLY need it today. Everyday I manage to make more mistakes than the day before!!! That takes skill!

What a long post! I read every word…taking a break here to pop the very necessary aspirins and trying not to pop my cookies in nervous tension!!

I miss your words when I don’t have time, so it was good to drop in.

BTW, don’t make the engine seize up in that “prize”, okay? LOL!

I’m wondering what my reading would be should try that little instrument you described….hmmm…I have a feeling I’d blow up the machine! ROFL! Good morning, sweetie (in my case) or good afternoon! Alas, today is a holiday but I have been selected to work late hours anyway. I don’t mind. I’m going to make a bundle of money for sitting around doing nothing (actually I’ll be writing Mitch and Rylee’s adventure but my company won’t realize it; they’ll think I’m working on a report!) Randy gets to stay home today so he’ll be on his computer. Thank goodness for PDA’S…text messaging and emails much easier to get! By the way…I cannot believe little Moriah is a year old already. And Boaz…I can’t call him little Boaz anymore, can I? He is scrumptious (they both are!) Ann, sweetie, if feels like we just met online…how can so much time have possibly passed? Sweetie, I have a theory…I think the kids are growing older…but we are staying the same age…LOL ya know, some sort of time warp or something.
Now, it’s barely 7 am over here, but the food you so elegantly described…I’m starving! What a feast! We Cajuns down here put together lots and lots of food when such an event occurs as well, hmm…I’m going to have to find a wedding to go to just to enjoy the food! LOL
And for your blogs, I understand your mixed feelings. I’ve had two blogs up a time or two. I ultimately decided on my original one, and right now in the middle of writing a book, it’s all I can keep up with. My blog is my ‘mental break’…just for fun…where I can post thoughts from my heart or whatever I am feeling. That being said, and even though I am not as regular a visitor as I’d like to be anymore PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave Mrs BG up! PLEASE! (I’m groveling on my knees here…)

Love ya, sweetie!

Gee, Ann. It seems I’ve posted my own entry on your blog. LOL!

well, ann, all i can say is that what you refer to as sporadic may be true, but you more than make up for it with quality. will we be getting a progress report on your “prize”? if you wanted to consolidate, you could close your fiction sites and just post your stories on and then just keep this blog and your poetry blog. oh, and about your poetry, do not ever say that your poems are not as good as other’s. first of all, i find them honest, hearfelt and very expressive. that’s what it’s all about. i’d really love to see you compile all of your poetry, and publish it, either through a publisher or through self-publishing.
in the meantime, THIS blog must continue. don’t make us come over to england and beat you with a wet noodle. your blog is the first one i check every morning. and i hate changing my routine! LOL

axe: thanks for the chat earlier

riccie: honey, your reading would be off the chart and thanks for the post on my blog :>)

fen: aaaaaaaaaaah! you’re lovely

Gosh Ann, you were my very first blogging buddy. I always check in with you first. You have a ‘presence’ here in the blogland which is shining and good. (And I love your mrsbg stories too!)
Do what you feel you must, but don’t ever doubt that any of your writings are not greatly loved. You are a positive touchstone out there in the ether that really helps a lot of people. Know that.

I’m sure we would all LOVE to see your poems, Vincent posts and family posts on one blog but PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ keep MrsBG going!

As for your prize – I would imagine a lot of vixens entered the competition and know your little secret. Have fun!

just real quick, because i have to leave in a moment… but i think you should keep this blog, and post your poetry here as well (by the way, you NEVER stop learning and growing as a poet – we’re all novices to some degree!)

i’ve only recently ‘discovered’ you, but i would be brokenhearted if you stopped blogging completely. but i find your writing refreshingly direct, humorous, and fun to read. 🙂

You will do whats best for you and that’s what you need to do but here’s another vote for continuing Mrs. BG UP!! I love your poetry and find the ones that you post on the Vincent site enjoyable as well. I have taken to looking up those writers and reading more of their work. Please on’ be one of those blogs that just disappear, I hate that. You would be missed.

Oh, don’t jump ship Ann. I guess it’s just a question of finding balance (And don’t ask me how, because I have no idea) But I do know that blogland would be Very boring without you.

Thanks for posting my favorite picture of Vincent 🙂

“The balls are back!”

I got excited for a nanosecond there. I thought someone was pleased to see me. Oh well.

As far as your blog conundrum goes, easy answer.

Make one blog.

Have one roughly specified day of every week, or two weeks or whatever, when you will post about one of the subjects you write about. You could have Family Friday and write about family life every (or every other) Friday.

Then you could have Vincent Wednesday where you could write about him (and as I work 14 hours that day there would be no chance I would accidentally read it…it’s a guy thing) and so forth.

Just a thought 🙂

just done the rounds of your blogs.
I’d forgotten how cute VDO is.
I’m back in Athens so You might be seeing more of me once I get the laundry done.

I have HBP and take meds for it, i will look into this machine will it be on the web, I refuse to stop thinking about Vincent and will risk a wonder in my mind with him after my meds.
As for your blogs darling what ever is best for you, I also have had to link up to some of my blogger pals the reason is that they have some idiot’s who have left comments that have upset them and this is the only way to stop the idiots reading their blog so I understand why they feel the need to do this.
I got Prince’s cd free with my paper, how good was that, and like you I love it. James Blunt is also on the top three of my list, we both have good taste….
I have enjoyed your photos of the wedding and family so much, you are so blessed Ann.
I have had the whole of my home done cream, white is next on my list ( let me know how it goes).
Balls and other flying objects, you have far more patients than I. In past comments told you what I would do, nevertheless I do think its against the law!!!!
Really enjoyed your post, look forward to the next, like you I am only getting chance to post now and again…


The computer is fixed now. Had a great dinner out last night, got back and tumbled into bed.

Blogger burnout is common. After awhile, you need a break. Lay back and enjoy your prize. Writing can wait. 😉

Don’t go, just make one blog for everything and post when you want. Sporadic is better than not at all. Thanks for the picture of Mr. D’Arcy btw

Well now you’ve heard from The Family. We will make you an offer you can’t refuse if you try to leave us.

So there.

Actually, the ‘so there’ may have spoiled the dark undertones I was trying to convey. Can we do a little edit here? Huh?

Seriously, do what you think is right for you.

Congrats on the prize! tee hee Enjoy it. Hey here’s an idea, hook yerself up to that machine thingy, use the prize WHILE thinking about Vincent and you’ll probably blow the cuff right off your arm.

But PLEASE keep your blog!!!! Even if you post sporadically, at least you are still here! Yours is one of the first blogs I ever visited.

Ann, do whatever suits , or is appropriate to your life now. Yes consider our points of view , but you come first.

Firstly, For my ” penny’s worth”.
One blog for yourself , your meanderings and poems. Structure it if you must
Eg Certain things on different days.
Post at a fan fiction site your Mrs BG diaries or BG stories

Secondly , a machine that you connect to then think about VDO. There’s a thought!! Pass me the screwdriver!

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